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Abdallah Azzam[edit]


Ayman Zawahiri[edit]


Osama bin Laden[edit]


Nidal Hasan[edit]

Muslim reactions to Terrorism[edit]

Palestinians Celebrate 9/11 Attack[edit]

Palestinians celebrate the deaths of 2,919 civilians in the 9/11 Islamic terror attacks on the US and hand out free sweets.
(for proof of the video's authenticity, see Snopes: False footaging)

Video 1: Video 2:

Hero's Welcome for Lockerbie Bomber[edit]

Convicted Lockerbie bomber Abdelbaset Ali al-Megrahi arrives at a military airport in Tripoli to be greeted by thousands of cheering supporters.


Palestinians Celebrate Tel Aviv Bus Bombing[edit]

Terrorists Killing[edit]

Taliban Executing Afghan Police Commander[edit]


Terrorists Being Killed[edit]

US Marines Takeout An Insurgent Bus[edit]

Marines Storming Iraq[edit]


Islamic Jihad Around the World[edit]

The video highlights major conflicts around the world involving Islam.

Al Qaeda[edit]

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Cleric Abu Abdullah on CNN[edit]


28 people died in the Israeli attack, of which 16 were children. These figures are lower than the original and incorrect figures, which stated that "54 people have been killed, among them at least 37 children"[1]

Hezbollah Attacks From Qana; Uses Human Shields[edit]

Terrorists use Civilians as Human Shields[edit]

Hezbollah launches Rockets from Civilian Buildings[edit]

War in Lebanon: Hezbollah Fires From Behind 3-Story Building[edit]

Hezbollah Rocket Launcher in Village (Near Residental Areas)[edit]

Hezbollah Rockets Fired From House[edit]

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Terrorists being killed