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Farsideology Happyface 7MW.gif Levels of Worship

Our universe is filled with energy. Energy is constantly being converted from one form to another. Every time a Muslim prays, he transforms chemical energy into sound energy. If you want to get the attention of Allah, the more energy you put into the worship ritual, the more likelihood of a successful communication with the Almighty. The seven levels of worship are based on the energy requirements needed to perform the seven rituals.

Level Farsideology 123-007.gif Imitation Farsideology Smilie26sop.gif

Level 7 requires the most energy and is the highest level. Examples: monks imitating Jesus 24 hours a day or Muslims imitating Muhammad (Quran 33:21). Both groups are worshiping at the highest level -- Christians worshiping Jesus and Muslims worshiping Muhammad by the religious ritual of imitation.

Level Farsideology 123-006.gif Dancing Farsideology dancing.gif

Level 6 requires less energy to perform than imitation. Example: The Sufi Dervishes dancing in their worship services

Level Farsideology 123-005.gif Musical Instruments Farsideology smiley103.gif

Level 5 is a high medium level. Example: an organ recital

Level Farsideology 123-004.gif Singing Farsideology whistle3.gif

Level 4 is a low medium level. Example: the Mormon Tabernacle Choir

Level Farsideology 123-003.gif Praying Farsideology Worthy.gif

Level 3 requires less energy than singing. Examples: praying to the Norse god Thor or to the Arabian god Allah

Level Farsideology 123-002.gif Reading Farsideology reading.gif

Level 2 does not require very much energy. Example: reading any holy book

Level Farsideology 123-001.gif Thinking Farsideology thinking.gif

Level 1 is the lowest level requiring only nanojoules of energy.

Farside’s Observation: There is a connection between the seven levels of worship and the seven levels of Jannah. If you only use level 3 in your worship of Allah, you are only eligible for level 3 of Jannah. Now that’s amazing!

Farside’s Motto: Nothing happens except by the judicious application of energy.

Do you know the Islamic variation of Farside’s Motto?

P.S. The above seven levels apply to worshiping an ethical god. However, if you want to worship the devil Farsideology devil with fork.gif at the highest level, human sacrifice such as the killing of an apostate or infidel is perfectly acceptable to the devil. Farsideology explosive.gif

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