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Farsideology 3.gif Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is a special event where a young man's fancy turns to love and romance. Listed below are the top ten promises that a devout Muslim will make to his sweetheart and future wife. [I know that some Muslims do not celebrate Valentine's Day but many do.]

1. I promise to beat you only during the full moon. Farsideology 5.gif

2. I promise that you will be my only wife for the next three years. Farsideology 1011.gif

3. I promise to have no fewer than twenty children and many of them will be yours. Farsideology 8.gif

4. I promise to replace your wardrobe with one good heavy duty black Afghan burka. Farsideology 6.gif

5. I promise that any daughter born to you will be married off before she reaches the age of nine. Farsideology 5-family.gif

6. I promise that any son born to you will attend the best Pakistani madrassa. Farsideology 3-school.gif

7. I promise to recite to you the complete Quran in Arabic at dinner each and every day.Farsideology fit.gif

8. I promise to memorize the complete Quran backwards starting with the last verse; and furthermore, I will recite to you the complete backward Quran in Arabic at breakfast each and every day. Farsideology 2.gif

9. I promise that any child born to you will be circumcised on Valentine's Day during his/ her first year of life. Farsideology 8-sad.gif

10. I promise never again to read a TOP TEN LIST from Farside.
Farsideology 7-thumbs.gif

Kind Regards,

Farside Farsideology comp surfin.gif

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