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Allah and the Message of 6184

According to Mathematical Miracle of Islam, 6184 is a attribute for Alah. However, the number 6184 is a mathematical code for 18. One can derive the 18 from a simple algorithm. If you multiply 6*1 and add 8 and 4, the result is 18. That is, 6*1+8+4=18. In numerology, the Tarot card #18 represents the Moon! This is a confirmation of an earlier post! Allah is another name for the Moon! The number 6184 (and 99) is just a code word for the Moon!

Moon = Farsideology smile.gif = Allah

Conclusion. It is now an indisputable scientific fact that Allah is a synonym for the Moon. It is good English to say that the Apollo 11 landed on the "Allah" in July 1969.

P.S. This post is based on sound Quranic mathematics and solid Quranic science and does not contain any kafir contamination. Farsideology AN878.gif

Kind Regards,

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