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The most complete list of websites related to Islam
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Featured Site
Logo-of-Money Jihad.JPG
Money Jihad
"This blog is dedicated to exposing how the enemies of America finance themselves. Here we shine a light on: Terrorist funding, The economies & military expenses of Middle Eastern countries, Sharia finance, Islamic taxation"

Logo-of-4 Freedoms Community.JPG
4 Freedoms Community
A social networking site powered by Ning. "This website is used as a library and a discussion area, so please come here to look things up, store new information, discuss ideas and organise activities. (You can also do this out of public view, in a private room)"
Logo-of-Answering Muslims.JPG
Answering Muslims
"The Islamoblog of Acts 17 Apologetics Ministries... we engage Muslims and the foundations of Islam without trying to be "PC". We feel honesty is better than disguised language. As you can read on our FAQ, this is out of love, not out of hatred"
"Fighting Radical Islam-A site of information, confrontation, debate, exposing the true Face of Islam". Site also available in French
Logo-of-Atlas Shrugs.JPG
Atlas Shrugs
"Pamela Geller is the founder, editor and publisher of Atlas and President of the American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI) and Stop Islamization of America (SIOA)... She has led awareness campaigns in U.S., Europe, and Israel on behalf of the victims and potential victims of honor killing"
Logo-of-Bare Naked Islam.JPG
Bare Naked Islam
"This blog is designed to show you the dark side of Islam, the real Islam that the West does not want you to see. The Islam that Western media refuse to show you. The Islam that is slowly but surely changing the West... Look at the photos, watch the videos, most of which come right out of the Muslim world"
Logo-of-Citizen Warrior.JPG
Citizen Warrior
A site which focuses on motivating the public and educating them about why Islam poses a unique threat to free society. Detailed site which is also good for those who are new to Islam and want to start from the very basics. Articles have been featured on sites such as
Logo-of-Creeping Sharia.JPG
Creeping Sharia
"“Creeping Sharia” is a phenomenon scourge occurring across the free world. We’ll define it as “the slow, deliberate, and methodical advance of Islamic law (sharia) in non-Muslim countries”... The blog will focus on “creeping sharia” in the United States however major events in other nations will also be highlighted"
"Exploring The Political Belief System... Respect for people who are willing to help initiate good for people of all races, genders, creeds, and non-political religious persuasions"
Logo-of-Debbie Schlussel.JPG
Debbie Schlussel
Blog by Debbie Schlussel, who "works closely with several Federal law enforcement agencies, consulting on fighting the domestic War on Terrorism, and has provided them with much useful information. She has gone undercover, infiltrating many Muslim organizations"
Logo-of-Debunking Quranic Science.JPG
Debunking Quranic Science
"This blog will reveal that Qur'anic science is a modern business based upon fraud and that the supposed predictions of modern science in the Qur'an are inaccurate and appear to be plagiarized from the concepts already flourishing during and prior to Muhammad's era"
Logo-of-Dhiheretic's Blog.JPG
Dhiheretic's Blog
Blog by Leo, an ex-Muslim from the Maldives. "I am in my early 20s and I don’t believe in religion or any god and I am perfectly content with this state of mind"
Logo-of-Ex-Muslim Forum.gif
Ex-Muslim Forum
Blog by Samir Dharia, an ex-Muslim Christian Arab. "My life after Islam, the trouble with Islam and current trends in the religion of the sword"
Logo-of-Exposing Islam.jpg
Exposing Islam
British Blog about Islam. "There is a forgotten, nay almost forbidden word, which means more to me than any other. That word is England"
Logo-of-Freedom Bulwark 2013.jpg
Freedom Bulwark
"The Internet provides the illusion of safety. Many people have lost their freedom and their lives when they spoke their minds on Facebook or Twitter. We created FreedomBulwark so you can speak freely and anonymously. We will also promote your blog and help you have an audience"
Logo-of-Gates of Vienna.gif
Gates of Vienna
"At the siege of Vienna in 1683 Islam seemed poised to overrun Christian Europe. We are in a new phase of a very old war." Active blog with daily articles about the Islamic threat for Christian Europe
Logo-of-Hadith-Quranic Analysis.JPG
Hadith/Quranic Analysis
A tongue-in-cheek blog that analyzes various Islamic texts, such as the Qur'an and hadith, whilst focusing on their more humorous aspects
Blog in English and Swedish. "IceViking supports lovingly helping Muslims leave Islam, a strong Israel as well as ending mass immigration"
Logo-of-Infidel Bloggers Alliance.JPG
Infidel Bloggers Alliance
"All of us, every single man, woman, and child on the face of the Earth were born with the same inalienable rights; to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness". This blog features the radio show, "Infidel Crusaders Alliance Radio Show"
Logo-of-Infidels Are Cool.JPG
Infidels Are Cool
Popular pro-American and anti-Jihad blog. It was created in mid 2006 and now has over 5000 posts, over 50,000 comments, the Facebook page has over 5000 fans, and over 35,000 Twitter Followers
Logo-of-Isaac Schrodinger.jpg
Isaac Schrödinger
Blog from Pakistan-born ex-Muslim, Isaac Schrödinger, now living in Canada
Logo-of-Islam Exposed.JPG
Islam Exposed
"Online Petition for Documentary Exposure of Islam". A blog created in 2005 by Ben C. Powell. "Islam is a fabricated faith, propagated militarily. The Ummah is enslaved, and its kleptocrats know that their wealth and power depend on keeping the Ummah ignorant of the truth"
A blog created by a WikiIslam editor focusing on the critique of Islam. Also includes news, commentary, responses to criticism of WikiIslam and much more. All views expressed are those of the author and do not reflect the views of WikiIslam
Logo-of-Islam's Fatal Flaw.JPG
Islam's Fatal Flaw
"Muslims are captive of a system they do not control - behind a "Crescent Curtain" of fear... There is no mystery about Islam. There is only denial and an unwillingness to admit the truth"
Logo-of-Islam versus Europe.jpg
Islam versus Europe
From Cheradenine Zakalwe, the author behind the Stop Turkey blog. Covers news of Islam and Muslims in Europe, translated into English. "Where Islam spreads, freedom dies"
Logo-of-Jihad Watch.gif
Jihad Watch
Founded by Robert Spencer, the author of ten books including two New York Times bestsellers, "Jihad Watch is dedicated to bringing public attention to the role that jihad theology and ideology plays in the modern world, and to correcting popular misconceptions about the role of jihad and religion in modern-day conflicts"
Kafir Girl
Blogging the Qur'an with wit. From a Pakistan-born ex-Muslim. "I’m Kafir Girl, your everyday Pakistani American ex-Muslim twenty-something atheist. How’s that for a mouthful?"
Logo-of-Life of a Pakistani Christian.JPG
Life of a Pakistani Christian
"I am the White part of the Pakistani Flag, The white represents the minorities, White represents the Dove, The dove is a symbol The Holy Spirit and Peace, White represents purity, White represents me- Pakistani Christian"
Logo-of-Love the Nimbu.jpg
Love the Nimbu
Blog from a Pakistani ex-Muslim, now an atheist
Logo-of-Mark Durie Blog.JPG
Mark Durie Blog
"Dr. Mark Durie is a theologian, human rights activist and pastor of an Anglican church. He has published many articles and books on the language and culture of the Acehnese, Christian-Muslim relations and religious freedom"
Logo-of-Money Jihad.JPG
Money Jihad
"This blog is dedicated to exposing how the enemies of America finance themselves. Here we shine a light on: Terrorist funding, The economies & military expenses of Middle Eastern countries, Sharia finance, Islamic taxation"
Logo-of-Mosque Watch.gif
Mosque Watch
"Challenging the statement of "Islam is peaceful" and describing the lifestyle and deeds of Mohammed. Articles from around the web and videos that share my point of view are posted here. I am against Muslim Terrorists that desire to kill Jews, Christians and other Muslims in the name of "Allah"
Like YouTube, MuhammadTube is a video sharing website on which users can upload and share videos. In addition, members can upload audio files, create photo galleries, make blog posts, and form and join groups, making it function as a social networking site
Logo-of-Nice Mangos.JPG
Nice Mangos
"A blog about Pakistani Sexuality; A few brave souls volunteer their thoughts, opinions and experiences. I'm always open to new interviewees, if you'd like to share"
Logo-of-Online Jihad.gif
Online Jihad
Blog by Znayka, a Jewish woman living in the UK who speaks Arabic. "Translating and Analyzing Jihadist Propaganda"
Logo-of-Planck's Constant.JPG
Planck's Constant
"Question. Why don't you die? Answer. Thank you for asking. The answer is simple: I stay alive to irritate anti-Semites everywhere"
Logo-of-Reflections of a Pakistani Atheist.jpg
Reflections of a Pakistani Atheist
Blog from a Pakistani ex-Muslim. "This website is my way of catharsis; this is where I look at Pakistan and Pakistani culture from the eyes of an Atheist insider"
Logo-of-Religion of Conquest.JPG
Religion of Conquest
" dawned on me that I never seen a single Muslim denounce those atrocious videos [of Muslims burning people alive, beheading people, stoning people, beating women, etc]... I decided that day that I would be changing the focus of my ministry and dedicating my life to studying Islam and telling others about it’s dangers
Logo-of-St George True.gif
St George True
"Humanity needs peace not Islam. This blog has been set up in order to further a true understanding of Islam and the Quran. Whilst there are many verses in the Quran that are very praiseworthy, and mild-mannered, there are also numerous verses that do not fit well with a democratic, tolerant western culture"
Logo-of-Stop Turkey.jpg
Stop Turkey
"This blog is a campaign against Turkish accession to the European Union. Through original articles, and links to relevant sources of information, it aims to demonstrate why Turkish EU membership would be a disaster for Europe and for Western civilisation"
Logo-of-Sweetness and Sufferings.JPG
Sweetness and Sufferings
Blog by a female ex-Muslim from Singapore. "The harshness of the reality that I'm dealing, brings all sweetness to an ending. Shining sun and happy smiles are now out of sight, as sufferings filled the days and nights."
Logo-of-The Muslim Issue.jpg
The Muslim Issue
"The Muslim Issue is focused on compiling news reports and government statistics demonstrating the effect of Muslim influence on Western society; particularly Europe, UK and the U.S. Many of the statistics demonstrate a growing concern for our future security and social safety"
Logo-of-The Patriarchate of Constantinople.JPG
The Patriarchate of Constantinople
American blog run by Cyril Lucar, "a pastor, teacher, and missionary". The site focuses on Islam and issues concerning Christians
Logo-of-The Religious Policeman.jpg
The Religious Policeman
"The diary of a Saudi man, currently living in the United Kingdom... In Memory of the lives of 15 Makkah Schoolgirls, lost when their school burnt down on Monday, 11th March, 2002. The Religious Police would not allow them to leave the building, nor allow the Firemen to enter"
Logo-of-The Skeptic Mind.jpg
The Skeptic Mind
"This is a blog to reflect the Liberal, Free-thinking views, to express rational and skeptical opinions and to criticise religion, dogma, superstition, anything that could be perceived as irrational, illogical and against human rights"
Logo-of-Translating Jihad.JPG
Translating Jihad
Arabic-to-English translations of fatwās, press articles, and other sources from the Islamic world. Site run by Al Mutarjim, who "has experience working full-time as an Arabic translator, and possesses a Master's Degree with a concentration in Middle Eastern Studies"
Logo-of-Weasel Zippers.jpg
Weasel Zippers
Anti-terrorism: "A Blogger Under Siege in Enemy Controlled Territory"
Logo-of-Winds Of Jihad.gif
Winds Of Jihad
"Winds of Jihad is dedicated to the defense of human rights for all people against those who would impose Islamic law, with its institutionalized discrimination against women and religious minorities". Features original songs about Islam
Your Daily Muslim
"A semi-satirical blog chronicling the mischief of the religion of peace. I research individual Muslims who serve their religion in horrific ways and present their stories in a humorous manner"