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Islam on the Net
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The most complete list of websites related to Islam
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Featured Site
Logo-of-Money Jihad.JPG
Money Jihad
"This blog is dedicated to exposing how the enemies of America finance themselves. Here we shine a light on: Terrorist funding, The economies & military expenses of Middle Eastern countries, Sharia finance, Islamic taxation"

Logo-of-Fun with Muhammad.jpg
Fun with Muhammad
Fun with Muhammad is a unique collection of satirical sketches all based on authentic Islamic sources
Logo-of-Hadith-Quranic Analysis.JPG
Hadith/Quranic Analysis
A tongue-in-cheek blog that analyzes various Islamic texts, such as the Qur'an and hadith, whilst focusing on their more humorous aspects
"The Life and Times of the World’s Wackiest Terrorists" by Ollie Abbot
Logo-of-Mohammad Hamster Dance.gif
Mohammad Hamster Dance
Archived page of an Islamic version of the Hamster Dance
Logo-of-Mohammed's Believe It or Else.gif
Mohammed's Believe It or Else!
Online version of "Mohammed's Believe It or Else!", a collection of comics based on Qur'anic verses and hadiths written by author Abdullah Aziz
Muhammad Dress Up
"Praise Allah! It's the Prophet Muhammad riding his flying donkey up to heaven, and he wants you to dress him up in something special before he gets there! It's so easy. Just drag the items to him with your mouse and they'll snap right into place. After you're done click the reset button and begin again"
Logo-of-Winds Of Jihad.gif
Winds Of Jihad
"Winds of Jihad is dedicated to the defense of human rights for all people against those who would impose Islamic law, with its institutionalized discrimination against women and religious minorities". Features original songs about Islam
Your Daily Muslim
"A semi-satirical blog chronicling the mischief of the religion of peace. I research individual Muslims who serve their religion in horrific ways and present their stories in a humorous manner"
Logo-of-You're the man now dog!.jpg
You're the man now dog!
Contains various user-submitted animations relating to Islam