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The most complete list of websites related to Islam
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Featured Site
Logo-of-Money Jihad.JPG
Money Jihad
"This blog is dedicated to exposing how the enemies of America finance themselves. Here we shine a light on: Terrorist funding, The economies & military expenses of Middle Eastern countries, Sharia finance, Islamic taxation"

Logo-of-All 4 Israel.gif
All 4 Israel
Organization to support victims of terrorism in Israel. Includes a list of civilian and security force casualties since 2000
Logo-of-Anti Terrorism Campaign.gif
Anti Terrorism Campaign
"This website strives to identify the increasing menace of terrorism that uses fanatical religious views to pursue its own evil agenda. This site is not here to put down or blame any one religion; it instead points out groups and countries (Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and China) that make terrorism their sole aim"
Logo-of-Anti-Terrorism Coalition.JPG
Anti-Terrorism Coalition
"The Anti-Terrorism Coalition (ATC) is an anti-terrorist and anti-collectivist coalition, with the purpose of promoting freedom, individual rights, security and common sense. The ATC is focused on uniting any individual, group and organization that opposes collectivism"
Logo-of-Jayna Davis.JPG
From Middle America To The Middle East
Website by the award-winning investigative journalist Jayna Davis, about her New York Times best-seller, The Third Terrorist: The Middle East Connection to the Oklahoma City Bombing. Jayna's book "convincingly links the Oklahoma City bombers to an Iraqi/Al-Qaeda hit squad, operating under Iranian state sponsorship"
Logo-of-The Foundation for Defense of Democracies.JPG
Foundation for Defense of Democracies
The FDD is "a nonpartisan policy institute dedicated exclusively to promoting pluralism, defending democratic values, and fighting the ideologies that threaten democracy... Those affiliated with FDD come from many backgrounds and political perspectives"
Logo-of-Global Justice Group.gif
Global Justice Group
"A civil campaign by the global victims of terrorism united together in a common stand through the rule of law against the culture that sustains terrorism". Global Justice Group was established in April 2001 and is a registered not-for-profit organization in the State of Illinois, USA
Logo-of-The Infidel Task Force.JPG
Infidel Task Force
The Infidel Task Force was "formed to combat the rise in Radical Islamic Terrorism and the threat of Shariah Law." Site includes; interviews, videos, photo galleries, a blog, and a forum
Logo-of-Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center.gif
Intelligence & Terrorism Information Center
The Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center opened in 2001 and focuses on issues concerning intelligence and terrorism in the Palestinian Authority area
Logo-of-Internet Haganah.gif
Internet Haganah
"A global open-source intelligence network dedicated to confronting internet use by Islamist terrorist organizations, their supporters, enablers and apologists Internet Haganah is also a grass-roots activist organization which encourages businesses to not provide services to Islamic extremists"
Logo-of-The Investigative Project on Terrorism.JPG
Investigative Project on Terrorism
The IPT is "recognized as the world's most comprehensive data center on radical Islamic terrorist groups... It has become a principal source of critical evidence to a wide variety of government offices and law enforcement agencies, as well as the U.S. Congress and numerous public policy forums"
Logo-of-Islam and the Church.gif
Islam and the Church
Website gives brief insight into the history of Islam, its wars and expansion, and attempts to show that the current wave of Islamic terrorism is only a small part of the previous fourteen centuries of Jihad started by Islam's prophet
Logo-of-The Islamic Monitor.gif
Islamic Monitor
"A non-sectarian site that upholds secular government and values of freedom of thought, speech, and religion"
Logo-of-Jawa Report.JPG
Jawa Report
Popular website that monitors terrorism investigations. Its volunteers research websites they believe are tied to Al-Qaeda or other militant groups, and pressure Internet service providers to stop hosting the sites
Jihad Literature
One of our own pages. Contains links to a list of Jihadist books, text, and documents, which may be useful as references
Logo-of-Jihad Watch.gif
Jihad Watch
Founded by Robert Spencer, the author of ten books including two New York Times bestsellers, "Jihad Watch is dedicated to bringing public attention to the role that jihad theology and ideology plays in the modern world, and to correcting popular misconceptions about the role of jihad and religion in modern-day conflicts"
Logo-of-Militant Islam Monitor.gif
Militant Islam Monitor
"Our mission is to provide an online resource documenting the activities and identities of Islamist individuals and groups in the United States and abroad"
Logo-of-Money Jihad.JPG
Money Jihad
"This blog is dedicated to exposing how the enemies of America finance themselves. Here we shine a light on: Terrorist funding, The economies & military expenses of Middle Eastern countries, Sharia finance, Islamic taxation"
Logo-of-Neil Doyle.JPG
Neil Doyle Agency
The NDA specialises in "monitoring the online activities of criminals, terrorist suspects and extremist groups. It is a leading supplier of terrorism-related information and investigative services to Fleet Street and international media outlets. NDA also generates intelligence bulletins and bespoke reports for non-media clients"
Logo-of-Online Jihad.gif
Online Jihad
Blog by Znayka, a Jewish woman living in the UK who speaks Arabic. "Translating and Analyzing Jihadist Propaganda"
Logo-of-Planet War.jpg
Planet War
Taken from a Feb. 22, 2010 piece by K. Farzaneh, A. Swift and P. Williams for Foreign Policy. "From the bloody civil wars in Africa to the rag-tag insurgiences in Southeast Asia, 33 conflicts are raging around the world today, and it’s often innocent civilians who suffer the most." 31 of these conflicts involve Islam
An international non-governmental ad hoc intelligence network focused on combating the global jihad.
A site which aims to teach you about the basics of terrorism. Covers several topics including; states that sponsor terrorism, terrorist organizations, counter terrorism, and chemical and biological threats
The Global Muslim Brotherhood Daily Report
The GMBDR was "created to fill a significant gap in the understanding of Islamic extremism... Each day, a large variety of news and other sources are sifted in order to identify the most relevant developments of the day and presented in the form of postings that refer back to the original source material"
Logo-of-The Middle East Project.JPG
The Middle East Project
This site presents you with "information, links and perspectives on individuals, organisations, ideas and events" that relate to "Islam, Islamic radicalism, terrorism, the relationship between religion and politics, and many other interlocking questions"
The Religion of Peace
Source of news links and statistics about Islamic terrorism. The list of Islamic terror attacks makes the site a unique and important resource, documenting over 9,000 deaths caused by Islamic terrorism in 2011 alone
Logo-of-Victor Mordecai.gif
Victor Mordecai
"Avi Lipkin, alias Victor Mordecai, has spoken to numerous churches, synagogues and civic groups (including radio and TV appearances). He offers compelling proof that the fanaticism of Islam is the number one threat to world peace today"
Logo-of-War on Jihad.gif
War on Jihad
"The need of our age is to start with the destruction of the most blood-thirsty form of religious fanaticism – Islam, followed up with the dovetailing of all other forms of religious fanaticism so that they move over and make way for rational-humanism"