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'Islam in the News' contains worldwide news concerning Islam and its followers. Further news covering the persecution of minorities, free speech, and some other issues can be found via the hub page


Pedophile illegal immigrant who initially won a "human rights" court fight to dodge being deported out of Britain leaves £100k legal bill

Zulfar Hussain, a convicted child-molester, had initially won a court fight to dodge being deported out of Britain last year because he has a wife and two children living here.

It is believed an immigration judge was presented with an application for a right to family life under Article Eight of the Human Rights Act - and agreed to let him return to his home in Blackburn, Lancs.

But the Home Office appealed against the decision and kept Hussain, 48, in an immigration detention centre after his release from prison.

On Monday it emerged Hussain had been sent back to his native Pakistan at the weekend after he lost his case following a series of court hearings.

The convicted sex offender had been jailed for five years and eight months in August 2007 after he was convicted of child abduction, sexual activity with a child and supplying youngsters with ecstasy after he lured two girls into a sex trap.
. . .

The legal costs and the £110 a day bill for keeping Hussain in the detention centre will be met by the public purse.

Libyan Muslim who "found way women dressed arousing" jailed for string of sex attacks on Australian women and children

A LIBYAN student who sexually assaulted seven girls and women in Melbourne has been jailed for more than five years.

Almahde Ahmad Atagore, 28, had been in Australia only a month and was having trouble adapting to the Australian culture when he committed the attacks, a court heard.

Atagore, who is a Muslim, was upset and sexually aroused at the way women in Australia dressed and behaved, the Victorian County Court heard today.

Between August and September last year Atagore, who was in Australia on a Libyan government scholarship, embarked on a string of sexual assaults over four days in Mentone and at Flinders Street railway station.

His youngest victim was just 13.

Sentencing Atagore, Judge Margaret Rizkalla said she accepted there was a link between the cultural issues, along with Atagore's depression, and the offences.

"It seems you were very ill prepared to deal with cultural differences," she said.

Judge Rizkalla said the assaults required strong condemnation, as they occurred when the victims were simply walking in a public area.

She jailed Atagore, who pleaded guilty to assault with intent to rape, committing an indecent act with a child under 16 and five counts of indecent assault, for five years and three months.

Iran cleric: Killing Israeli children OK

A senior Iranian cleric, who is known as President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's spiritual mentor, urged followers to continue suicide attacks against Israelis, including children.

Ayatollah Mohammad Taghi Mesbah, considered one of the Islamic Republic's most radical clerics, issued a religious edict on his website whereby suicide attacks are not only legitimate but are a must for every Muslim, a special paper by the Middle East Media Research Institute shows.
. . .

Notably, for the followers of Mesbah, his words are considered as a binding religious edict. On several occasions in the past, Iranian President Ahmadinejad also spoke in favor of "martyrdom acts."
Iran cleric: Killing Israeli children OK
Dudi Cohen, YNet News, May 31, 2011

Ugandan legislation pits Muslims vs. Christians over power of courts

Christians call a proposed religious law a sly attempt to favor Muslims in this predominantly Christian country and warn that it could promote Islamic fundamentalism. Muslims say the reaction to the bill just shows Islamophobia.
. . .

Muslims, who make up roughly 12 percent of Uganda’s 32 million people, point to Article 129 of the constitution, which explicitly allows for the creation of Kadhi civil courts. Under current law, Kadhi court decisions are not legally binding.

Christians argue that Article 129 conflicts with another section of the constitution, Article 21, which states that all people are equal under the law in all spheres of life. Institutionalizing the Islamic courts would give the country two parallel legal systems that would undermine the secular nature of the Ugandan Constitution, Christian leaders say.

“Let it not be a nationally enforceable law,” said the Rev. Umar Mulinde, a former Muslim who is senior pastor of the Christian Gospel Life International in Kampala. “Life will get worse for non-Muslims.”

Christians and followers of traditional African religions faced persecution under the bloody dictatorship of Idi Amin in the 1970s. After Amin’s overthrow in 1979, Muslims suffered a backlash under the short but brutal reign of Milton Abote.
. . .
[Sewaya Muhamud, chairman of the Muslim Technical Committee said] “We want to exercise our right to worship in accordance with the principles of Islam.”

Muslims, though, have been evasive on how the bill would affect those accused of apostasy, or the rejection of Islam by Muslims who fall out of the faith or convert to other religions. That religious crime could be punishable by death under Islamic tradition.
Ugandan legislation pits Muslims vs. Christians over power of courts
Ioannis Gatsiounis, The Washington Times, May 30, 2011

U.S. itself is laying the ground for reign of Islam in world: Basij commander

Basij Commander Mohammad-Reza Naqdi has said that the United States is setting the stage for the future dominance of Islam over the world by its own hands.

“The United States, through expanding communications, is developing the infrastructures for the universal reign of Islam. Expansion of communications in the world has provided a historic opportunity for the faster and wider propagation of the Islamic Revolution and the thoughts of the Late Imam (Khomeini, the Founder of the Islamic Republic) throughout the world and (the opportunity) must be used appropriately,” Naqdi stated in Tehran on Sunday.

Elsewhere in his remarks, the Basij commander made a mockery of U.S. President Barack Obama’s recent call for Israel to halt its settlement activity in the West Bank and said, “Our recommendation to the Zionists is that they push ahead with their settlement activity in the occupied territories, regardless of the U.S. president’s remarks so that the Palestinians, who will return to their homeland soon, would not face housing problems.”

Naqdi also said, “Today the world’s nations have chosen the Islamic Republic as their leader, and as the first step, Muslims in the region will soon bring the borders of the Middle East back to the lines set before 1919.”

He was referring to the Paris Peace Conference of 1919, organized by the victors of World War I to negotiate the peace treaties between the Allied and Associated Powers and the defeated Central Powers, which led to the conclusion of a number of peace treaties that reshaped the map of Europe and the world.

In addition, Naqdi announced that a new branch of the Basij organization, made up of members from the engineering graduates in the field of information and communication technology, will be established in the near future.

FBI ignored warnings on Headley's jihadist career

Federal Bureau of Investigation detectives disregarded multiple warnings that the Pakistani-American jihadist David Headley was working with the Lashkar-e-Taiba — two of which came from his own wives.

The FBI, intelligence sources have told The Hindu, instead chose to believe Headley's claims that he had only made contact with the jihadist group to further his work as a counter-narcotics informant.

FBI officials, the sources said, were long aware of Headley's links with jihadists in Pakistan's north-west, and even interviewed him for information in the weeks after 9/11.

But they believed Headley was working for the United States' Drug Enforcement Agency, which he developed a relationship with, after being arrested in 1988 for smuggling heroin from Pakistan.
. . .
Following a domestic violence incident in 2005, Ms. Geelani — with whom Headley has four children, Haider, Osama, Sumya and Hafsa — said her husband had trained with the Lashkar-e-Taiba. She told authorities that he often bragged of successfully deceiving the FBI.

Headley was briefly detained by police in New York on domestic violence charges, but not prosecuted. FBI detectives looked into Ms. Geelani's allegations, but decided no action was needed.
. . .

Later though when Ms. Outhalla [another wife] discovered that Headley was already married, she visited the U.S. embassy in Islamabad and informed them of his links to jihadists. “Indirectly,” she told The New York Times last year, “they told me to get lost.”
FBI ignored warnings on Headley's jihadist career
Praveen Swami, The Hindu, May 30, 2011

Russia's Tatarstan warns of radical Islam 'threat'

Authorities in Tatarstan, a predominantly Muslim region of central Russia, have sounded the alarm about radical Islam spreading to a region previously praised as a model of religious tolerance.

In November, three Islamists were killed in an armed clash with police that was unprecedented in the region. This prompted fears of the appearance of an armed insurgency similar to one in Russia's North Caucasus, where Islamist rebels are waging a bloody war with the authorities.

"These insurgents from radical religious movements have arms, financing and support from foreign protectors," the region's interior minister Asgat Safarov warned after the attack.
. . .
Elected in April after the resignation of his predecessor, who was judged too lenient towards Islamists, mufti Faizov has mounted a crackdown on extremists among the Muslim clergy of this republic of four million inhabitants.

From now on, imams are no longer freely elected by parishioners but chosen from a list of candidates picked by the mufti, and numerous imams have already been dismissed.

One of the first to be let go was Nail Sakhibzyanov, an imam from the Almetyevsk district, considered a bastion of radical Islam.
Russia's Tatarstan warns of radical Islam 'threat'
Nicolas Miletitch, AFP, May 30, 2011

Exposé of the cruelty inflicted on Australian cattle exported to the slaughterhouses of Indonesia

Right now in northern Australia, ships are being readied to load thousands of cattle to be transported to Indonesia where they will be fattened in feedlots and sent to abattoirs for slaughter. Australia sends about 500,000 cattle there each year in a trade worth more than $300 million. Six million cattle have been sent to Indonesia since the trade began two decades ago, supplying a growing demand for beef.

Despite industry assurances that the welfare of cattle sent to Indonesia is "generally good", Four Corners reveals that many thousands of these animals die slow and hideous deaths. Four Corners goes into the abattoirs that the Australian meat industry does not want the public to see. The results will shock viewers and confront industry and government with the question: how much suffering must these animals endure for the sake of profit?

Following a report published January this year by industry and government, painting a positive picture of conditions in Indonesia, animal welfare campaigners took their own cameras into abattoirs to record the conditions for themselves. That footage reveals that Australian training of the slaughtermen in Indonesia has been grossly inadequate. Animals smash their heads repeatedly on concrete as they struggle against ropes, take minutes to die in agony after repeated often clumsy cuts to the throat. In some cases there is abject and horrifying cruelty - kicking, hitting, eye-gouging and tail-breaking - as workers try to force the cattle to go into the slaughter boxes installed by the Australian industry, with Australian Government support.

The program shows video footage taken by its own team and separately by animal welfare activists across a range of slaughterhouses. The Australian cattle industry insists its training programs in Indonesia are effective, what this footage shows is cattle being subjected to a range of horrifying acts of brutality, many the result of the workmen's inability to handle the cattle inside the processing plants.
A Bloody Business
ABC, Reporter: Sarah Ferguson and Producer: Michael Doyle Broadcast: May 30, 2011

Bangladesh woman cuts off 'attacker's' penis

Police in southern Bangladesh say a woman cut off a man's penis during an alleged attempt to rape her and took it to a police station as evidence.

The incident took place in Mirzapur village, Jhalakathi, about 200km (124 miles) south of the capital, Dhaka.

Monju Begum, 40, a married mother of three, told police that neighbour Mozammel Haq Mazi forced his way into her shanty and started assaulting her.
. . .
[Police spokesman Abul Khaer told the BBC] "It is quite an unusual incident. As far as I am aware, this is the first time that a woman has brought a severed penis to the police station as evidence."
. . .
But Mr Mazi denied the allegations.

"We were having an affair and recently she suggested that both of us can go and settle down in Dhaka," Mr Mazi told the BBC from the hospital in nearby Barisal.

"I refused and told her that I cannot leave my wife and children, so she took revenge on me."

Prof AMSM Sharfuzzaman, a senior surgeon at the Sher-e-Bangla Medical College and Hospital in Barisal town, told the BBC it had not been possible to reattach the organ.

'Schoolboy' who dated underage girls exposed as a 19-year-old illegal immigrant after stabbing 2 teens with broken bottle

A 19-year-old illegal immigrant who tricked a school into believing he was 15 was only exposed after he was arrested for stabbing two youngsters with a broken bottle.

Violent thug Niamat Miah even dated a 15-year-old girl while he attended South Dartmoor Community College in Ashburton, Devon, on false identity papers.

Youngster Chloe Wood, now 16, started dating Miah - who pupils and staff knew as Sabbir Ahmed - after he began at the school early last year.

His ruse was only exposed after an attack outside a nightclub in nearby Torquay, where he slashed two teenagers in the face and neck with a broken bottle.

During their investigations, detectives found out Miah was actually a foreign national living here illegally - and was four years older than claimed on his false Home Office papers.

Chloe told the News Of The World: 'It turns my stomach to think about it - he obviously wanted an education but I wonder if he also did it because he liked younger girls.

'I'm just glad we only kissed and cuddled.' She and Miah split after a month because he was too possessive, she said.

Miah was arrested after an argument turned violent outside the Take 2 bar in Torquay on June 10 last year.

The row turned violent and he lashed out with glass bottle, cutting Chris Prior's left eye and Lawrence Manders's throat, missing his jugular vein 'by inches'.
. . .
He used false Home Office papers to enroll at two schools over a period of two years.

He first attended Dawlish Community College in Devon posing as a 13-year-old when he was aged 17 and transferred to South Dartmoor Community College as a 15-year-old when he was 19, detectives discovered.

UK Islamic leaders slam suggestions they pray in English and allow women to run mosques

ISLAMIC leaders have slammed suggestions they pray in English and allow women to run mosques.

The guidelines were issued by the Mosques and Imams National Advisory Board, set up after the July 7 attacks.

But their ideas were dismissed by an influential body which oversees dozens of mosques.

The Lancashire Council Of Mosques said they had no women on any of the committees running their network of 100 mosques and said the situation was unlikely to change.

The LCM chairman, Salim Mulla, said: “Muslim women are supposed to cover themselves and practically it’s not possible and women themselves don’t want to be part of management committees.

“Also, Islamically, the prayer is not valid if it’s not done in Arabic. We see this as interference in privately run and funded places of worship.”

Mustafa Baig, a MINAB member who helped draw up the guidelines, said they will monitor mosques and if necessary carry out further consultations to find out why they are not implementing the proposals.
Anger Over Islam Plan
Tom Savage, Daily Star, May 29, 2011

Terrorist we cannot deport faces new charges

The full extent of the danger posed by a Muslim terrorist protected from deportation by the British courts can be disclosed.

Forgery equipment and "high quality" fake documents used in terrorism were discovered by police buried in the back garden of his Manchester home and the man - who cannot be named - is facing a retrial overseas on terror charges.

Italian security services bugged the Tunisian's conversations, found him to have "intricate knowledge of terrorism" and are likely to seek his extradition for a second time, The Sunday Telegraph can disclose.

This newspaper reported exclusively last week how Home Secretary Theresa May's order to keep the man out of Britain because he was a threat to national security had been overturned by judges in the Court of Appeal.

He is accused of playing a key role in a Europe-wide terror cell which recruited Islamic extremists to fight jihad in Iraq and Afghanistan, possibly against British and American forces.

Judges also banned naming the Tunisian - identified in legal documents by the initials MK
. . .
Last night a Tunisian human rights lawyer said the Jasmine Revolution in January, which led to the ousting of the country's long-time dictator President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, had cleared the way for MK and others to return to Tunisia.

Samir ben Amor, secretary of the Tunisian Association of Political Prisoners, said all political prisoners had been freed and their convictions set aside.

“This is a different country now. He can come back without any risk,” said Mr Ben Amor. “Hundreds of Tunisians in the same position have already come back from England and elsewhere.”

Mr Ben Amor’s statement significantly undermines MK’s claim to the British courts that he would face ill-treatment or persecution if deported from this country.

The Sunday Telegraph knows the identity of MK but has been prevented from disclosing it by the courts because he is an asylum seeker.
Terrorist we cannot deport faces new charges
David Barrett and Andrew Gilligan, The Telegraph, May 28, 2011

Islamic states slam EU's UN council draft on Syria

UNITED NATIONS - An influential association of Islamic states has complained about a European draft resolution that asks the UN Security Council to condemn Syria and demanded that part of the text be deleted.

Western diplomats said the complaint from the 57-nation Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) highlighted the uphill battle Western powers face as they struggle to bring a divided Security Council together to criticize Damascus.

Britain, France, Germany and Portugal circulated the draft resolution to the 15-nation council this week. Veto powers Russia and China and four other non-permanent members have voiced concerns about the draft, which rebukes Syria for its bloody crackdown against anti-government protesters.

Lashkar as big a threat as al-Qaida, admits US

The US has acknowledged that ISI-backed terrorist outfit Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) is as big a threat as al-Qaida.

US secretary for homeland security Janet Napolitano said, "I think in my judgment, the LeT ranks right up there in the al-Qaida and related groups as terrorist organisations, one that seeks to harm people and takes innocent lives." The statement of the US official, who is here for a bilateral security dialogue, comes in the wake of strong evidence that Lashkar had outgrown its initial focus on J&K to emerge as a global terror threat, matching al-Qaida in aspiration, resources and reach.

"Our perspective, the US perspective, is LeT is very very, I do not want to say important as that gives it too much credibility, but an organisation that is of the same ranking as the al-Qaida related groups," Napolitano said after the first homeland security dialogue with home minister P Chidambaram on Friday.
. . .
Headley has disclosed to the US's Federal Bureau of Investigation that Lashkar, which set out by seeking to wage jihad to wrest "Muslim lands" of J&K, Hyderabad and Junagarh, has now set its sight farther afield, plotting to assassinate the editor of a Danish newspaper which had published offending cartoons of Prophet Mohammad.

During the Mumbai attacks as well, the Lashkar terrorists targeted westerners, killing six Americans among others.

Pre-26/11, Pakistan had consistently held that Lashkar, being devoted to the "liberation" of Kashmir, posed no threat to the US. The alibi had started wearing thin after Lashkar terrorists were found to be involved in terror plots in the US and Australia before 26/11 and the mounting evidence of its collaboration with al-Qaida in Afghanistan alerted the Americans to the grave threat.

Napolitano said the US had worked with India on investigations into the Mumbai attacks and would grant Indian investigators further access to Headley.
Lashkar as big a threat as al-Qaida, admits US
Himanshi Dhawan, Times of India, May 28, 2011

Egypt: Shocking Video Shows Teacher Beating Pupils

Shocking footage of a teacher beating young pupils at an Egyptian school has emerged - prompting the arrest of the tutor involved.

The man, named in Egypt as Magdi el-Shaar, is shown apparently marking the children's homework before hitting them with a ruler.

He is reported to have blamed the country's revolution earlier this year for his actions, understood to have taken place at a centre in the city of Kafr Shukr, in Gharbiya state.

Video of the disturbing scenes - which have already been viewed by thousands after being posted online - captures pupils screaming in pain and attempting to avoid the blows.

More than 10 children, all aged under 10, are seen being abused.

Police said the man was arrested and questioned by local prosecutors and the centre closed down upon the orders of the minister of social solidarity.

El-Shaar allegedly told prosecutors: "Beating and corporal punishment are the best means for disciplining children especially after the January 25 revolt."

The teacher can be seen smiling during his assaults, with one girl dressed in pink receiving a particularly sickening beating as he repeatedly hits her and pulls her hair.

In the background, at least one other man can be heard laughing at the scenes, which were filmed by an unknown veiled female worker at the centre.

Uploaded on May 15 the video finishes with the shot panning round to reveal two more adults who have been watching.

Newspapers in Egypt say the ministry of social solidarity will decide whether to re-open the centre or keep it closed depending on the results of an investigation.

Leaked US cables portray worries that Jamaica could become incubator for Islamic extremism

U.S. diplomats have expressed concern that an Islamic cleric convicted of whipping up racial hatred among Muslim converts in Britain might do the same thing in his homeland of Jamaica, according to a leaked cable from the island's U.S. Embassy.

The dispatch, dated February 2010, warns that that Jamaica could be fertile ground for jihadists because of its underground drug economy, marginalized youth, insufficient security and gang networks in U.S. and British prisons, along with thousands of American tourists.

It says Sheikh Abdullah el-Faisal, who was deported back to Jamaica in January 2010, could be a potential catalyst, and it noted that several Jamaican-born men have been involved in terrorism over the last decade.
. . .
he preached in a London mosque attended by convicted terrorists and was imprisoned in Britain for nearly four and a half years for inciting murder and stirring racial hatred with sermons titled "No peace with the Jews" and "Them versus Us." In one recorded sermon, he told followers that "the way forward is the bullet." On another, he said jihadists should use "chemical weapons to exterminate the unbelievers."

"Faisal's popularity remains strong with online jihadist supporters, particularly American jihadist groups. His sermons are widely published across the Internet," said Jarret Brachman, a former CIA analyst who is now an independent terrorism researcher.

Some experts in militant Islam said his isolation in Jamaica may create a mystique that could draw alienated people into his circle.

"There is a danger that Abdullah Faisal will radicalize individuals in Jamaica, just as he has previously done in the U.K. and elsewhere. He is a powerful, charismatic speaker who is easily capable of presenting Islamist extremism as a rational choice," said James Brandon of the Quilliam Foundation, a British anti-extremism think-tank .

Egyptian activists 'to form Nazi party', newspaper reports

A group of Egyptian political activists have announced plans to set up a local version “of the Nazi party,” an Egyptian newspaper reported on Thursday.

Citing a leftist Egyptian news portal, the Al-Masry Al-Youm daily said that “the party’s founding deputy is a former military official,” and that the party would be aimed at bringing “together prominent figures from the Egyptian society.”

The report cited founding member Emad Abdel Sattar as saying that the unestablished party “believes in vesting all powers in the president after selecting him or her carefully,” and that “preparations are under way to choose the most competent person to represent the party.”

Almasry Alyoum added that an Egyptian Nazi party “operated secretly under former President Hosni Mubarak, whose regime prevented party leaders from carrying out their activities freely.”
Egyptian activists 'to form Nazi party', newspaper reports
Yaakov Lappin, Jerusalem Post, May 26, 2011

Jewish groups in US backing Sharia law

American Jewish groups are fighting a proposed ban of Sharia law in the state of Oklahoma.

A coalition of organisations that include the Council on American-Islamic Relations and the American Jewish Committee (AJC) are backing a legal appeal against a measure that would prevent Islamic law from being used in the state's courts.

The AJC filed a brief last week with the US Court of Appeals arguing that the ban is an attack on religious freedom.

The AJC said the provision - called the "Save our State law" by its supporters and adopted after a referendum which delivered a 70 per cent "yes" vote last November - is unconstitutional, violating a clause in the First Amendment which bars a state preference for one religion over another.

"In a nation that treasures religious freedom and whose constitution forbids government to have favoured or disfavoured faiths, the Oklahoma provision cannot stand," wrote AJC Associate General counsel Marc Stern.

The Anti-Defamation League and the Union of Reform Judaism supported the brief, as did the Centre for Islamic Pluralism and the Baptist Joint Committee for Religious Liberty.

A judge issued an injunction in November putting the law on hold while the challenge is being heard.
Jewish groups in US backing Sharia law
Ellen Tumposky, The Jewish Chronicle, May 26, 2011

Saudi Arabia: Sick and tired of harassment, women seek help line number

JEDDAH: Women in the Kingdom, fatigued by repeated cases of harassment, are calling for a help line number.

Nawal Bukhari, 45, called for more security measures on behalf of all her Muslim sisters, saying it is imperative the law derives a method to protect women in emergencies.

Nawal and her daughter Madiha, who were on Sari Street in Jeddah on a recent weekend, told Arab News they were followed, chased, and profusely invited to sit in the cars of men, asking for their phone numbers for almost an hour.

“There is no barrier, every age and class of men who were there that night — maybe doing it for a thrill — asked us for our numbers and even opened doors to their cars for us to sit with them,” said Nawal. “It scares me to think how our sisters deal with this situation. I was scared, helpless and the worst fear was that I could not protect my daughter if something happened.”

Nawal says her husband was out of the country at the time, and because she uses taxis to get around she faces harassment on the street frequently and has never been able to call for help.

“Who do I call? It is not a crime, what these men do, so it would be an awkward situation calling 999,” she said. “But in the Kingdom, for women this is a real emergency situation. I barely see police cars patrolling an area looking out to help in these situations.”

Describing what happened that weekend, Nawal said that even after she and her daughter waved down a taxi, ill-mannered men temporarily blocked the car from moving, telling the cab driver they would give them rides. Before they could enter the cab, the driver became scared.

“This taxi driver locked the doors and did not let us in. Instead he sped off,” she said.

Nawal had to call a friend with a driver to pick them up. And even then five cars of men were trying to block them from crossing the road to enter the vehicle. The incident — which occurred at night — left her afraid to go out on her own for weeks.

Brit-Muslims protest Osama's killing outside Downing Street during Obama visit

Angry British Muslim activists staged a protest outside Downing Street over Osama bin Laden's killing during President Barack Obama's visit.

Burka clad women, and protesters from Muslims Against Crusades, including radical cleric Anjem Choudary gathered outside the streets to raise their voice against Obama's decisions 'against Muslims'.

Choudary went on to say that Obama has made himself a 'legitimate target' for Muslim extremists after the killing of bin Laden, and demanded that he be brought to justice before a Sharia court over his role in the war in Afghanistan, the Daily Mail reports.

Describing Obama as an 'even a greater killer of Muslims' than his predecessor George Bush, Choudary said the US President is the 'number one enemy' for Muslims just like bin Laden was for the West.

"He is a war criminal, it goes without saying. He has slain more Muslims than even his predecessor George Bush and has overseen the escalation of the war on Islam. He must be arrested and face a sharia court for his crimes," the paper quoted Choudury, as saying.

The protestors also criticized Obama for his actions in the Middle East.

The protests took place as the Obamas were greeted by David and Samantha Cameron at Downing Street.

Facebook page calls for beating Saudi women drivers

A campaign has been launched on Facebook calling for men to beat Saudi women who drive their cars in a planned protest next month against the ultra-conservative kingdom's ban on women taking the wheel.

The call comes as activists are demanding the release of Manal al-Sharif, a Saudi woman who was jailed for defying the ban.

The page, titled "The Iqal Campaign: June 17 for preventing women from driving," refers to the Arabic name for the cord used to hold on the traditional headdress worn by many men in the Gulf, advocating the cord be used to hit women who dare to drive.

It has drawn over 6,000 "likes" on the popular social networking website.

Some on the page proposed distributing boxes of Iqals to youths and encouraging them use them to hit women who participate in the June 17 protest.

One joked about the price of Iqals going up due to men buying them before the protest.

Muslim street preacher jailed for frenzied stabbing

A street preacher who stabbed his former neighbour in a north Canberra takeaway shop leaving him a quadriplegic has been sentenced to nine years jail.

Isa Islam had a long-running conflict with Andrew Dyer who lived in his public housing block at Ainslie Village, and had complained of him stealing his property.

On a Saturday morning in July 2009, Islam had preached outside the Ainslie Shops, then waited for the man to start work at an Ainslie takeaway store.

Soon after he arrived, Islam stabbed the man with a paring knife, smashed his head to the ground, and stomped on his head.

Mr Dyer suffered a stab wound to his spinal cord and is now a quadriplegic.

Islam was acquitted of attempted murder but was convicted of intentionally inflicting grievous bodily harm.

Acting Justice Jane Mathews sentenced the 38-year-old to nine years jail with a non-parole period of four years and six months.

Islam has been in custody since the attack and will be eligible for release in 2014.
Street preacher jailed for frenzied stabbing
Jessica Nairn, ABC News, May 25, 2011

Netanyahu: Militant Islam threatening the world

Israel's prime minister, in an address to Congress on Tuesday, held out the threat of a military strike against Iran's nuclear facilities, saying the only time Iran halted its nuclear program was when it feared such an attack.

Benjamin Netanyahu did not go so far as to say Israel would carry out such an assault. But he told Congress that militant Islam was threatening the world and urged the U.S. never to allow Iran to develop nuclear weapons.

"The more Iran believes that all options are on the table, the less the chance of confrontation," Netanyahu said.

Netanyahu has said before that Iran won't curb its nuclear ambitions unless it thinks it is threatened with military action.

Istanbul family consultant suggests allowing polygamy

A family consultant and life coach who conducts seminars on inter-family communication for Istanbul municipalities has suggested legalizing polygamy, citing both secular and religious arguments in support of her position.

“A man looks for friendship, sexuality, motherhood and good housekeeping qualities in a woman. Unless you possess these attributes, you ought to be ready for being cheated upon. This is a righteous search for a man,” said 35-year-old Sibel Üresin, who has worked for the largely conservative municipalities of Fatih, Ümraniye, Bahçelievler and Eyüp, among others. “A healthy woman who analyzes what she will have to go through in the case of a divorce should, in my opinion, consider polygamy as a form of salvation.”

Polygamy is already a fact of life because 85 percent of men already cheat anyway, according to Üresin. In conservative sections of Turkish society, this is referred to as an “imam-wed wife” and is called a mistress by other parts of society, Üresin said.

“Rich men with solid careers and lots of sexual power can sometimes choose polygamy. No woman would ever become the second wife of a poor man. Men go after women who are more flirtatious, laugh more and who can satisfy them sexually. If I were a man, I would have been polygamous,” said Üresin, arguing that legalizing polygamy would empower women who are already engaged in polygamous marriages.

Men can have up to four wives according to many interpretations of Islam, yet these wives have no legal rights in Turkey, according to Üresin, who added that legalizing polygamy would entitle such wives to their husband’s property.

“Polygamy exists in our religion. Not everyone can do it, but you cannot ask someone why they did it; that amounts to polytheism. It is written in the Quran,” Üresin said.

Muslim four boasted of beating up RE teacher for 'mocking Islam’ spreading doubts

Akmol Hussein, 26, Sheikh Rashid, 27, Azad Hussain, 25, and Simon Alam, 19, discussed the plan to ambush Gary Smith outside his school nearly a month before attacking him in the street.

A bug, which could have been put in Akmol’s car by the security services, captures the gang discussing the plot, then praising Allah as they drive from the scene of the attack. Excerpts of the recording played in Snaresbrook Crown Court disclose Hussein setting out the plan to ambush Mr Smith, the head of religious education at Central Foundation Girls’ School in Bow, east London.

Hussein says: “This is the dog we want to hit, to strike, to kill.

“He’s mocking Islam and he’s putting doubts in people’s minds, How can somebody take a job to teach Islam when they’re not even a Muslim?”

Sarah Whitehouse, prosecuting, said Mr Smith taught a “wide variety of topics such as abortion, euthanasia and the role of women”. Mr Smith was ambushed by the gang shortly after 8am as he walked to the school from nearby Mile End on July 12 last year. Miss Whitehouse said: “He was targeted as the victim of this attack simply because of his position as head of religious studies at the school.”
. . .
Miss Whitehouse said Mr Smith was kicked and hit in the stomach, on the head and in the face.

“He was smashed with a brick of some sort and a rod,” she said. “He pleaded with his attackers not to kick him.”

During the attack Mr Smith, 37, was slashed from the corner of his mouth to his right ear and he suffered a fractured skull and shattered jaw.

In a second series of excerpts played to the court, the four attackers can be heard boasting about the attack.

Miss Whitehouse said: “They rejoice and praise Allah for the successful execution of their plan.”
. . .
Despite his horrific injuries, Mr Smith, of Chingford, east London, has pledged to return to teaching. He needed three operations to repair his face and was in hospital for 10 days.

His mother, Heather, who stayed at his bedside every day, said: “His injuries were so bad I didn’t recognise him.”

Aceh Clerics Hit Back at Amnesty International’s Statement

Acehnese clerics have criticized Amnesty International's call for the Indonesian government to repeal a bylaw that allowed caning, arguing that the practice did not violate any regulation in the world.

In a statement released on Sunday, Amnesty said that caning violated the UN Convention Against Torture, which Indonesia ratified in 1998, and urged central government to review the bylaw to conform with international and national human rights laws and standards.

Clerics in Banda Aceh, however, dismissed the criticism, saying it originated from an ignorance of Shariah law, Islam and Indonesia.
. . .
Caning adopted partial Shariah Law in 2001 as part of an autonomy package aimed at quelling separatist sentiment. Caning carried out there is mainly aimed at causing shame rather than injury. It is also used as a mandatory punishment for certain crimes in Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei.

“People criticize because they don't understand. The rules in Aceh are clear,” Muslim said. “The Koran says that those who believe in Allah and Rasulullah Muhammad Sallalaahu Alaihi Wassalam must not abide by laws other than the ones determined by their God."

He added that caning did not violate the UN Convention on Human Rights because the convention respected compromises made by a community, big or small.

“Moreover, the Islamic community in Aceh is a majority. Caning is only applied to Islamic followers,” Muslim said, adding that regulations applied to the size and length of the cane as well as the distance between the Shariah violator and punishment executor.
Aceh Clerics Hit Back at Amnesty International’s Statement
Nurdin Hasan, Jakarta Globe, May 23, 2011

Russian tries to burn Saudi wedding hall

Saudi police arrested a Russian student for trying to set a local wedding hall on fire on the grounds music must be banned in the Muslim country, a newspaper reported on Sunday.

The unnamed student, who studies at a charity institute in Makkah next to the wedding hall, hurled a Molotov cocktail bomb towards the hall while it was packed with guests attending a wedding on Thursday night, 'Sabq' Arabic language daily said.

Part of the hall caught fire, causing panic among the guests and ran out of the building, the paper said.

“Police arrested the student who told them that he had always been annoyed by their music,” it said. “He also said that music is banned in Islam and must be stopped in the land of the two holy mosques.”
Russian tries to burn Saudi wedding hall
Emirates 24/7, May 22, 2011

Obama visits UK under tight security amid large number of anti-war protestors

US President Barack Obama's three-day visit to the UK amid the large number of anti-war protestors is to be under the heaviest security measures ever seen.
. . .

His state visit comes as he is waging three wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya.

There are to be anti-war protests on May 24, when the US president is to meet Queen Elizabeth for the full ceremonial welcome and banquet. Stop the War, CND, Palestine Solidarity Campaign and Justice for Bahrain called for the protests.

In just two years, the Nobel Peace Prize winner has attacked six countries -- two more than George W. Bush. He is spending more on the US military than any president in history,” Stop the War said.

There is to be a very tight security during Obama's public events in the village of Moneygall, Co Offaly, the Republic of Ireland, and in Dublin city centre.

PA to Pay Terrorists in Israeli Prisons Salaries

The Palestinian Authority passed a law last month granting all PA residents and Israeli Arabs imprisoned by Israel for terror crimes a monthly salary, Palestinian Media Watch reports.
. . .

all PA residents in Israeli prisons for terror crimes are officially added to the PA payroll. According to the definition in the PA law, PA car thieves in Israeli prisons will not receive a salary, but Hamas and Fatah terrorist murderers will.

The PA also gives a salary to Israeli Arabs convicted of terror crimes against Israel - the country of which they are citizens. PA benefits to Israeli Arab terrorists, in fact, are greater than the ones extended to PA resident terrorists.

Additionally, those serving more than 20-year sentences will receive a greater PA salary than prisoners serving shorter sentences, the new PA law establishes. Salaries are to be paid from the day of arrest until release.
. . .
PMW noted the new PA law stipulates that payment of salaries "will be implemented... on the basis of available sources of funding." When the PA is short of cash for salaries, the salaries to the prisoners will be cut.

The PA has reported that the US, the EU, France, Britain, Ireland, Norway, Japan, India and the World Bank have all given money to the PA for its general budget in 2010-2011.
. . .
Recently, the EU announced the transfer of 45 million euros to the PA for salaries: "Some EUR 45 million of the funds from today's decision will go towards salaries and pensions of vital workers, mainly doctors, nurses and teachers."

In November 2010, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced the transfer of an additional grant to the PA's general budget: "After the transfer of the $150 million, the sum which the American administration will have transferred as direct budgetary aid to the PA for 2010 totals $225 million."

Although the EU, US and other donors are not intentionally funding salaries for terrorists, PMW says, their funding of other PA salaries and the budget makes money available in the general budget to pay terrorist salaries.

This Palestinian Authority law was enacted before the recent Fatah-Hamas reconciliation agreement. It was published in the official PA Registry on April 13, 2011.
PA to Pay Terrorists in Israeli Prisons Salaries
Gavriel Queenann, Arutz Sheva, May 20, 2011

Religious teacher charged with ten assaults on children at a Keighley mosque

A religious teacher has been charged with ten assaults on children at a [UK] Keighley mosque.

It comes after secret video footage, which appeared to show children being beaten, was shown on a Channel Four Dispatches programme in February, prompting a police investigation.

The 59-year-old Keighley man, who was an imam at the Markazi Jamia mosque, in Emily Street, will appear before Keighley magistrates on Thursday, June 2, charged with committing ten offences of common assault in December last year.

The religious teacher, who was employed by the Keighley Muslim Association and is no longer working at the mosque, was given police bail after being charged yesterday.
Charges follow secret footage on Dispatches TV programme
Tanya O'Rourke, Telegraph and Argus, May 20, 2011

"South Park" Jihadi Was '08 Obama Volunteer

The radicalized knucklehead convicted of threatening the lives of the “South Park” creators signed up as a volunteer for Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign, but by the time Election Day arrived he had concluded it would be a violation of Islamic law to vote in the U.S. election, according to court records.

Wannabe jihadi Zachary Chesser, 21, was sentenced earlier this year to 25 years in federal prison following his guilty plea to making the “South Park” threats as well as providing material support to terrorists (in this case the Somali guerilla group Al-Shabaab).
"South Park" Jihadi Was '08 Obama Volunteer
The Smoking Gun, May 20, 2011

Turkey quake kills 3, injures nearly 100 people

A 5.9-magnitude earthquake partly collapsed some buildings and one mosque in western Turkey, killing at least three people and injuring nearly 100 people, authorities on Friday.

The quake that struck at 11:15 p.m. (2015 GMT) on Thursday, sent terrified residents running from their homes before midnight. It was centered in the town of Simav, the Istanbul-based Kandilli Observatory said.

Two people, including one who jumped out of a window in panic, were killed in Simav, Environment Minister Veysel Eroglu told reporters. An elderly woman died of a heart attack in another town, Inegol, authorities said.

Eroglu said 79 people, including some who suffered injuries after jumping from balconies and windows and those who suffered from heart attacks or panic-related shock, were taken to hospitals in Simav. He said only one of the injured was in serious condition.

Fifteen others were treated at hospitals in the neighboring province of Usak, said Seracettin Com, a senior health official.

Media Whitewashes Islamic Attacks on Egyptian Christians

Islamic atrocities continue to be perpetrated against the Egyptian Christians, but the Western media often misreport such crimes as if they were the result of “communal clashes.”

One of the most recent incidents in the persecution of the churches of Egypt was the attack on churches in Imbaba, a suburb of Cairo. According to an Agenzia Fides news article, the violence was allegedly perpetrated by members of the Salafi movement ("Salafi" meaning "following the forefathers of Islam"), and involved attacks on Roman Catholic and Coptic churches:
. . .
As bad as conditions were for Christians under the Mubarak regime, their plight has grown steadily worse since the revolution which drove the old government from power. But church burnings and bombings seem to draw little press coverage in the West. And, according to Christian Solidarity Worldwide (CSW), the problem is made worse by the propensity of reporters to downplay the religious nature of such attacks when the perpetrators are Muslims. Christian Today-Australia reports that, according to CSW, such anti-Christian violence is often packaged as a secular squabble or "sectarian" violence:
. . .
For those Christians who have first-hand knowledge of events in Egypt, there is a recognition that the situation faced by Egyptian Christians is bleak. Efforts by Copts and other Christians to protest the violence which is being unleashed on them is apparently seen by both the Muslim authorities and the violent rabble in the street as an opportunity to further brutalize the long-suffering minority. A story at summarizes the ongoing phenomena with the example of one of the most recent incidents:
. . .

U.S. and European intervention in the Muslim world has done essentially nothing to help Christians who are bearing the brunt of Jihadist violence; frankly, their "intervention" appears chaotic and reactive, with little sign of a coherent governing policy or strategy. It is most certainly not the mandate or the intention of the western governments to aid Christians, or impose Christianity on the Islamic nations. It would be of benefit to the surviving Christians in Egypt, Iraq, and elsewhere, if the West would stop making things worse for them.
Media Whitewashes Islamic Attacks on Egyptian Christians
James Heiser, New American, May 19, 2011

Indonesia's Islamic Vigilantes

Across the country, they [analysts] say, the authorities have largely stood by as fundamentalist vigilante groups have increasingly used street-level violence and intimidation in an attempt to turn Indonesia — a nonsectarian democracy where moderate Islam predominates — into a conservative Islamic state. Now, emboldened by a lack of official action, it appears some Islamist vigilantes are turning to terrorism.

“I think there is a merging of extremist agendas,” said Sidney Jones, a senior analyst at the International Crisis Group, “and that’s why it becomes imperative that the government address the issue of intolerance.”

“Because if we have a merging of the moralist agenda with the terrorist agenda, then ignoring the hard-liners that use blunt physical force in the effort to impose their views of morality, you are giving a green light to people who move one step further in using terrorism,” she said.

Conservative Islam has exploded in influence in this Muslim-majority country since the 1998 protests ended the three-decade dictatorship of Suharto, which held political Islam firmly in check.
. . .

In a striking example of official reluctance to tackle vigilante violence, video footage taken in February showed the police in West Java standing by as a mob killed three Ahmadiyya members and mutilated their bodies. Rather than lead to a crackdown on vigilantes, the incident prompted provincial and local governments to issue decrees curtailing the rights of Ahmadis to worship.
Indonesia's Islamic Vigilantes
Aubrey Belford, New York Times, May 19, 2011

Italy: illegal immigrants wanted to "drown the Christians in drugs"

Drug trafficking, illegal immigration and Islamism: these were the three pillars of the vast network that is being dismantled by the Italian anti-terrorist police, after a lengthy investigation that began in April 2008. "We drown Christians in drug," is what had been heard by investigators when wiretapping.

As part of Operation Scutum (shield), 40 search warrants were executed this morning against Pakistanis (mostly from the province of Peshawar) residing in Italy and accused of belonging to a organization for heroin trafficking, illegal immigration and forgery of documents. This, according to a note by the Prosecutor of Naples, who coordinated the operations of a "criminal organization based on ethnicity," which was dedicated to drug trafficking from Afghanistan and Pakistan to Italy. It also provided huge quantities of drugs to another criminal organization composed entirely from members of the ethnic group of the Ghanaian "Dagomba", which was based in the provinces of Naples and Caserta, with branches in Bologna and Varese, and which has also been dismantled by the police.

The wiretapping revealed a powerful Pakistani organization with branches throughout Italy, especially in the Naples area, Macerata, Bologna and Rome. Drugs, especially heroin originating from the Afghan province of Nangarhar ending up in Campania, and also in Bologna and Varese. The drug profits were used to support the Islamist movement "Tehreek e Nafaz e Shariat e Mohammadi" linked to the Taliban leader Maulana Fazlullah, whose armed wing is active in the Swat Valley, Pakistan.

Investigators also uncovered regular contacts between Pakistani communities established in Italy and those of Spain and Britain to promote the entry of illegals from Pakistan. Seized in the searches were forms of regularization of 300 Pakistani workers, photocopies of passports, receipts for payments of 90,000 euros.

A nice haul, then. Unfortunately, with tens of thousands of illegal and pseudo-refugees landing on Lampedusa in recent months, the networks of Muslim-ethnic criminals may be quickly replenished.
Italy: illegal immigrants wanted to "drown the Christians in drugs"
NovoPress, May 19, 2011 (machine translated and edited slightly for readability)

Philly Muslim Ice Cream Truck Driver Had Urine Popsicles to Sell

I’ve noted before that many ice cream trucks that sell to kids around the neighborhoods of America are driven and owned by Muslims, some of them illegal aliens. It’s an all cash business, and the cash can’t be traced, can be hidden from the IRS, and can be laundered “back home” to terrorist operations, etc. But, now, there’s another caveat about Muslim ice cream trucks. They could be seeking to sell your kids urine popsicles and unsanitary ice cream.

Was Muslim ice cream truck driver Yasser Hassan planning to serve “urine popsicles” to non-Muslim Philadelphia area kids? It’s not clear, but Hussein was drunk driving his ice cream truck in the area and police found at least one bottle of frozen urine in the refrigerator that was used to store ice cream sold to children. They also determined that the condition of the entire truck and the ice cream was unsanitary. But, no worries, as the Koran and the Hadiths would say it’s okay to sell this to infidel kids. Oh, and like all the good Muslims who preach to us not to do this and not to do that, he had quite a bit of alcohol in his system and in his truck, despite the fact that this is haram (forbidden) in Islam.

Obama Discovers Flip Side of Identity Politics as Muslim Groups Give Him Failing Marks

It seems another demographic group Democrats once took for granted is snapping out of Obama fever. At the Daily Beast, David Graham reports that American Muslims don’t think the president’s actions match his pro-Islam rhetoric. Aside from insisting that Islam is a religion of peace and appointing a few Muslims to important positions, Obama hasn’t met enough with American Muslim groups or “remade the political landscape for Muslims”:
. . .
Aside from CAIR-approved action on the preceding issues, just what are these groups looking for? What would a “remade political landscape for Muslims” look like? I submit that the United States doesn’t need to become more pro-Muslim. Polls indicate that the American people overwhelmingly distinguish between peaceful Muslims and jihad sympathizers, and a comprehensive study from the Center for Security Policy reveals that Muslims are targeted by hate crimes at comparable levels to Christians, and to a much lower degree than Jews. If anything, we go overboard in our fear of offending Muslims, as in the case of Ft. Hood shooter Major Nidal Hasan. We bend over backwards to avoid discussing the theological roots of our terrorist enemies.

New Study Finds Shariah Law Involved in Court Cases in 23 States

The Center for Security Policy today released an in-depth study-- Shariah Law and American State Courts: An Assessment of State Appellate Court Cases. The study evaluates 50 appellate court cases from 23 states that involve conflicts between Shariah (Islamic law) and American state law. The analysis finds that Shariah has been applied or formally recognized in state court decisions, in conflict with the Constitution and state public policy.

Some commentators have tried to minimize this problem, claiming, as an editorial in yesterday's Los Angeles Times put it that, "...There is scant evidence that American judges are resolving cases on the basis of shariah." To the contrary, our study identified 50 significant cases just from the small sample of appellate court published cases.
. . .
The facts are the facts: some judges are making decisions deferring to Shariah law even when those decisions conflict with constitutional protections.

On the releasing the study, the Center for Security Policy's President, Frank J. Gaffney, Jr., observed:

"These cases are the stories of Muslim American families, mostly Muslim women and children, who were asking American courts to preserve their rights to equal protection and due process. These families came to America for freedom from the discriminatory and cruel laws of Shariah. When our courts then apply Shariah law in the lives of these families, and deny them equal protection, they are betraying the principles on which America was founded..."

92-Year-Old Arab Gloats Over 1929 Rape-Massacre, Wants Encore (video)

As the world is subjected to a hail of propaganda from Arabs regarding the 1948 “disaster” inflicted upon them by the creation of the state of Israel, Arab press watchdog MEMRI has released a video that places the Arab claims in perspective.

In the video, a 92-year-old Arab woman, originally from Hevron, glowingly recalls on Hamas-Gaza TV how the Arabs of Hevron, including her father, without provocation, massacred the peaceful Jewish neighbors they had lived beside for years in 1929 – almost 20 years before the 1948 War of Independence. Needless to say, there was no State of Israel then, no IDF, no "occupation" etc.

To watch the video click HERE

In an orgy of sadistic violence on August 24, 1929, 67 of Hevron's Jews were murdered. The Arabs murdered children in front of their parents, severed limbs, raped and burned people alive.

The British High Commissioner in the Land of Israel, Sir John Chancellor, published a statement following the massacre, saying,

"I have learned with horror of the atrocious acts committed by bodies of ruthless and bloodthirsty evil-doers, of savage murders perpetrated upon defenseless members of the Jewish population regardless of age or sex, accompanied as at Hebron, by acts of unspeakable savagery, of the burning of farms and houses in town and country and of the looting and destruction of property.

These crimes have brought upon their authors the execration of all civilized peoples throughout the world."
92-Year-Old Arab Gloats Over 1929 Rape-Massacre, Wants Encore
Gil Ronen, IsraelNationalNews, May 17, 2011

Most Pakistanis grieve for Osama: Survey

A majority of Pakistanis surveyed in a poll appeared to be aggrieved over the death of Osama bin Laden, with 51 per cent describing their emotions as "grief" though one-third said they were unconcerned by the incident.

The nationwide study was released by Gilani Foundation and carried out by Gallup Pakistan, the Pakistani affiliate of Gallup International. The poll covered 2,530 men and women in the rural and urban areas.

The poll was conducted among 2,530 men and women representatives of the adult population of Pakistan. They were distributed in the rural and urban areas of various provinces and districts and comprised a cross-section of various education, income, age and linguistic backgrounds.

Conspiracy to frame rightists for criminal acts exposed

Major police operation [in Israel] uncovers plot to mask string of criminal assaults as price tag retaliation [described as "the match that would have ignited the entire country, inciting the fires of hate between Jews and Arabs."]. Scheme included assassination of Islamic clergyman, multiple bombings.
. . .

According to initial details cleared for publication the police were unable to uncover a plot to set off an explosive device at the Hassan Bek Mosque in Jaffa and make it appear like an extreme right price tag operation. The device was discovered mere hours before it was meant to be set.
. . .
According to police sources, the case dates back to several 2010 arson cases, which caused over a million dollars in damages.
. . .
The police believe the suspects targeted the new scientology center in Jaffa and planned to bring the building down via a gas explosion. To that aim, the loaded a truck they had stolen with fuel tanks and gas containers – while dressed as in traditional haredi garb. The move was meant to stir the future investigation towards a Jewish terror attack against the controversial cult.
. . .
The most nefarious scheme involved a large explosive device meant to assassinate a senior sheikh after Friday prayers at the Hassan Bek Mosque.

The suspects were allegedly planning to use a remote detonator to trigger a car bomb which would have been parked at the entrance. The potential casualties among mosque goes would have numbered in the dozens.
. . .
Witness testimonies reveal that they were planning to hide their tracks by spray painting the words "Price Tag" – a term used for reprisals carried out by far-right activists and settlements – nearby.
. . .
Police said that the suspects – including the Nizar Bakher, the Bakher family patriarch and his son Abdullah, as well as Finkelstein himself – have admitted their involvement. The Tel Aviv District Prosecution is expected to file formal indictments in the case later in the week.

"This is a dangerous group of people whose victims were saved by a miracle," the Tel Aviv Police said. "They prepared explosive devices that could have flattened buildings let alone the consequences of the Mosque plan should it have succeeded. We prevented a huge catastrophe," the police said.

Australian govt says no to sharia law

The federal government has quickly moved to block any calls for sharia law in Australia.

In its submission to the parliamentary inquiry into the government's new multiculturalism policy, The Australian Federation of Islamic Councils has called for Muslims to be granted "legal pluralism".

Attorney-General Robert McClelland stomped on the request.

"There is no place for sharia law in Australian society and the government strongly rejects any proposal for its introduction," Mr McClelland told AAP.

Sharia has faced repeated criticism.

It is again in the headlines following an Iranian court's decision to delay a planned "eye-for-an-eye" act of justice against a man who threw acid at a woman's face because she refused his marriage proposal.

"As our citizenship pledge makes clear, coming to Australia means obeying Australian laws and upholding Australian values," Mr McClelland said.

"Australia's brand of multiculturalism promotes integration.

"If there is any inconsistency between cultural values and the rule of law then Australian law wins out."

Mr McClelland is keen to assert Australia's position as a "stable democracy" where "rule of law" underpins society.

"People who migrate to Australia do so because of the fact that we have a free, open and tolerant society where men and woman are equal before the law irrespective of race, religious or cultural background."
Govt says no to sharia law
Sydney Morning Herald, May 17, 2011

Hamas MP calls for massacre of Jews - on TV


Following are excerpts from an interview with Hamas MP and cleric Yunis Al-Astal, which aired on Al-Aqsa TV on May 11, 2011:

Yunis Al-Astal: The [Jews] are brought in droves to Palestine so that the Palestinians – and the Islamic nation behind them – will have the honor of annihilating the evil of this gang.

...All the predators, all the birds of prey, all the dangerous reptiles and insects, and all the lethal bacteria are far less dangerous than the Jews.

...In just a few years, all the Zionists and the settlers will realize that their arrival in Palestine was for the purpose of the great massacre, by means of which Allah wants to relieve humanity of their evil.
When Palestine is liberated and its people return to it, and the entire region, with the grace of Allah, will have turned into the United States of Islam, the land of Palestine will become the capital of the Islamic Caliphate, and all these countries will turn into states within the Caliphate. When this happens, any Palestinian will be able to live anywhere, because the land of Islam is the property of all Muslims.

Until this happens, we must reject all the resettlement plans, naturalization, or even reparations prior to the return of the refugees.

Muslim creationists tour France denouncing Charles Darwin

Four years after they first frightened France, Muslim creationists are back touring the country preaching against evolution and claiming the Koran predicted many modern scientific discoveries.

Followers of Harun Yahya, a well-financed Turkish publisher of popular Islamic books, held four conferences at Muslim centres in the Paris area at the weekend with more scheduled in six other cities.

At a Muslim junior high school in this north Paris suburb, about 100 pupils -- boys seated on the right, girls on the left -- listened as two Turks from Harun Yahya's headquarters in Istanbul denounced evolution as a theory Muslims should shun.

"We didn't descend from the apes," lecturer Ali Sadun told the giggling youngsters. Charles Darwin's theory of evolution, he said, was "the scientific basis to defend atheism".

Harun Yahya, one of the most prolific publishers in the Muslim world, gave proudly secularist France a scare in January 2007 by mass-mailing thousands of free copies of his "Atlas of Creation" to schools and libraries across the country.

Ronaldinho's website hacked by Osama bin Laden supporter

Ronaldinho's website has been hacked by someone appearing to support Osama bin Laden. reports the hacker posted a photo of bin Laden and statements supporting Islam, as well as comments in Arabic attacking Ronaldinho's "hatred" of Islam.

The site was hacked for a few hours on Saturday, according to the website and other local media.

Ronaldinho could not be contacted for comment.

Many Fear Revival of Islamist Party in Tunisia

Accused as subversives or terrorists, they bore the repressive brunt of the Tunisian dictator’s reign — two decades of torture, prison or exile.

But since the dictator, President Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali, fled in January, the Islamists of the once-banned Ennahda Party have emerged from obscurity, returned from abroad and established themselves as perhaps the most powerful political force in post-revolution Tunisia.

Despite repeated assurances of their tolerance and moderation, their rise has touched off frenzied rumors of attacks on unveiled women and artists, of bars and brothels sacked by party goons, of plots to turn the country into a caliphate. With crucial elections scheduled for July 24, Ennahda’s popularity and organizational strength are of growing concern to many activists and politicians, who worry that the secular revolution in this moderate state — the revolt that galvanized the Arab Spring — might see the birth of a conservative Islamic government.

And just as the protests in Tunis heralded the revolt in Cairo, analysts are looking to Tunisia as a bellwether for the more broadly influential developments to come in Egypt, where the Muslim Brotherhood enjoys similar advantages and has stirred similar misgivings.

“How do you want us to go up against Ennahda?” asked an exasperated strategist for the Republican Alliance, a secular party. “They’re prepared to do anything.”

With years of organizational experience, a vast membership and decades of credibility as a sworn enemy of Mr. Ben Ali, Ennahda has proved to be better-equipped than any other party — most have existed only for a matter of weeks — to step into the political void. The Republican Alliance strategist called for the elections to be delayed.

“July 24 is a favor to Ennahda,” he said, requesting anonymity for fear of attacks by the party’s supporters. “It’s suicide.”

With Ennahda in power, he said, “It would be Iran.”

Six indicted in plot to raise money for terrorism; 1 is held in L.A.

Federal authorities charged three members of a South Florida family, including one arrested in Los Angeles, in a conspiracy to raise money for weapons to "murder, maim and kidnap" people overseas and bolster the Pakistani Taliban.

Three other people in Pakistan, at least two of them related to the Florida family, were also charged.

Authorities say the ringleader of the group is Hafiz Khan, a 76-year-old imam at a mosque in Miami. He was arrested Saturday by a group of nearly 30 FBI agents who waited until his early-morning services were done before taking him into custody.

His 24-year-old son, Izhar Khan, who is a religious leader at a mosque in nearby Margate, Fla., also was arrested.

Another son, Irfan Khan, 37, was arrested at 3 a.m. in a hotel room in El Segundo. A U.S. citizen born in Pakistan, he lives in Miami. The indictment says that he "is a Pakistani Taliban sympathizer who worked with [his father] and others to collect and deliver money for the Pakistani Taliban."

Officials said the suspects raised up to $45,000 and were linked to the Pakistani Taliban, the group that recruited the would-be Times Square bomber in New York last year.

The Pakistani Taliban also has been deeply involved in assaults against U.S. interests abroad, such as the December 2009 suicide attack on a U.S. military base in Khowst, Afghanistan, that killed seven CIA operatives near the Pakistani border.
Six indicted in plot to raise money for terrorism; 1 is held in L.A.
Richard A. Serrano, Los Angeles Times, May 15, 2011

A gruesome display: Somalis drag bodies in streets

It's a gruesome display seen many times over the years in Mogadishu: The bodies of dead soldiers dragged through the streets. Somalis angry over 20 years of violence say they do it in hopes of driving out African Union forces.

The latest incident happened Thursday, when the body of a fighter who appeared to be a member of the AU's peacekeeping mission was pulled through the streets by a rope. The spokesman for the country's most dangerous militant group, al-Shabab, also displayed a body alongside documents that identified the man as a Ugandan soldier.

"Today we are celebrating the death and blood of your sons," Sheik Ali Mohamud Rage said at a news conference Thursday.

The most infamous occurrence happened in 1993, when fighters dragged a U.S. soldier through the streets after a disastrous U.S. military assault into the Somali capital described in the book and movie "Black Hawk Down." The deaths and grisly scene were widely used by media outlets who had to weigh the images' news value against their violent nature. The incident hastened the U.S. withdrawal from the East African nation.
. . .
In February, Islamist insurgents brought the bodies of nine AU peacekeepers to an area that has now become the preferred site for displaying bodies, Bar Ubah, which lies near the city's busy Bakara market.

Islamists then tied ropes to the legs of the corpses and asked a mob to drag them, but with one caveat.

"Don't touch them because you don't know if they have diseases," said Abdihakim Yahye, who participated in that day's dragging, quoting the militants.

Yahye said that as the mob moved through the city, its numbers grew as idle residents joined in.

"They were falling over themselves to drag the corpses. You can't imagine how happy the people were. You would think it was a holiday," said Yahye. "My mind told me to drag them and humiliate them. I was happy to do that. I dragged them because I harbor strong animosity and grudge against them."

Bombers take bin Laden revenge in Pakistan

Two suicide bombers attacked paramilitary police recruits heading home after months of training in the country's northwest, killing 80 people in what the Pakistani Taliban called vengeance for the US slaying of Osama bin Laden.

The militants said they hit the recruits out of anger at Pakistan's armed forces for failing to stop the US incursion that killed bin Laden, and promised more attacks would follow.
. . .
He warned that the group was also planning attacks on Americans living in Pakistan. The Pakistani Taliban are a loose collection of insurgent groups who carry out attacks on Pakistani territory.
. . .

At least 80 people were killed, including 66 recruits, and around 120 people were wounded, Khan said. The blasts shattered the air as some 900 young men were leaving the center after spending six months training there. They were in high spirits and looking forward to seeing their families, for which some had brought gifts, a survivor said.
Bombers take bin Laden revenge in Pakistan
Associated Press, May 14, 2011

'Obama was on Osama's hit-list'

US President Barack Obama was apparently on the hit-list of Osama bin Laden, the huge cache of material obtained from the slain al Qaeda chief's Abbottabad hideout suggested.

There are references to the US President in the impounded files, although there is no direct mention of Obama in these materials that have been scanned so far by a CIA-led inter-agency Task Force, CBS News reported.

According to a US intelligence official, bin Laden wanted to kill Obama as part of a plot to disrupt the 2012 presidential elections.

Bin Laden was killed by the US Navy SEALs on May 2 at a house in Pakistan's garrison town of Abbottabad.
'Obama was on Osama's hit-list'
Press Trust Of India, May 14, 2011

Terror threat to Obama's gran

Barack Obama's step-grandmother is being protected by armed police in Kenya after her life was threatened by al-Qaeda-linked terrorists in Africa.

Officers are patrolling around the clock at the home of Sarah Obama, the third wife of Mr Obama's paternal grandfather, in Kogelo, a village in western Kenya. Security is said to have been enhanced in response to a specific threat from Al Shabaab, a group of Somali Islamists linked to al-Qaeda, following the death of Osama bin Laden.

"We received reports of plans to attack the home of Mama Sarah Obama and we immediately put in place security measures," Stephen Cheteka, the local police chief, told Africa Review.

Fears for Mrs Obama are thought to have further increased in the 10 days since bin Laden's assassination, prompting a steadily rising number of officers at the property. One police chief reportedly told ABC News that he now had enough officers "to patrol the entire village".

Mrs Obama, whose full name is Sarah Anyango Obama, is believed to have been born in 1922, and is known by the president as Granny Sarah. She is a non-practising Muslim.
Terror threat to Obama's gran
Sydney Morning Herald, May 13, 2011

White teenage mother stabbed to death and dumped in canal after having baby with married Muslim

A white teenage mother was stabbed repeatedly and her body dumped in a canal after she clashed with the Asian family of her lovechild, a court has heard.

Laura Wilson, 17, had a brief relationship with Ishaq Hussain, 22, who lived close to her before giving birth to their daughter in June last year.

Sheffield Crown Court was told that Hussain failed to acknowledge the child as his own and did not offer any support, leading to friction between Laura, her family and Hussain.

Things came to a head last October when she went to Hussain's house and told his family he was the father of the child, prosecutor Nicholas Campbell QC said.

Hussain and his friend, who also had an affair with her and was said to be her first love, plotted to kill her, it is alleged.

They sent a flurry of text messages to one another.

They adopted the language of the cult British film 'Four Lions' about Islamic terrorists and mounted a 'mission to kill Laura Wilson', said Mr Campbell.

Asghar allegedly sent a text message to Hussain which said: 'I'm gonna send that kaffir bitch straight to hell.'
. . .
He was also annoyed that Laura had threatened to 'grass' him to his family. Laura then took matters in to her own hands and went to see the Asghar and Hussain families to tell all.

Laura told Asghar's mother she loved her son and 'wanted to have babies' by him but the mother became angry and hit Laura with a shoe.

She said he would never have a baby with a white girl and called her 'a dirty white bitch who opens her legs.' Laura then saw Hussains's family and told them she had give birth to his baby.

'Her actions that night brought the truth to both of their front doors,' said Mr Campbell.

After that Hussain and Asghar spent more and more time together. Text messages recovered later showed they even talked about getting a gun.

In the language of the film Asghar said: 'I will make a show and make some beans on toast' - a reference to the carnage after a bomb blast, said Mr Campbell.

It was clear the references to 'unbelieving kaffir b*****ds' referred to the 'mission' to kill Laura. The hearing continues.

Bangladesh lifts fatwa ban

Bangladesh's Supreme Court Thursday lifted a ban on issuing Islamic religious edicts, or fatwas, but said extrajudicial punishments in the name of Islam were illegal, the attorney general said.

Bangladesh's High Court banned fatwas in 2001 after a series of cases of Muslim women being beaten and caned, but the ruling was appealed by a group of Islamic preachers who argued fatwas were integral to Islamic practice.

"Fatwas on religious matters may be given only by properly educated persons and may be accepted only voluntarily," Attorney General Mahbubey Alam told AFP, quoting the Supreme Court ruling.

"No punishment, including physical violence and or mental torture in any form, can be imposed or inflicted by anybody in pursuance of fatwas," the court ruled, Alam added.
. . .
Rights groups had sought an outright ban on fatwas, arguing such edicts have often led to women being publicly whipped for "crimes" like adultery, having a child out of wedlock or even just talking to people of other faiths.

In some documented cases, rape victims have been flogged for being a "participant" to their assault.

Nigerian man married 107 wives

An 87-year-old Nigerian man has had 107 wives, says the Los Angeles Times, and 185 children.

Bello Maasaba, an Islamic faith healer, is presently married to 86 women between the ages of 19 and 64, after nine of his wives died and he divorced 12 for disobedience, the paper reports.

Of Maasaba's children, 133 are still living, the youngest being one month old. His extended family numbers 5,000 many of whom live in the sprawling compound in the block surrounding his four-story, 89-room house in Bida, the Times reports.

He communicates with his wives and children via a microphone hooked up to speakers on every floor of the house. Feeding his family requires three huge sacks of rice a day and large quantities of meat and vegetables.

Three years ago, Islamic authorities in Niger, a Muslim majority state with Sharia law, ordered that Maasaba divorce 82 of his wives, keeping four. He refused and was imprisoned for 22 days and ordered by the Sharia court to leave town.

Lawyers interviewed the wives and after the first 57 reportedly said they had agreed to their marriages, he was freed.
Nigerian man married 107 wives
Global Post, May 12, 2011

Rami Saba makes opening statement invoking Allah at murder trial

Rami Saba invoked the name of Allah more than a dozen times in his opening statement this morning during his federal trial in Grand Rapids for the alleged kidnap, murder and attempted theft of Donald Dietz's life savings in 2007.

Saba's repeated rhetorical refuge in Allah was twice objected to by federal prosecutors, whom Saba characterized as liars who “tampered” with evidence during his opening remarks.

The trial, before U.S. District Judge Janet Neff, is expected to last five weeks. Jury selection took place Monday morning and first witnesses were called today. The Lebanon native, who holds a doctorate in molecular biology and pharmacology is representing himself using standby counsel.

Saba dismissed the circumstantial evidence in the trial a just “assumptions” being used to distract and trick the jury into a conviction.

“Allah willing, I will show you that,” he said.

The government's case is heavily reliant on cell phone records that track Saba and convicted co-defendant Raogo Ouedraogo's movements during the months of 2007 the pair allegedly were conspiring to steal $450,000 from Dietz's Lake Michigan Credit Union account.

U.S. Attorney Don Davis put Dietz's bicycle, which the 66-year-old Amway retiree rode everywhere, as well as a pair of duct-taped boots front and center in the courtroom to display Dietz's frugal and slightly reclusive nature.
Rami Saba makes opening statement invoking Allah at murder trial
Garret Ellison, The Grand Rapids Press, May 11, 2011

Fatwa: Necrophilia Is Now Halal in Morocco

But none of our Monstres Sacrés can match the latest Fatwa published by the (respected) Islamic Scholar and member of the religious establishment, Abdelbari Zemzami. He basically allows sexual intercourse with a corpse.

Yes. Necrophilia is now Halal in Morocco by the grace of Alem Zemzami.

I should perhaps be more specific in Zemzami’s Fatwa: he allows the widowed husband to have sexual intercourse with the corpse of his deceased wife. The Fatwa does not say whether it reciprocates for a woman (although I suspect even with rigor mortis, it will not do) nor does it specify how many hours after the wife’s death a man can still, you know… perform their marital duties. If it was not for the scholar’s level of seniority, I would dismiss this fatwa as yet another deranged, lonely individual who did not get some for a while. But this is Zemzami. And it is a Fatwa from an official of the Habous ministry. If indeed such Fatwa is genuine.
. . .
Zemzami justifies his ruling by means of analogy: Since a good Muslim couple will meet again in Heaven, and since death does not alter the marital contract (in his opinion) it is not a hindrance to the husband’s desire to have sexual intercourse with the corpse of his (freshly) deceased wife.
. . .

Abdelbari Zemzami, again, is no ordinary scholar: he is formally a “الخبير في فقه النوازل“ which means an Expert in Exceptional Matters, issues that have not been delineated in the Quran, the Hadith, or anywhere in Sharia law.
Fatwa: Necrophilia Is Now Halal in Morocco
Zouhair Baghair, Morocco Board News, May 11, 2011

'We Are All Osama Bin Laden' Facebook Page Deleted

A Facebook group entitled "We Are All Osama Bin Laden" started after his death has been deleted after topping 10,000 members, the blog ArabCrunch reports, guessing that the pro-Bin Laden page was removed because of "calls for violence," but claims a double standard with things "related to Palestine or Islam."
. . .
Meanwhile, a version of the removed group, pictured above, seems to exist in Google's cache (though with only 591 "likes") and includes comments like [sic], "10 years to kill One Person and they are happy , HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA," and "If amirca kill ben ladin there million replace him and we will be a kings of world."
'We Are All Osama Bin Laden' Facebook Page Deleted
Joe Coscarelli, Village Voice, May 11, 2011

Libya using migrants against EU - UN

The Libyan government may be forcibly expelling migrants in an attempt to flood Europe, the United Nations refugee chief said on Wednesday.

Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi has previously warned European leaders backing the revolt against his 41-year rule that he would unleash a wave of migrants against Europe to retaliate against military strikes on his country.

The arrival of large numbers of migrants fleeing Libya has already caused strains among European Union nations, with Italy, where most have arrived, saying it should not have to bear the whole burden.

"There are elements to make us think that at least some of the actors involved in what's happening today in western parts of Libya may be attempting to use this weapon of forcing people to move into Europe," Antonio Guterres, the UN High Comissioner for Refugees, told a conference in Paris.

Muslim group takes over Swedish church

The decision to sell had come after two congregations joined together and one of the premises therefore became surplus to requirements.

However, selling the church to a Muslim organisation was not a decision that the congregation took lightly, according to Christina Blomqvist.

“There were very many discussions back and forward and some anguish among a few of our members who felt that it was wrong due to the persecution of Christians in some Muslim countries,” chairperson Christina Blomqvist told The Local.

But in the end the organisation couldn’t see any hindrance for the sale to go through.

After serious soul-searching the congregation had decided there was no reason to punish the Muslims in Sweden for the persecution of Christians in other countries.

The Muslims that are in Sweden, have good reasons to be here, they argued, and in the end came to the decision came down to a question of a display of goodwill.

“We decided we wanted to show our Christian love towards them,“ Blomqvist said.

The Muslim organisation will now seek to raise the 4 million kronor ($641,444) required in order to finalise the sale. The organisation is hoping to be able to do so within a year’s time and issued a call for donations.
Muslim group takes over Swedish church
Rebecca Martin, The Local, May 10, 2011

Little girls end up as sex slaves for Saudis

Children between five and 12 years old are sold to wealthy men in Saudi Arabia, where they are held as sex slaves. When they reach maturity, and many are thrown on the street and they end quickly as a prostitute.

Save the Children appeal to the Norwegian and Swedish ministers take up the issue with their Saudi counterparts, and asks private companies to take up the exploitation of children when they hit their business.

- I am not surprised by the information about the existence of such traffic to Saudi Arabia and other countries in the region, particularly in light of that marriage with children is widespread and accepted, “said Sannah Johnson, regional director of the Middle East for the Swedish Save the Children.

A well-organized network of traffickers supplying the Arab market with child brides from the North African country of Mauritania, says U.S. diplomats. Retrieved as sex slaves in their thousands from Yemen, in addition to that there is an extensive sex industry in Yemen offering sex with minors to rich men from the Gulf states, the Wikileaks documents and Aftenposten Bergens Tidende has access to.
Yes folks, what’s happening in the Islamic world is far worse than anything happening in the Catholic Church where pedophilia is concerned, because Islam approves of adult-child sexual relations. In many Muslim countries they call it marriage, but we call it rape, the sexual abuse of minors. This institutionalized form of rape was sanctioned by the founder of Islam, and central to the question of why it’s still tolerated in the Islamic world today.

Turkey: Sex Tapes (possibly with underage girls) Turn Up Heat in Election Campaign

After seeing off the main opposition force, sex scandals have this time left the world of Turkish politics reeling at the height of campaigning for the parliamentary elections due to be held on June 12.

A newly released video has trapped two leading members of the country's third biggest political force, the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP), a minor competitor to the Prime Minister Tayyip Recep Erdogan's AKP, with which it is battling for the votes of the moderate Islamic centre-right and a significant number of deputies in Parliament.

This is the third wave of "kasetler", the video tapes that have come to condition political life in Turkey and that are now tarnishing the election campaign. Almost a year ago, Deniz Baykal, the then leader of the main opposition party CHP, was forced to resign after a video was released in which the leader in his seventies was shown getting dressed after what appeared to have been a sexual encounter with his personal secretary (and deputy), a woman in her fifties. This was too much for a country in the throes of Islamic puritanism, which does not tolerate internet pornography. Now, though, there are calls for the resignation of Devlet Bahceli, the head of the MHP who has been hit by a sex scandal for the second time in less than a week. In the video circulated on Saturday, according to the chaste descriptions of the press, the party's second-in-command, Bulent Didinmez and a former head of the province of Istanbul appear in a hotel room with female students. Informed sources in Ankara are even claiming that the girls were underage (between 16 and 17) and confirm that sexual intercourse took place. Last Wednesday, two deputies from the same party were forced to stand down after a video showed them, apparently drunk, kissing two women. One of the two men was also caught telling a woman during his daily visit to a brothel that he would be "excited" to see her cover her face with an Islamic headscarf.

Syria: HRW, No Damascus In UN Human Rights Council

Syria should not be entitled to a seat on the UN Council on Human Rights, say the non-governmental organisation Human Rights Watch (HRW), launching an appeal to the General Assembly of the United Nations that they reject the candidacy put forward by Damascus to become a member of the UN organ dedicated to the defence of fundamental human rights and freedoms.

According to a communiqué issued yesterday, Syria's bid to join the 47 member nations on the Council is a 'farce', HRW says, given the fact that the country's authorities are brutally repressing what are generally peaceful protests against the ruling regime. On April 29, during an extraordinary meeting on events in Syria, the Council in Geneva approved a resolution condemning the use of lethal weapons against peaceful demonstrators by the Syrian authorities and called upon the UN High Commission for Human Rights to investigate violations taking place in Syria. "It is shameful that Syria could be condemned by the Council one month but then be a candidate to become a member fo the very some Council just one month later," HRW said, stressing how at least 500 people have died in the repressions since the demonstrations began.

The UN General Assembly will elect new members to the Human Rights Council on May 20 and Syria's name is among those of four candidates for the four posts falling vacant among the associated groups. HRW points out that on the first of March, the General Assembly suspended Libya as a member of the Council because of the repressions of protests happening there. During the extraordinary session on Syria, numerous countries including the United States, France and Germany criticized Syria's candidacy. Italy, too, stated that in the present circumstances, it would be better for Syria to postpone its candidacy to join the Council.

Prominent Muslim Scholar Mawlawi Dies

Prominent Muslim scholar Sheikh Faysal Mawlawi, the deputy chairman of the European Council for Fatwa and Research, passed away on Sunday, May 8, at the age of 70.

“The International Union for Muslim Scholars received with sadness the news about the death of prominent scholar Sheikh Faysal Mawlawi,” the Dublin-based body said in a statement obtained by

Mawlawi, a Lebanese, died on his birth town of Tripoli, Lebanon, on Sunday after a long struggle against illness.

Turkey: Thousands attend bin Laden 'funeral'

Thousands participated in a funeral ceremony for assassinated al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden in Istanbul on Friday, following Muslim burial rites but not including an actual burial.

Bin Laden was taken out by Navy SEAL troops last week and was subsequently buried at sea.

"The US, UK and Israel are the murderers of the martyr," the participants chanted. "The US is the terrorist, bin Laden is the warrior."

The mourners carried pictures of bin Laden and signs condemning his assassination, and called the man who planned the September 11, 2001, terror attacks that killed thousands of Americans "a beautiful, wise man, a warrior for Islam."

The mourners, who gathered near Istanbul's Fatih Mosque, which is located in the area that is considered Turkey's epicenter of Islamic extremism, burned Israeli, American and British flags, and prayed facing a stone bench that traditionally holds the body of the deceased.
Turkey: Thousands attend bin Laden 'funeral'
Aviel Magnezi, YNet News, May 8, 2011

Egypt in crisis talks after Muslim mobs attack Christian churches

Egypt's caretaker government has held crisis talks after attacks by Muslim mobs on Coptic Christian churches in Cairo left at least 12 people dead and drove the country's growing religious tensions to the brink.

The riots, in Imbaba, a poor, densely populated district in the city, have heightened fears that a power vacuum following Hosni Mubarak's overthrow will lead to a power grab by Islamic fundamentalists, more sectarian strife and a collapse in law and order.
. . .
Muslim protesters had tried to storm the St Mena's church in Imbaba on Saturday evening, claiming Christians were holding against her will a woman who had converted to Islam and married a Muslim [something Camelia Shehata, "the women", has denied (video)].

Stones and firebombs flew over the heads of soldiers who had been deployed in the dusty, narrow street outside the church.
. . .
Inside the church, blood pooled on the floor as wounded Christians were rushed in for treatment. Near the altar, the parishioners had wrapped a corpse in a cloth and placed a bible on its chest.

Father Hermania, the church priest, said at least five Christians were killed in the clashes, which lasted into Sunday morning. The government later said 12 people, including at least four Christians and six Muslims, died in the violence.

Soldiers unsuccessfully tried to persuade Christians standing guard outside the church gates to go inside, but they refused, chanting "Oh God! Oh Jesus." The Muslims chanted back: "There is no God but Allah."

Muslim protesters also set fire to a second church in the same district and attacked Coptic-owned businesses.

Madonna splits from Muslim lover

Queen of Pop Madonna has split from her toyboy lover Brahim Zaibat, a strict Muslim, over religious differences.

Zaibat, 24, a hip-hop dancer, had been seeing Madonna, 52, who is devoted to Kabbalah, for nine months.

“Brahim’s family had told him they did not want him going to Kabbalah meetings and wanted him to stick to his Muslim beliefs, which caused some rows,” the Daily Mail quoted a source close to Zaibat as saying.

“Things started to turn sour and they were hardly seeing each other,” the source said.

A friend of the hip-hop dancer revealed that Zaibat is happy with the decision.

“Who’s Madonna? Brahim has been home and he’s a single guy,” the friend said.

“He is no longer an item with Madonna. He’s very happy. There’s nothing more to say,” the friend added.
Madonna splits from Muslim lover
Hindustan Times, May 7, 2011

‘Mujahideen’ gets 1½ years for having body armor

Waheed Islam of Manchester may have made himself a subject of lively suspicion — first among law enforcement personnel and later among the public — by describing himself as a “mujahideen” in a 2008 letter in which he offered to get a bulletproof vest for a fellow prison inmate.

But suspicions of terrorist intentions were barely on the radar Friday as a federal judge sentenced Islam, 43, to 18 months in prison for briefly possessing a bulletproof vest at his home on Seaman Circle in Manchester after having been convicted of violent felonies.

The issue that did play a prominent role in the sentencing in U.S. District Court in Hartford was Islam’s long and intensely violent criminal record.
‘Mujahideen’ gets 1½ years for having body armor
Alex Wood, Journal Inquirer, May 7, 2011

Pakistan: Bin Laden killing 'second biggest' national tragedy

Pakistani opposition leader Chaudhary Nisar Ali Khan reacted to the killing of Osama bin Laden by American special forces by declaring the act a national tragedy and demanding the resignation of many of Pakistan's top leaders.

“This is the biggest tragedy in the history of Pakistan after the fall of East Pakistan in 1971 (now Bangladesh)," he said. "heads should roll. Those who breached the sovereignty of the country by the US intrusion in the country, including the president, prime minister, minister of defence and minister of interior should immediately resign,” he told reporters in front of national parliament in Islamabad on Friday.
. . .
Some 1,500 Pakistani Islamists demonstrated on Friday against bin Laden's killing near Quetta, saying he other figures similar to him would emerge to wage holy war against the US.

Pakistani foreign secretary Salman Bashir on Thursday warned of "disastrous consequences" if the US staged a similar attack on its territory.

Muslim American Society Official: Bin Laden a "Visionary"

A leader of a major American Muslim organization, the Muslim American Society (MAS), is arguing that there "was nothing wrong with" Osama bin Laden's dream of creating a renewed Caliphate. Khalilah Sabra's comments are the most recent and worrisome from the group, which has a long history of defending alleged terrorists.

Sabra, the director of the North Carolina branch of MAS' Freedom Foundation, made the statement in a sometimes disjointed article entitled "Agreeing to Disagree About the Death of Osama Bin Laden" that was released Wednesday under the MAS logo. The statement aligns more with a period of Sabra's life in the late 1980s, when she traveled to Afghanistan with bin Laden's predecessor, Abdullah Azzam, to provide aid to the mujahideen fighting the Soviet Union.

Her statement doesn't defend bin Laden's terror attack on 9/11. But it does laud his vision of an Islamic state and his desire to "liberate" the Afghani people.
. . .
MAS was founded as an arm of the Muslim Brotherhood in the United States and has a record of supporting alleged terrorists and terror financiers. Three of its founders were listed in a telephone book of American Muslim Brotherhood leaders.

Several Brotherhood leaders have denounced the U.S. raid killing bin Laden, referring to bin Laden with the honorary term "sheik," and defending "resistance" against American forces in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Other MAS leaders have defended violence. The Investigative Project on Terrorism captured former President Esam Omeish on videotape at a 2000 rally praising Palestinians for knowing "the jihad way is the way to liberate your land."

Similarly, the head of MAS's political wing, the MAS Freedom Foundation can be seen raising a fist in agreement at a separate 2000 rally in response to a call to show support for Hamas and Hizballah. In addition, Mahdi Bray traveled to Egypt in 2008 to attend a vigil in support of Brotherhood officials on trial.

Bray and his organization have backed a series of alleged terrorists and terror financiers over the years. Among them, Abdurrahman Alamoudi, who pleaded guilty to illegal financial transactions with Libya and aiding a plot to assassinate a Saudi crown prince; and Sami Al-Arian, a member of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad's governing board.

Both cases were dismissed by MAS as trumped-up cases of anti-Muslim bias by the government.

Unexplored meaning behind Yazmina's murder

Ramazan Acar has pleaded guilty to stabbing his toddler, Yazmina, to death after first ringing her mother to say what he was going to do - and to taunt her with a few last words from her daughter.

As Yazmina slowly died, Acar sent his ex-fiance gloating texts. Earlier, he sent this:

U wanted to convert ma kid do it u wanted to lock me up I did it u wanted 2 b indapendant do it u take full custdy do it u wana kill me il do it wat eva makes u happy nw tel me
Convert? Professor Bunyip wonders why this angle wasn’t covered in the media, and notes the picture of the grieving mother, and her necklace: [A Crucifix]
Unexplored meaning
Andrew Bolt, Herald Sun, May 6, 2011

7/7 inquest: plot leader Mohammed Sidique Khan 'was raised a liberal Muslim'

The leader of the July 7 bombers held enormous sway over the young people of Beeston in Leeds, using his position as a youth worker and school mentor to recruit his team.

After two arrests for shoplifting and assault as a young man, Mohammed Sidique Khan was said to have begun to take more of an interest in religion around 1997, at the age of 22.

Sidique Khan was brought up as a “liberal” Muslim by his father but “turned out to be more religious” than his siblings, according to statements by the family to police.

At Hardy Street mosque, attended by his family, he organised trips for local children and set up activities in the countryside, the inquest heard.

Another young man told police that Sidique Khan had organised paintballing, quad biking and visits to a climbing wall.
. . .
In a newly released section of a home video made by Sidique Khan, he said farewell to his six-month old daughter and told her "Learn to fight, fighting's good.”

The home video, filmed shortly before Sidique Khan left for a training camp in Pakistan in November 2004, showed him sitting with his daughter on his knee and telling her: "Remember me."

His wife, Hasina Patel, added: “Not long to go now."

Bin Laden: Thousands Of Salafists March Against USA

Thousands of Egyptian Salafists have today organised a march in protest against the United States over the killing of Osama Bin Laden. The march began at the Al Nur mosque in the Abbasiya area of Cairo and ended outside the American embassy.

This is according to the MENA news agency, which says that protesters chanted slogans against the American President Barack Obama, calling him the assassin responsible for Bin Laden's death.

Dozens of Egyptian citizens in Tahrir Square today prayed for the soul of the Al Qaeda leader, who was killed last week in a raid in Pakistan by American special forces. (ANSAmed).

"Decapitate those who don’t follow Ramadan," Imam's Fundamentalist Views Leads To Cancellation Of Islamic School Permit

Imam and private school founder in Oslo, Syed Farasat Ali Bukhari, is firm on his opinion about how to treat those who don’t pay full attention to islam in their daily life. He demands decapitation for those who will not follow Ramadan – in Norway, it was revealed in the daily news Wednesday night, on Dagsrevyen, on state TV, NRK.

Human Rights representative, Hege Storhaug, explains to the journalist that this is nothing new to her. This is the mainstream islam being preached in the mosques everywhere, she states. Based on her in depth knowledge about islam, she is often being attacked verbally as being “racist”.

Some time back, Storhaug found herself in a pool of blood after an attack in her own home. Prior to this incident she could see “no racists in our neighborhood”-style messages written over posters with her photo on lampposts, in her neighborhood.

The Education Minister in this news clip, Kristin Halvorsen [the same Kristin Halvorsen who was seen in an antisemitic demonstration in Oslo], was not aware of these Bukhari teachings , and it is most likely that the application would have been approved had it not been for today’s revelations. Nothing of his teachings were in any way visible on the application for a private school for 200 pupils in Oslo, at Ammerud, which furthermore, is the same area as mentioned above, in connection with ethnic cleansing in the capital of Norway.

'Poisonous' Muslim Holy Water on Sale in London

MUSLIM Holy water sold in London "is poisonous", according to health experts.

The sacred water, known as Zam Zam water, comes from a well in the Muslim Holy city of Mecca, but researchers have found that it is full of dangerous chemicals including arsenic.

Bottles of Zam Zam water are allowed to be brought to the UK for personal use but, partly due to the health risks, they are not meant to be sold commercially.

However, an investigation by the BBC has discovered that shops in east and south London have been selling the liquid.

"The water is poisonous, particularly because of the high levels of arsenic, which is a carcinogen and can cause cancer," said Dr Duncan Campbell, of the Association of Public Analysts.

As well as arsenic, carcinogenic nitrates have also been found in the water.
. . .
Last year the Food Standards Agency advised that, "Muslims need to be aware of the health risks associated with drinking this water".

"If consumers find any water on sale that is labelled as Zam Zam, they should contact the local authority enforcement office at their local council so they can investigate further," added the FSA.

Unlimited fines and imprisonment are available to the authorities as punishments for shops that continue to sell Zam Zam water.

"U wanted to convert ma kid" Ramazan Acar pleads guilty to murdering his 2 year old daughter

A man who murdered his two-year-old daughter last year posted Facebook updates about his crime, a Melbourne court has learnt.

Ramazan Acar on Wednesday pleaded guilty to the murder of his daughter Yazmina in November last year.
. . .
Court documents reveal she had been stabbed more than once by her father before she was dumped.

Police, in their summary of the case, said Acar accessed his Facebook page via his mobile phone to post updates.

One, at 7.23pm, read: "Bout 2 kill ma kid". Later, at 7.34pm, he posted: "Pay bk u slut".

Earlier, Yazmina's mother, Rachelle D'Argent, had received text messages from Acar. One read: "U wanted to convert ma kid do it u wanted to lock me up I did it u wanted 2 b indapendant do it u take full custdy do it u wana kill me il do it wat eva makes u happy nw tel me" (sic).

Another, sent at 7.32pm, read: "It's ova I did it."

Later, Acar sent Ms D'Argent more text messages: "I h8t you" and "She's in heaven I feel lyk shit".
'Bout 2 kill ma kid': father's chilling Facebook update
Adrian Lowe, Marlborough Express, May 4, 2011

Al Shabaab executes two alleged spies in southern Somalia

Militants loyal to Somalia’s al Qaeda-linked group al Shabaab on Wednesday afternoon executed two young Somalis accused of being spies in a southern Somalia town.
. . .

“Crowds of local residents got to gather in Ayub football stadium in Baidoa to watch how the execution had been conducted,” [...] He added that children and women were among the onlookers.

Generally, alleged spies and Christians have been publicly executed. Thieves have had their legs and hands cut off. Women accused of adultery have been beaten and stoned.

In March, al Shabaab, which intends to impose a strict version of Sharia Islamic law throughout war-devastated Somalia, executed a Somali man in the center of war-decimated Mogadishu, charging him with being a spy for the United States’ Federal Bureau of Investigation.

In October 2010, the hard-line group executed two girls in Belet-weyne accused of spying for the Somali government.

Hamas and Fatah defy Israel with power sharing deal

Hamas and Fatah, the rival Palestinian factions, defied Israel on Wednesday by signing a power-sharing deal to seal a unity pact after a violent four-year feud.

Benjamin Netanyahu attacked the reconciliation agreement as a "great victory for terrorism".

Speaking before a meeting with David Cameron in London, the Israeli prime minister also warned that the formation of a Hamas-Fatah coalition government in the Palestinian territories represented "a tremendous blow to peace".

Mr Netanyahu will carry the same message to Nicolas Sarkozy, the French president, when he arrives in Paris today as his right-wing government seeks to gain European support for sanctions against the new Palestinian leadership. But there was little to suggest that Mr Netanyahu would have his way.

EU delegates joined officials from the United Nations and the Arab League at a ceremony in Cairo that brought the leaders of the two rival factions together for the first time since 2007.
Hamas and Fatah defy Israel with power sharing deal
Adrian Blomfield, The Telegraph, May 4, 2011

Osama's daughter watches unarmed father killed

Osama bin Laden's 12-year-old daughter, Safia, has reportedly told Pakistani investigators that her father was captured alive by US special forces before being shot dead in front of his family.

The claims, reported by the al-Arabiya network, contradict early statements from the White House that the al-Qaeda chief was killed trying to resist capture.

But they came as Leon Panetta, director of the Central Intelligence Agency, admitted that the Navy Seals who raided Bin Laden's compound in the town of Abbottabad in the early hours of Monday made no great effort to persuade him to surrender.
. . .
There have been conflicting accounts from Washington on the details of the operation, raising suspicions that the Seals had indeed been on a shoot-to-kill mission.
. . .

Safia reportedly told her interrogators her father was shot dead at the start of an operation that took 40 minutes, slightly longer than expected, after one of the Seals' three Black Hawk helicopters crashed to the ground because of a technical fault.

Muslim Judicial Council questions Bin Laden killing

With authorities monitoring borders and activities of al-Qaeda across the world following Osama bin Laden’s death, the Muslim Judicial Council [the largest Islamic representative body in South Africa] on Tuesday condemned the way in which the al-Qaeda leader was killed.
. . .

The council’s Nabeweya Malick said, “The Muslim Judicial Council questions the timing of the action of the United States and also the reason for the killing because we do not believe that any government or any leader has a legal right to order the killing of another person.”

The council also believes the way the body was buried at sea contradicts religious customs and said the burial was disrespectful to a community of over a billion people.

“The actions of the United States have really sent a strong message to the Muslim community globally, that we [United States] don’t respect your customs [or] your religion,” said Malick.

“First of all, they killed the person that they could have arrested and secondly, the manner in which Osama bin Landen’s body was disposed of...”
Muslim Judicial Council questions Bin Laden killing
Alex Eliseev, Eyewitness News, May 4, 2011

Jerusalem imam: Obama will soon hang

VIDEO - An imam from the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem vowed to take revenge over "the western dogs" for killing Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden in Pakistan on Sunday.

In a Youtube video uploaded by the imam he said: "The western dogs are rejoicing after killing one of our Islamic lions. From Al-Aqsa Mosque, where the future caliphate will originate with the help of God, we say to them – the dogs will not rejoice too much for killing the lions. The dogs will remain dogs and the lion, even if he is dead, will remain a lion."

The imam then verbally attacked US President Barack Obama saying: "You personally instructed to kill Muslims. You should know that soon you'll hang together with Bush Junior."

"We are a nation of billions, a good nation. We'll teach you about politics and military ways very soon, with god's help," he vowed.
J'lem imam: Obama will soon hang
Elior Levy, YNet News, May 3, 2011

Five men arrested on suspicion of terror offences at Sellafield nuclear power station

Fears of a revenge attack following Osama Bin Laden’s killing increased last night after five men were arrested under the Terrorism Act close to the Sellafield nuclear site.

The suspects [of Bangladeshi origin], all in their twenties and from London, were detained by armed police hours after Britain was placed on red alert for possible reprisals after the Al Qaeda leader’s death.

They had driven 300 miles to the site, which has long been regarded as a major target for Islamic terrorists.
. . .
Both the location and timing of yesterday's incident will cause concern. The terror arrests came outside the Sellafield site, which handles highly dangerous nuclear material.

They were also made in an apparent vehicle stop check within hours of the news breaking that Bin Laden had been killed.

Imam guilty in sex case

A Muslim religious leader has been found guilty of indecent assault, says a report in The Herald - 13 years after the charges were first levelled against him.

Imam Sheik Ebrahim Essop (58) was found guilty by Magistrate Eric Mbiyo in the Port Elizabeth Magistrate's Court of four counts of indecently assaulting a 12-year-old girl in Port Elizabeth in 1999. The court rejected the evidence of three other alleged victims because they had contradicted themselves when testifying. Essop initially faced 14 charges, but his lawyers succeeded in getting seven of the counts discharged. According to the report, the court also found Essop not guilty on three similar charges due to insufficient evidence.
Imam guilty in sex case
Legalbrief Today, Issue No. 2788, May 3, 2011

Islamic scholars criticize bin Laden’s sea burial

Osama bin Laden’s burial at sea was a violation of Islamic tradition that may further provoke militant calls for revenge attacks against American targets, Muslim clerics said Monday.

Although there appears to be some room for debate over the burial — as with many issues within the faith — a wide range of senior Islamic scholars interpreted it as a humiliating disregard for the standard Muslim practice of placing the body in a grave with the head pointed toward the holy city of Mecca.

Sea burials can be allowed, they said, but only in special cases where the death occurred aboard a ship.

Bin Laden’s burial at sea “runs contrary to the principles of Islamic laws, religious values and humanitarian customs,” said Sheik Ahmed al-Tayeb, the grand imam of Cairo’s al-Azhar mosque, Sunni Islam’s highest seat of learning.
Islamic scholars criticize bin Laden’s sea burial
Hamza Hendawi, Associated Press, May 2, 2011

Hamas Leader Condemns Killing of Usama Bin Laden

The leader of the Palestinian militant Hamas government in Gaza has condemned the United States for killing Al Qaeda chief Usama bin Laden.

Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh says the operation is "the continuation of the American oppression and shedding of blood of Muslims and Arabs."

Haniyeh told reporters in Gaza on Monday that although Hamas had its differences with Al Qaeda, his group condemns the assassination of "a Muslim and Arabic warrior" and prays that bin Laden's "soul rests in peace."

US forces kill Osama bin Laden in Pakistan

Osama bin Laden, the mastermind behind the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks that killed thousands of Americans, was slain in his luxury hideout in Pakistan early Monday in a firefight with U.S. forces, ending a manhunt that spanned a frustrating decade.

"Justice has been done," President Barack Obama declared as crowds formed outside the White House to celebrate. Many sang "The Star-Spangled Banner" and "We Are the Champions," NBC News reported.

Hundreds more celebrated and waved American flags at ground zero in New York — where the twin towers that once stood as symbols of American economic power were brought down by bin Laden's hijackers 10 years ago.
. . .
Islamic tradition calls for a body to be buried within 24 hours, but finding a country willing to accept the remains of the world's most wanted terrorist would have been difficult, a senior administration official said.
. . .
U.S. officials said one of bin Laden's sons and two of his most trusted couriers also were killed, as was an unidentified woman who was used as a human shield.

Al Arabiya TV reported that two of bin Laden's wives and four of his children were also captured during the operation.
. . .

The discovery that bin Laden was living in an army town in Pakistan raises pointed questions about how he managed to evade capture and even whether Pakistan's military and intelligence leadership knew of his whereabouts and sheltered him.

Hundreds of Islamic activists clash with Police in Bangladesh, 200 detained

Hundreds of Islamic activists, wearing the traditional white Muslim dress, wearing skull caps and sporting copies of the Koran, marched in Dhaka on Sunday, where the police imposed a ban on political rallies.
. . .

A police spokesperson said nearly 200 protestors were wounded during the class with riot-police. An estimated 150 Islamic activists were detained, whisked away in prison vans.
. . .
The protestors threw brickbats and chanted “Allah O’Akbar” (God is great) and fought a pitch battle with police. Scores of police and a few journalists were wounded during the fighting. None of the victims were wounded from police firing, a senior police officer Krisnapada Roy said.

The supporters and activists of Islami Andolan Bangladesh (Movement for Restoration of Islam in Bangladesh) are opposing secular policies of the government, especially recently proposed gender equality and education policies.

Afghanistan: Suicide bomber 'aged 12' kills four

A suicide bomber said to be aged 12 has killed four people in east Afghanistan, one of several attacks a day after the Taliban announced a spring offensive.

A dozen people were injured as the suicide bomber struck a crowded market in Paktika province, killing a local official, a woman and two other men.

In Ghazni City, a gunman opened fire at a police checkpoint, killing two police officers and two civilians.

A bicycle bomb near the city's police station wounded 13 civilians.

Lethal attacks were also also reported in Logar province south of Kabul, and in Kandahar, in the south of Afghanistan.

Among those killed in Paktika province was Sher Nawaz, the head of a district council there.

The BBC's Paul Wood in Kabul says some believe the suicide bomber, if he was 12, would be one of the youngest ever to have staged such an attack.

By one count there are more than 150 would-be suicide bombers between 13-17 years of age who have been intercepted by the Afghan security forces, he reports.

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