Persecution of Homosexuals (United Kingdom)

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Note that this page may contain news regarding lesbian, gay, bisexual, transvestite, and transsexual people (LGBTT)

Muslims comprise just 2% of the total British population, yet they commit 25% of all anti-homosexual crimes

The Gay Police Association (GPA) has been reprimanded for an ad which implied Christians were responsible for a huge rise in violent attacks on homosexuals.

The advert, placed in The Independent newspaper under the banner “in the name of the father” showed a Bible and a pool of blood.

It was a one-off, used to back up the GPA’s claim that the association had recorded a 74 percent increase in homophobic incidents, where the sole or primary motivating factor was the religious belief of the perpetrator.

The association said the accompanying text made clear Christians were not the only group accused, in fact a quarter of the alleged incidents were provoked by Muslims, it said.
Britain’s Gay Police Association has been reprimanded for an advertisement implying that Christians are responsible for a huge increase in anti-homosexual violence:
LONDON (Reuters) - The Gay Police Association (GPA) has been reprimanded for an ad which implied Christians were responsible for a huge rise in violent attacks on homosexuals.

The advert, placed in The Independent newspaper under the banner “in the name of the father” showed a Bible and a pool of blood.
It was a one-off, used to back up the GPA’s claim that the association had recorded a 74 percent increase in homophobic incidents, where the sole or primary motivating factor was the religious belief of the perpetrator.

The truth behind this rise in attacks is buried in the fourth paragraph of this al-Reuters report:

The association said the accompanying text made clear Christians were not the only group accused, in fact a quarter of the alleged incidents were provoked by Muslims, it said.
Notice: Muslims make up 2% of Britain’s population, but are responsible for 25% of the anti-gay hate crimes. And a British gay advocacy group is trying to conceal this, by focusing attention on Christians.
UK Muslims: 2% of Population, 25% of Anti-Gay Crimes
Charles Johnson, LGF, October 18, 2006

Iranian Parliament Member tells British officials in London that homosexuals should be executed, originally indicating that homosexuals should be "tortured"

Homosexuals should be executed, Iranian Parliament Member Mohsen Yahyavi said during a discussion between Iranian legislators and British officials in London in May, according to the protocol of the meeting published Tuesday in the British newspaper The Times.

Yahyavi, a member of the committee on energy affairs in Iran's Parliament, was a member of a delegation to Britain sent from Tehran to discuss its nation's nuclear program.

"According to Islamic law, homosexuality is a grave crime," Yahyavi was quoted as saying. "It's a severe crime that goes against the laws of nature. It is human nature to procreate and homosexuals do not procreate."

The Iranian legislator added, "We do not have any opposition to this type of behavior as long as it is done behind closed doors, but those who (engage in) this behavior in public should be put to death."

The protocol shows that Yahyavi originally indicated that homosexuals should be "tortured," but he quickly corrected himself and said they should be "put to death."
Iranian legislator: Gays should be hanged
GayMiddleEast, November 13, 2007

City Council says "Bristol schools have a legal duty to report and deal with homophobic harassment as part of the curriculum since April 2007", but Muslims' fury forces schools to shelve anti-homophobia storybooks

Two primary schools have withdrawn storybooks about same-sex relationships after objections from Muslim parents.

Up to 90 gathered at the schools to complain about the books which are aimed at pupils as young as five.
. . .
Bristol City Council said the two schools had been using the books to ensure they complied with gay rights laws which came into force last April.

They were intended to help prevent homophobic bullying, it said.

But the council has since removed the books from Easton Primary School and Bannerman Road Community School, both in Bristol.

A book and DVD titled That's a Family!, which teaches children about different family set-ups including gay or lesbian parents, has also been withdrawn.

The decision was made to enable the schools to "operate safely" after parents voiced their concerns at meetings.

Around 40 are said to have gathered at Easton to speak to staff and another 50 at Bannerman Road.

Members of the Bristol Muslim Cultural Society said parents were upset at the lack of consultation over the use of the materials.

Farooq Siddique, community development officer for the society and a governor at Bannerman Road, said there were also concerns about whether the stories were appropriate for young children.

"The main issue was there was a total lack of consultation with parents," he said.
. . .
A spokesman for Bristol City Council said: "All Bristol schools have a legal duty to report and deal with homophobic harassment as part of the curriculum since April 2007."

She said the council had "temporarily withdrawn" the use of the materials in question and was liaising with various groups to "ensure that the topic can be addressed in an inclusive manner in the curriculum".

Ben Summerskills of gay rights group Stonewall said: "The small number of parents who make a fuss will cause children to think there is something wrong."

Women preachers at London's Central Mosque (claimed as being moderate) are promoting extremism, telling the female congregation that Christians are "vile and disgusting" as well as calling for the murder of gays

According to an expose aired on British television, Channel 4 Dispatches [aired Monday evening] women preachers at London's Central Mosque are promoting extremism, denouncing non-Muslims as "vile," as well as calling for the murder of homosexuals.

The Central Mosque has been heretofore erroneously represented as being moderate.

The television investigation follows on the heels of a previous and similar study of other UK based mosques - Undercover Mosque - which revealed that they were pushing a radical Muslim agenda, with official assistance by the Saudi government.

Undercover Mosque, though critically acclaimed, ran afoul of elements of British law enforcement because of its "controversial" nature. Instead of acting to curb the religious hate being spread in these mosques, unbelievably the documentary's producers were accused by the West Midlands Police department of engaging in distortion and intentionally attempting to inflame the situation.

The police departments attempted censorship was rejected by Ofcom, which regulates British communication, and in a separate libel action, the West Midlands Police department was forced to pay the producers of Undercover Mosque $100,000 and apologize for their actions.

In the Monday program - Undercover Mosque, The Return - a female reporter shot video documenting shockingly fundamentalist sermons delivered by women preachers to the female congregation which called for violence against non-Muslims, adulterers and homosexuals, saying, "Kill him, kill him. You have to kill him, you understand. This is Islam."

These same preachers told their congregation that Christians are, "vile and disgusting."

The undercover reporter also showcased a DVD, on sale in the Central Mosque's bookstore, which characterized non-Muslims [kuffars] "Evil, wicked, mischievous people," adding, "you can see the evil in their face."

This same DVD called Jews abominations who have a, "disgusting gross belief - their time will come like every other evil person's time will come."

The new documentary also demonstrated the ties between this mosque and official Saudi ministries which are supplying hate-filled Wahhabist books and teaching material to further religious orthodoxy, undercutting the logic behind the government's partnering with the Saudis for purposes of suppressing Islamic radicalism.

47 incidents in Tower Hamlets over the last 12 months, Muslim gangs carry out violent, life-threatening attacks on gay people in East London

The East End’s gay community has declared ‘enough is enough’ after a young man was left fighting for his life following a brutal homophobic stabbing by a gang of youths.
. . .

With 47 homophobic attacks in Tower Hamlets over the last 12 months, one man called the Advertiser to say: “It’s time we stood up for ourselves. I’m fed up with people almost excusing this kind of violence.”

Police have branded last Thursday’s assault as “evil” and are treating it as homophobic. Cops believe the 20-year-old had been walking to the gay-friendly George and Dragon pub in Hackney Road with a woman when he was attacked at the junction of Boundary Street and Austin Street in Shoreditch onThursday.

He was hounded by a group of around five teenage boys, hit over the head with a glass bottle then stabbed seven times in the back and chest. He underwent life-saving surgery at Whitechapel’s Royal London Hospital on Friday morning.

The stabbing is also being linked to an assault in the same area 24 hours before in which a man and woman were both attacked and were kicked and punched by a group of youths.
. . .
His Respect colleague Cllr Miah added: “There is no justification, in any language or any belief, for savagely setting upon a young man like this.” The gay community has grown in Bethnal Green and Shoreditch over recent years and Alan Booth, 45, who lives in Columbia Road, said it was time to fight back against homophobic violence.

He said: “It has just got worse and worse around here—it’s left people frightened to go out. The problem is with a minority of Bengali youth: but that minority is significant.

“Just because we’re gay doesn’t mean we aren’t men. It’s time we stood up for ourselves. I’m fed up with people excusing this kind of violence and the gay community are as guilty as anyone else in that.

“It’s time we got some intelligent, sensible people together to discuss what we can do to make it safer for the gay community and for everyone in Shoreditch.”

The three men arrested in connection with the attack have since been released on police bail.
Gay fears rise after street gang’s murderous attack
EastLondonAdvertiser, September 4, 2008

Muslim preacher calls for gays to be stoned to death, adding that this would include gay business secretary Lord Peter Mandelson

Hate preacher Anjem Choudary launched a vitrolic attack on gays last week in which he said that they should be stoned to death.

The former lawyer, who lives on benefits, added that this would include gay business secretary Lord Peter Mandelson, who, under Sharia law, would first be educated about the “evils” of homosexuality then executed if he confessed to a same-sex relationship.

He was speaking at a press conference in London organised by Islamic extremists to justify a protest in Luton last week against soldiers returning home from Iraq.

Choudary said: “If a man likes another man, it can happen, but if you go on to fulfil your desire, if it is proved, then there is a punishment to follow. You don’t stone to death unless there are four eyewitnesses. It is a very stringent procedure. “There are some people who are attracted to donkeys but that does not mean it is right.”

Conservative MP Patrick Mercer told the Daily Mail: “These statements show the depravity of this man’s beliefs. They must incite hatred and encourage terrorism, and I would encourage the Metropolitan Police to investigate them as rigorously as possible.”

A Scotland Yard spokesman said police would investigate Choudary’s remarks if a complaint was made. Choudary has previously called for Sharia law to be implemented in the UK.

2009 Gallup survey finds that British Muslims have zero tolerance for Homosexuality. Not even a single British Muslim interviewed believed that homosexual acts were morally acceptable

Gallup conducted telephone and face-to-face interviews with 500 Muslims in the UK, France and Germany.

“The most dramatic contrast was found in attitudes towards homosexuality,” the study said. “None of the 500 British Muslims interviewed believed that homosexual acts were morally acceptable.”

Remarkable. They couldn’t find a single British Muslim who would come out publicly in support of homosexuals. Not one.

Failed Muslim asylum seeker beats and kicks a gay sales assistant to death

A FAILED asylum seeker has been found guilty of kicking a sales assistant to death.

Mossab Belhocine, 19, of Forest Road, Walthamstow, kicked and beat 28-year-old David Cooper to death in November last year.

The Algerian national kicked his victim so hard an imprint of his trainer was left on Mr Cooper’s face.

During the eight-day Old Bailey trial the court heard how Belhocine, also known as Adam Saidi, met Mr Cooper in Soho before the pair travelled to the victim's flat in Calderwood Street, Woolwich.

The killer says he punched and kicked the sales assistant to stop him from raping him, but the court was told the Algerian had been planning a robbery.

Vice Chancellor of City University London, allows the Islamic Society to host Muslim preacher who advocates the murder of gays and apostates

“The Vice Chancellor of City University London, Julius Weinberg, should resign. He is refusing to take any action after the Islamic Society hosted a fundamentalist preacher, Abu Usamah, who advocates the murder of gay people and of Muslims who give up their faith,” said human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell.
. . .

Another speaker given a platform at the same City University event on 4 November, Murthadah Khan, was also caught on the Undercover Mosque documentary calling Jews and Christians “enemies” and “filthy”.

“It is utterly disgraceful that the student’s union has defended the hosting of these two hate preachers, and that the Vice Chancellor has not responded to complaints from students.
. . .

“They would never tolerate a white surpemacist who used racist abuse and advocated the murder of black people. Why the double standards?

Families force suspected homosexual men into arranged marriages

The government unit dealing with forced marriages received 65% more calls about male victims last year than the previous year, figures show.

In 2009 it received more than 220 emails and calls to its help line about male victims, up from 134 in 2008.

Many male victims were forced into marriage because their families know or suspect they are gay, it said.

The majority of cases involve families from South Asia, particularly Pakistan, India and Bangladesh.

Professionals working with young people were urged to be vigilant during summer, a time when incidents increase.

Men accounted for 14% of the total number of forced marriage cases, numbering 1,682, referred to the Forced Marriage Unit (FMU) last year.

However, due to under-reporting, the figures are thought to be well below the actual number of forced marriages.

It is estimated that there are more like 10,000 incidents of forced marriage involving British nationals each year and that up to 20% are men.

The FMU, a joint initiative between the Foreign Office and the Home Office, said that men were often victims for a "variety of reasons".

They included family commitments and expectations, securing visas or the desire to control behaviour and protect a family's reputation, the unit said.

‘Gays are un-Islamic.’ Muslims with megaphones disrupt the 3rd Derby Gay Pride festival, a street festival followed by a street parade of gays and lesbians

Today was the 3rd Derby Gay Pride festival and according to gaypedia it is a street festival followed by a street parade of gays and lesbians, the theme being ‘Pride not Prejudice’.

Derby has a large muslim community and up to 2,000 people attend Friday prayers at the Jamia Mosque on Normanton road.

Posters advertising a protest against the festival were seen in the Normanton Road area of Derby earlier on in the week. The posters urged muslims to demonstrate against the Derby Gay Pride festival as ‘gays are un-islamic’.

Around a dozen muslims gathered outside St Peters Church, some with megaphones and ‘chanting in a foreign language’ according to my source who was in the area.

A woman stood in front of them waving a placard that said ‘Live and let live’ and trying to argue her point along with a couple of men. The muslims just drowned them out with megaphones.

A group of 30-40 shoppers stood around trying to see what was happening before walking off in disgust, either shaking their heads or calling the muslim group scum.
Muslim protest in Derby
DerbyPatriot, July 10, 2010

Radical Islam is being openly practised at a leading university campus. Gay and Jewish students feel scared and intimidated

Radical Islamic extremism is being openly practised at a leading university campus, a report today claimed.

Think tank Quilliam said they had evidence of hard-line Islamist ideology being promoted through the leadership of the university's student Islamic Society at City University in central London.

The group had intimidated and harassed staff, students and members of minority groups, it was claimed.
. . .
They said the president - Saleh Patel, was recorded saying: 'When they say to us 'the Islamic state teaches to cut the hand of the thief', yes it does!

'And it also teaches us to stone the adulterer.

'When they tell us that the Islamic state tells us and teaches us to kill the apostate, yes it does!

'Because this is what Allah and his messenger have taught us and this is the religion of Allah and it is Allah who legislates and only Allah has the right to legislate.'

'When a person leaves one prayer, one prayer intentionally, he should be imprisoned for three days and three nights and told to repent.

'And if he doesn't repent and offer his prayer then he should be killed. And the difference of opinion lies with regards to how he should be killed not as to what he is - a kafir or a Muslim'.

According to students interviewed for the report, the actions of leading members of the ISoc made members of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Society (LGBT) feel 'scared'.

Some Jewish students felt 'intimidated', and the group's actions forced ordinary Muslim students to adopt hard-line Islamic practices which led to some Muslim students publishing an open letter complaining that their religion had been 'hijacked' by the ISoc.

Report author Lucy James, said: 'It is deeply shocking that such extremism is being openly promoted on a university campus in central London.

Muslim parents try to persuade lesbian daughter to take her own life after beating, burning, abusing and forcing her to marry in an attempt to protect family 'honour'

Aware that her parents had deep religious and cultural objections to homosexuality, Reviva gently tried to make them aware of her situation, but was quickly rebuffed:

"I tried to introduce it to them, because I knew it was a thing you don't talk about. It's forbidden. But once you mention 'homosexual' the discussion is over. You can't go into detail about it."

Far from accepting the situation, Reviva's parents set up weekly meetings with eligible bachelors - and reacted with violence when their teenage daughter refused to play along.

"The worst thing they tried was burning my hand on the stove. Anything they could grab, they'd hit you until you'd sort of pass out.

"They always tried to hit me where it couldn't be seen, to hide the scars. Because don't forget I was meant to get married, so I was meant to have skin that isn't damaged."

Reviva says she attempted suicide several times, knowing that she could never satisfy her parents, for whom she reserves an unmistakable venom.
. . .
In a desperate attempt to force the situation, her father even signed her away in an Islamic marriage to a man in another country, who she had never met.

Reviva, who was still at school, used her impending exams as a delaying tactic to ensure the relationship was never consummated and it was ultimately annulled.

Far from ending, her ordeal intensified. The troubled teenager was taken to her grandmother's house in the Middle East where, as she recalls with a chilling lack of emotion, her parents tried persuading her to take her own life.

"I was damaging the family honour. I was making the family looking like a modernised, westernised, filthy family. So what they wanted to do is get rid of what is damaging the honour.

"They put you in a room on your own, I don't get any food, or any water, and I have to just sit there and wait to die or kill myself."

To aid the process, a gun, a knife, and pills were left in the room, along with a can of petrol and a box of matches. In her view, Reviva says it would have amounted to murder, not suicide, should she have decided to kill herself.

"But I wasn't in a situation where I felt I have to end my life. Even if I was, I wouldn't have done it the way they wanted me to do it."
Tale of gay woman forced to marry to protect 'honour'
Adrian Goldberg, BBC News, October 24, 2010

5000 children attending Islamic schools in the UK which teach their pupils that ‘gays should be executed’

Around 5,000 children at Islamic weekend schools are being taught homophobic and anti-semitic views, it has been claimed.

According to a BBC Panorama investigation to be screened tonight, the Sharia law classes use textbooks which tell children that the penalty for gay sex is execution, that “Zionists” are plotting to take over the world for the Jews and the correct way to cut off the hands and feet of convicted thieves.

One book for six-year-olds asks children what happens to someone who does not believe in Islam. The answer, according to the programme, is “hellfire”.
. . .
According to the Daily Mail, one textbook for 15-year-olds identified by the programme says: “For thieves their hands will be cut off for a first offence, and their foot for a subsequent offence.”

Diagrams showing where cuts should be made accompany the text, which says: : “The specified punishment of the thief is cutting off his right hand at the wrist. Then it is cauterised to prevent him from bleeding to death.”

Gay sex is punished by execution, the schools allegedly teach. However, children are told that clerics are said to differ in whether the guilty person should be stoned, thrown off a cliff or burnt.

Other textbooks are said to ask students to list the “reprehensible” qualities of Jews and claim that Jews are transformed into pigs and monkeys.

Ibis Hotel to host Muslim conference which includes speakers who have stated homosexuality must be treated “harshly” to protect society and that “a slow and painful death by stoning” is the punishment

The Ibis Hotel in Earls Court, London, will host the Islamic Education and Research Academy (iERA) conference on Sunday.

Speakers include Shaykh Abdullah Hakim Quick, who was recorded saying that the Islamic position on homosexuality is “death” and the Muslims will have to do more than “call names” to counter it.

Another speaker is Abdur-Raheem Green, who is said to have written on his website that adultery and homosexuality must be treated “harshly” to protect society and that “a slow and painful death by stoning” is the punishment.
. . .
Gay rights campaigner Peter Tatchell is calling for the Ibis group to cancel the conference’s booking, saying that events calling for Muslims to be killed would not be allowed.

He said that five more conference speakers – Shaykh Ala El Sayed, Shaykh Yusuf Estes, Shaykh Shady Suleiman, Hamza Tzortzis and Yusuf Chambers – had made anti-gay statements.
. . .
“Neither the government nor the police would allow an event with speakers who had called for the killing of Muslims to ‘keep society pure’ and stop the spread of their religion. Such extreme anti-Muslim hate speech would not be tolerated.

“The event would be stopped and the speakers arrested if they expressed those views. Why the double standards?”

Five Muslims delivering and handing out leaflets calling for homosexuals to be executed are the first ever to be prosecuted under the new anti-homophobia laws

Razwan Javed, 30, and Kabir Ahmed, 27, are to appear before magistrates in Derby accused of handing out leaflets calling for homosexuals to be executed.

It is the first prosecution since laws outlawing homophobia came into force last March.

The pair were yesterday charged with distributing the leaflet, titled “The Death Penalty?”, outside the Jamia Mosque in Derby in July last year.

They are also accused of placing the leaflets through local letterboxes during the same month, the Crown Prosecution Service said.

The pair, who were arrested after a tip-off from the public, have been charged with distributing threatening written material intending to stir up hatred on the grounds of sexual orientation.
. . .
“Following complaints from the public, Derbyshire Police mounted a thorough investigation.”

She added: “We have carefully reviewed the evidence provided by the police and are satisfied that there is sufficient evidence and it is in the public interest to charge these men.”
Three more men, all from Derby, have been charged with stirring up hatred on the grounds of sexual orientation.

Ahjaz Ali, 41, Umer Javed, 37 and Mehboob Hassain, 44, are accused of distributing threatening material.
. . .

All five will appear at Derby Magistrates' Court on 14 February.

Muslims call for gay-free zone in East London, a venue attached to the East London mosque hosts a speaker who invited his audience to 'Spot the fag', and gay students at South Bank University are threatened

Islamists in East London have sparked anger after flyposting stickers which called for a gay-free zone.

The stickers were distributed around the Whitechapel, Shoreditch and Poplar areas over the weekend. Specifically, they were targeted at schools and pubs, including the gay-friendly George and Dragon.

The professionally produced, anonymous stickers say: “Arise and Warn. Gay free zone. Verily Allah is severe in punishment.”

The 'Gay free zone' slogan is within a diagonal bar across a rainbow flag.

Equality campaigner Peter Tatchell – who has been attacked by Muslim groups three times in the capital – condemned the behaviour.

He said: "These stickers are part of a trend by Islamists and fundamentalists to target LGBT people. It is happening at universities and in communities. The main victims of this hate-mongering are LGBT Muslims.

"A venue attached to the East London mosque hosted a speaker who invited his audience to: 'Spot the fag.' There have been a series of homophobic threats and assaults by Asian youths on LGBT people in the East End over recent years.

"I’ve been attacked by Muslim youths three times in and around Brick Lane. In all three attacks, the assailants shouted religious slogans. My LGBT Muslim friends who live in the area are nervous and anxious. They fear attack and dare not reveal their sexuality.

"Only last week there were reports of threats being sent by Islamists to gay students at South Bank University. LGBT History Month posters have been defaced by extremist Muslim students. Several universities have hosted hate preachers who endorse the killing of LGBT people.
Islamists spark anger after calling for gay-free zone in East London
Peter Lloyd with Dylan Jones, PinkPaper, February 15, 2011

Muslim on benefits and on bail for defacing women's fashion ad board, caught on CCTV posting stickers warning gays that homosexuality is wrong and "Allah is severe in punishment" outside church, hospital, etc.

Mohammed Hasnath, 18, posted stickers warning gays that homosexuality was wrong and that "Allah is severe in punishment".

The stickers showed a rainbow flag with a black line through it stating "Gay free zone".

They caused outrage among the community, with one Jewish resident said it reminded him of Nazi signs his mother had faced in the 30s declaring an area a "Jew free zone".

Others said it made them fearful for their safety.
. . .
The stickers, which were posted at Bow Church DLR, on the inside of a bus, at a bus stop in Whitechapel and outside the Royal London Hospital, showed a rainbow flag with a black line through it.

Above the flag was printed "Arise and warn" and below it said "And fear Allah: Verily Allah is severe in punishment." Both were followed by references to the English version of the Koran.

Mr Watts told Westminster Magistrates Court that Hasnath was arrested after he was spotted on CCTV putting up the sticker at Bow Church and confessed to police he had also been handing them out to young Muslim men in the area.

"He said this was because in the Koran it was forbidden for any person to be a homosexual and as a practising Muslim it was against his religion," Mr Watts said.
. . .
Hasnath, who lives with his family in Tower Hamlets and survives on job seekers allowance, was fined £100, ordered to pay £85 costs and a £15 victim surcharge. The offence could not carry a custodial sentence.
. . .

The court heard that Hasnath is on bail for allegedly defacing a women's fashion advertising board.

Police cover up violent campaign to turn London area Islamic. Muslim mob of 30 storm local gay pub beating and abusing patrons. Previous attack by Muslim mob left 20-year-old gay student permanently paralysed

Victims say that officers in the borough of Tower Hamlets have ignored or downplayed outbreaks of hate crime, and suppressed evidence implicating Muslims in them, because they fear being accused of racism.
. . .

Tower Hamlets’ gay community has become a particular target of extremists. Homophobic crimes in the borough have risen by 80 per cent since 2007/8, and by 21 per cent over the last year, a period when there was a slight drop in London as a whole.

Last year, a mob of 30 young Muslims stormed a local gay pub, the George and Dragon, beating and abusing patrons. Many customers of the pub told The Sunday Telegraph that they have been attacked and harassed by local Muslim youths. In 2008 a 20-year-old student, Oli Hemsley, was left permanently paralysed after an attack by a group of young Muslims outside the pub. Only one of his assailants has been caught and jailed.

Even during meetings of the local council, prominent supporters of Tower Hamlets’ controversial directly-elected mayor, Lutfur Rahman – dropped by the Labour Party for his links to Islamic fundamentalism - have persistently targeted gay councillors with homophobic abuse and intimidation from the public gallery.

The Labour leader, Josh Peck, was attacked with animal noises and cries of “Unnatural acts! Unnatural acts!” when he rose to speak. The Conservative leader, Peter Golds, was repeatedly heckled as “Mrs Golds” and a “poofter”.

Mr Golds said: “If that happened in a football stadium, arrests would have taken place. I have complained, twice, to the police, and have heard nothing. A Labour colleague waited three hours at the police station before being told that nothing would be done. The police are afraid of being accused of Islamophobia. Another Labour councillor said that the Met is now the reverse of what it must have been like in the 1970s, with a complete lack of interest when white people make complaints of harassment and hatred.”

In February this year, dozens of stickers appeared across Tower Hamlets quoting the Koran, declaring the borough a “gay-free zone” and stating that “verily Allah is severe in punishment.”

The Sunday Telegraph has learned that during a routine stop-and-search at the time police found a young Muslim man with a number of the stickers in his possession. He was released without charge on the advice of the Crown Prosecution Service. Police also had CCTV images of a second unidentified Muslim youth posting the stickers at a local railway station, but refused to release the pictures for several weeks.

Peter Tatchell, the gay human rights campaigner, said: “The police said no-one was allowed to talk publicly about this because they didn’t want to upset the Muslim community. We’ve made very clear the difference between the Muslim community as a whole and these particular fundamentalists, and the fact that the police wouldn’t publicly say what they knew was an absolute disgrace.”

When the CCTV footage was finally released, in early April, the culprit was quickly identified as 18-year-old Mohammed Hasnath, who last week pleaded guilty to a public order offence and was fined £100. Jack Gilbert, of the Rainbow Hamlets gay group, said a more serious charge should have been brought. “The vast majority of the community saw the material as threatening, but the police were not willing to accept it as threatening,” he said.

Hasnath’s “interests” on his Facebook page include Khalid Yasin, a hate preacher who describes Jews as “filth” and teaches that homosexuals must be killed. Yasin has spoken at least four times since 2007 at the East London Mosque, Tower Hamlets’ most prominent Muslim institution. Although the mosque claims to be against extremism, discrimination, and violence, it has hosted dozens of hate, extremist or terrorist preachers and also hosted a “Spot The Fag” contest.

In the same week that it issued a press release condemning the anti-gay stickers, the mosque was also due to host a “gala dinner” with Uthman Lateef, a homophobic hate preacher.
Police 'covered up' violent campaign to turn London area 'Islamic'
Andrew Gilligan, The Telegraph, June 12, 2011

Gay anti-EDL activists holding placards such as 'Gays & Muslims UNITE! Stop the EDL', fear the threat of violence and are subjected to homophobic hostility from Muslim co-protesters who attempt to destroy placards

Human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell experienced homophobic hostility from some members of East London's Muslim community, while heading an anti-EDL protest, last weekend.

As reported on, Tatchell had planned Saturday's counter-protest in response to a static demonstration held by the English Defense League which drew more than 1,000 supporters, despite a ban by Home Secretary Theresa May.

He said he was there to: “defend the Muslim community against EDL thuggery” and because he “wanted to stand in solidarity with Muslims who oppose far right Islamists."

But, while holding placards which read 'Stop EDL & far right Islamists. No to ALL hate' and 'Gays & Muslims UNITE! Stop the EDL', Tatchell was subjected to anti-gay hostility from a minority of homophobic Muslims who, ironically, were part of the anti-EDL demonstration.

According to the veteran equality activist, the group attempted to destroy the placards and were intimidating. At one point he feared the threat of violence.

Speaking to, Tatchell said: “I was surrounded several times throughout the day by angry Muslim youths who ordered me: ‘You must remove this placard...You can’t walk here with these words...We don’t allow gays in this area...Gays are not permitted here...We don’t have gays in Tower Hamlets’. When I suggested that LGBT Muslims must also be defended against the EDL, I was told: "Gays can't be Muslims...We will never accept them (LGBT Muslims)...They can't come around here...We won't allow it."

He added: "My response was to engage with these Muslims hotheads and argue against them. The discussions got very heated; at times even menacing and scary. There were moments when I thought I was going to be physically attacked."

Despite this, Tatchell said the moment passed without incident – partly because of police presence and also because other members of the Muslim community intervened and offered their support.

He described the latter as being "significant" in diffusing the situation.

Yet it was not just Muslims who opposed Tatchell's presence at the demonstration.

In a statement released earlier today, he claims he also suffered: "dirty looks from a small number of left-wing and LGBT anti-EDL protesters, some of whom said explicitly that our placards were 'insensitive...provocative...inappropriate...divisive'."

They also claimed he was "racist...fascist...anti-Muslim".

Sixty people were arrested at the demonstrations for violent disorder.

"Get out of here you fag... don't stay around here any more," 'Muslim patrol' vigilante group enforces Shari'ah in London, abuse gay man on video and force people to stop drinking

A victim subjected to homophobic abuse by "vigilantes" in a YouTube video is crucial to a police investigation, Scotland Yard has said.

Officers investigating a string of incidents in East London where a self-styled Muslim patrol gang harassed members of the public over the weekend have appealed for the man in the video to contact them.

In the video, titled Muslim vigilantes in London harass and taunt gay male, a gang can been seen to abuse and intimidate the man using homophobic language.

They are heard to shout "get out of here you fag... don't stay around here any more".

Investigating officers from the Community Safety Unit on Tower Hamlets borough said they are unsure where and when the video took place.

In a second video, posted online, men from the gang in Whitechapel, east London, tell another man "no drink in this area, it's a Muslim area" before ordering him to pour away his alcohol.

Detective Chief Inspector Wendy Morgan from Tower Hamlets borough said: "The Met takes such homophobic behaviour very seriously.

"This man is a crucial witness in the investigation and would encourage him and anyone else with information relating to this incident to make contact in confidence as soon as possible."

Additional police patrols are being mounted across east London to reassure the public.

Two men have been arrested in connection with the investigation.

A 22-year-old man was arrested in Acton, west London on Sunday, and a 19-year-old man was arrested yesterday after going to an east London police station.

The pair were arrested on suspicion of causing grievous bodily harm and public order offences and were bailed to return to an east London police station in February and March pending further inquiries...

East London Mosque condemns homophobia, yet advertised four anti-gay speakers in the previous month alone

I was offered the “Muslim patrol” story in Tower Hamlets, where self-proclaimed “Muslim vigilantes” filmed themselves verbally abusing and intimidating a gay man. Perhaps wrongly, I didn’t use it because I wasn’t sure whether a few kids on YouTube had national importance. I am glad, however, that the local police appear to be taking it seriously for once – in contrast to their lamentable attempts to ignore, downplay and cover up previous acts of “Islamic enforcement” and bigotry in the East End.

One Tower Hamlets organisation of undoubted national importance that continues to laugh up its sleeve at us is the East London Mosque, the capital’s largest. The mosque’s PR machine lost no time cranking out a statement condemning the “vigilantes” and claiming that the mosque was “committed to building co-operation and harmony between all communities in this borough. The actions of this tiny minority have no place in our faith.” This claim has been trustingly repeated by various journalists in the coverage this week. But, as the most cursory investigation would show, it is a brazen lie.

There is no evidence that the East London Mosque is directly involved in the latest attacks. But at least one activist in the Islamic Forum of Europe, the Islamic supremacist group that runs the mosque, has previously threatened and intimidated people for violating “Islamic norms,” using the IFE’s name.

And as this blog has repeatedly documented, the mosque itself and its annexe, the London Muslim Centre, host a constant stream of viciously homophobic and other hate preachers. In June 2011, after coming under particular pressure on the subject, the mosque promised: “Any speaker who is believed to have said something homophobic will not be allowed to use our premises.”

Sounds clear enough to me. But as I documented at the time, this promise was broken within eight days. It has been broken countless times since. And it appears to have been broken at least four times last month alone.

On December 29, the IFE advertised a fundraising dinner at the London Muslim Centre for Interpal, a charity banned in the US for its links with the terror group Hamas. Among the speakers was Interpal’s chair of trustees, Ibrahim Hewitt, who in a pamphlet likened homosexuality to child-molesting and said: “The spread of this depraved practice in a society disrupts its natural life pattern and makes those who practice it slaves to their lusts, depriving them of decent taste, decent morals, and a decent manner of living.”

On December 21, the London Muslim Centre was the advertised venue for a “charity dinner in aid of the world’s orphans,” addressed by one Murtaza Khan – a star of my Channel 4 Dispatches exposing the IFE and the mosque, and somebody who has spoken approvingly of killing gay people, saying that “not even animals behave in that manner” and calling homosexuality “this abominable action, which goes against humanity.”

On December 16, the London Muslim Centre was the advertised venue for an “unmissable winter conference” starring Hamza Tzortzis, who describes homosexuality as “behaviour that negates the Islamic vision of society.” And on December 7, the London Muslim Centre was the advertised venue for a fundraising event with Suleiman Ghani, who believes that God created “Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve."

As we’ve described before, gay people have been getting a tough time in Tower Hamlets recently. That simply cannot be unconnected to the fact that hatred of them is allowed to be openly and regularly expressed inside one of the area’s most prominent religious institutions. The mosque and IFE are also closely linked to the executive mayor of Tower Hamlets, Lutfur Rahman, one of whose cabinet members shared a platform at the mosque with one of its homophobic speakers.

This is not a "commitment to building co-operation between all communities." It’s time for media colleagues to start probing the roots of bigotry in Tower Hamlets; or if they can't manage that, at least stop tamely recycling the East London Mosque’s lies.

"Torture them; punish them; beat them and give them mental torture," British Muslim channel says homosexuals should be beaten and tortured for the "evil, shameful act"

Fringe Muslim television channels in the UK have been reprimanded for allowing extremists to say their views unchallenged, such as gay people should be tortured.

Regulatory watchdog OFCOM has found the stations broke the broadcasting code by allowing the extreme opinions to be aired.

In one case, a female presenter said homosexuals should be beaten and tortured for the ‘evil, shameful act’.

The Radio Asian Fever host, named ‘Sister Ruby Ramadan’ said: ‘Torture them; punish them; beat them and give them mental torture.’

Radio Asian Fever, based in Leeds, England, was fined £4000 ($6300, €4600) for allowing it to air.

Another broadcast by Noor TV was criticised by Ofcom for ‘serious breaches’, and highlighted how inflammatory talk can incite violence.

The show said: ‘There is absolutely no doubt about it that the punishment for the person who shows disrespect for the Prophet is death. No one disagrees about this.’

While the channels have small audiences compared with the mainstream, Ofcom said it does not matter when it comes to the breaching of broadcasting guidelines.

‘The majority of Islamic channels comply with our rules,’ an Ofcom spokesman said.

‘However, where we identify issues through our monitoring or complaints we investigate fully and take firm enforcement action.’...

Muslim tells students attending a meeting at the University of Manchester’s Students’ Union that "God would support the stoning of gay men" and "Kill gays for kissing"

A Manchester student has secretly filmed an extremist Muslim saying gays should be executed.

Middle East studies student Colin Cortbus was attending a meeting at the University of Manchester’s Students’ Union on 13 February.

The city in north-west England is famous for its cultural diversity, big student population and thriving LGBT community.

He asked others at the event, organized by the Global Aspirations of Women student group, whether God would agree to gay men being stoned to death. He was told he would.

He asked if ‘in the Islamic society in which you strive for’ they would ‘feel comfortable, personally and morally, to kill a gay man?’

The chair of the meeting said: ‘Absolutely.’

She said even two gay men kissing outside the Students’ Union building would be justification for the death penalty.

And if gay men were executed: ‘I wouldn’t feel remorse for that. No offence to you.’

She added: ‘It is an atrocity. In an Islamic society your basis for life is obedience to God. [Two gay people kissing] it goes against what God says.’

She argued that gay relationships do not lead to ‘social cohesion’. When pushed on the reasoning behind this argument, she said gays and lesbians can’t ‘procreate’.

Another attendee interjected, asking: ‘If they can’t have kids, why didn’t they die out ages ago?’

Cortbus was at pains to point out that many Muslims wouldn’t share such extreme views but were told ‘a lot of people would’.

Stoning adulterers and cutting the hands off thieves were also discussed at the meeting.

The news was picked up by the Mancunion, the city’s student newspaper, and the Student Rights group, which aims to tackle extremism on campuses.

In response the Global Aspirations of Women group posted a statement accusing Cortbus of being unethical by making the secret recording.

They said he ‘slyly chose to record the workshop we were holding without our permission or the permission of anyone else that was present’.

They added: ‘It was a hypothetical discussion in which people were open to discuss their views, which or may not have necessarily been that of the society’.

The group appears to be a small one, with only 92 likes on Facebook.

Now the university’s students are debating whether their union should give space to people expressing ‘fascist’ views. But others have said it falls under the category of freedom of speech.

Students’ Union wellbeing officer Cat Gray told the Mancunion: ‘We are deeply concerned with the covert filming of a student event within the union.

‘We are also deeply concerned by the suggestion that comments of a homophobic nature have been made. The union operates a safe space policy where students should not be subject to any form of intimidation or discrimination.’

Raheem Kassam, director of Student Rights, said Cortbus’ film exposed the extremism of a small minority of students on UK campuses.

Kassam added: ‘That young people studying in diverse environments can host and endorse messages of hatred and violence such as the one displayed here is cause for great concern and we hope the authorities at the University of Manchester will be investigating this incident in a swift and transparent manner.’...

Protest over gay hate cleric's visit to university, protesters say he referred to homosexuals as "perverted, dirty, filthy dogs who should be murdered"

Campaigners have hit out at the University of Reading for allowing a 'gay hate' Islamic preacher to address students.

Abu Usamah at-Thahabi is due to give a speech to the university's Muslim Society as part of its Discover Islam Week on Thursday night.

Anti-extremist group Student Rights has condemned the meeting and called on the university to review its decision to allow the controversial cleric on campus.

Protestors claim he has been caught making homophobic remarks including referring to gay people as "perverted, dirty, filthy dogs who should be murdered".

The Muslim cleric is also being accused of sexual harassment at the Birmingham mosque where he preaches.

According to Birmingham's Sunday Mercury, Mr At Thahabi, who is an imam at the Green Lane mosque in Sparkbrook is named in a website which claims to expose “sexual deviant preachers who prey on our Muslim sisters.”

The site alleges that it has been contacted by at least two female victims of the US-born convert.

The University of Reading has refused to give in to the demands insisting that it was committed to upholding both the right to free speech and lawful protest.

First ever Muslim lesbian couple to wed in the UK are unable to have an Islamic wedding because they cannot find an Imam willing to conduct the service, receive death threats from both Pakistani and British Muslims

A pair of Pakistani women have made history as the first Muslim lesbian couple to get married in the UK.

Rehana Kausar, 34, and Sobia Kamar, 29, made history when they tied the knot in a register office civil ceremony, then immediately applied for political asylum after they were wed, claiming their lives would be in danger if they returned to their native country.

Watched by their solicitors and two friends, the pair wore traditional white bridal dresses when they were married in Leeds, West Yorkshire.

The pair, from the Lahore and Mirpur regions of Pakistan, said they had received death threats from opponents in Pakistan - where homosexual acts are illegal and considered against Islam.

And since news of their wedding earlier this month spread, the pair claimed they had even received death threats from the UK. Before the service, even the registrar advised the couple to give serious thought to their decision to marry because of some Muslims’ views on homosexuality.
. . .
Pakistani law does not recognise same-sex marriages and there are no laws to stop discrimination.

Both women met in Birmingham as students when they moved to Pakistan from the UK.

They later started living together as a couple in South Yorkshire, where they spent a year before deciding to wed.

A relative said: 'The couple did not have an Islamic marriage ceremony, known as a nikah, as they could not find an Imam to conduct what would have been a controversial ceremony.

'They have been very brave throughout as our religion does not condone homosexuality.

'The couple have had their lives threatened both here and in Pakistan and there is no way they could ever return there.'...

Local mosque refuses to allow the country’s first transgender Muslim woman to pray with other women, faces victimization by worshipers

A former trained soldier has swapped her Territorial Army beret for a veil and become Britain's first transgender Muslim woman.

Lucy Vallender used to be called Laurens and says she is finally 'true to herself' after a sex change three years ago. The 28-year-old is now married to a Muslim man she met on an online dating site, but he did not know she was once a man when they wed.

She now wears a full veil outside her Swindon home to show the world she is married.

The former labourer said 'she used to love firing guns' and claims she drank regularly with the other squaddies as a TA private, but Lucy knew at 14 she wanted to become a woman.

'I tried to do macho things you know to stop how I was thinking, but it didn't work because I was trying to be someone I wasn't,' she said.

'I felt differently to others - I was attracted to men.

'But I suppressed my feelings and tried to live like most people my age.

'I'd go out clubbing with friends and drink a lot of alcohol.

'I had girlfriends too, but it would never get physical and always fizzled out after a couple of months.

'Joining the TA was my final attempt at trying to fit in to that kind of life but I couldn't handle it anymore and left after about a year.

'I felt like I was in the wrong body. To carry on living as a male was living a lie.'
. . .
In another major life change, she then converted to Islam because it promoted peace last September.

'I had thought about it for a while but it is such a taboo I thought,' she said.

'But I did it because it is a nice religion - so peaceful.

'I felt good and I had something to believe in.

'I felt happy and relieved at last - the happiest I've ever felt in my life.'

Her conversion to Islam followed last Autumn and then she married Murad at a small ceremony at his home in London.

'I love him, he's kind and soft spoken,' she said.

'I've seen him twice since the wedding . When I do we have sex.

'I didn't tell him I was transsexual but he must have suspected it as he he's seen my scars.'

But she has run into trouble with her local mosque in Swindon, Wiltshire, as they would not let her pray with the other women.

Miss Vallender says she has been victimised by worhippers, who she says have asked her personal, and banned her because she is a transexual, and she wants to 'get justice' for transgender and Muslim people.

'They say I am the first transgender Muslim but I bet there are more - they are just frightened,' she said.

'The way they treated me was disgusting.

'They asked me questions about my bra cup size, asked about my Adam's apple, about my period and asked to see my birth certificate.

'They said I had to pray with the men so I left and pray at home instead.

'I hope people will change their attitudes and other people like me will realise they are free to just be themselves.'
. . .

A spokesman for Swindon Mosque said: 'Everybody is welcome, as long as they behave according to Islam.'

Preacher attending Beloved to Allah conference in London says gays should be thrown off mountains and stabbed in the gums by Muslim dentists

He is among several homophobic Muslim preachers who will be speaking at the Beloved to Allah event at Edmonton Islamic Centre in north London on Sunday (6 October).

Though the event itself is based around a more general Islam theme, some of the speakers hold extremist views.

Among them are Abu Usamah At-Thahabi who has been banned from several universities in the UK and has previously referred to gay people as ‘perverted, dirty, filthy dogs who should be murdered’.

He was filmed in Channel 4’s Undercover Mosque documentary saying: ‘Take that homosexual man and throw him off the mountain.

'They have given them [homosexuals] unprecedented rights, so that your child can be exposed and introduced to lesbians. Now they say “if you discriminate against that, you’re going to jail”. We’ll discriminate, but we’ll discriminate in a way where we don’t get in trouble. The Muslim is a dentist, one of those people come, you want to take a big, big needle and stick it in his gums.’

He defended his statements in a video reply.

Brunel University had come under fire for allowing the homophobic Muslim preacher to speak at an event but at the last minute the event was cancelled because of fears of violent protests.

Abdul Hakeem Quick who has also endorsed the death penalty for homosexuals is also a guest speaker.

Quick in an interview for Voice of Islam broadcast on New Zealand television in 2003, told viewers that AIDS was caused by the ‘filthy practices’ of homosexuals; homosexuals were dying from AIDS and ‘they want to take us all down with them’ and that the Islamic position on homosexuality is ‘death’.

He also said: ‘Muslims are going to have to take a stand [against homosexuals] and it’s not enough to call names.’

Ustadh Murtazah Khan is another preacher who advocates violence against gay people and listed as a speaker.

He has been filmed attacking women for wearing perfume, in support of sharia values and talking about harsh Sharia practices such as flogging.

In an interview about homosexuality Khan also called for gays to be hurled from a mountain...

Chairman of the Islamic Centre in Luton believes gay people would be punished in an ideal society

Abdul Qadeer Baksh made the remarks last Wednesday during a radio interview on BBC Three Counties alongside the former English Defence League leader Tommy Robinson.

Mr Baksh stated “In an ideal society” there would be punishments for homosexuals”. Whilst stressing that it was unlikely Britain would ever adopt Sharia law, he indicated that his personal preference would be to live in a society that followed the code – with no acceptance of homosexuality.

“When I say ‘ideal society’ I mean Islamic society, not a western secular society like we live in here.” He continued: “Every moderate Muslim holds this view as well.” Mr Baksh added: “[Britain] is far from an Islamic state”.

“What I would like to see is peace and tranquillity, all of us to get on together. If Sharia came to this country it would only come by the people’s desire for it”.

Mr Baksh then said: “I spoke to a moderate gay Muslim, we differed and that was the end of the matter.”

He added that in Saudi Arabia “very, very few hands are chopped off” or “women lashed” and the laws are mainly a deterrent...

"You've messed with the wrong Muslims. We're going to kill you," Muslim siblings attempt to rob and kidnap their sister's lesbian lover. Victim repeatedly kicked, punched in the face and arms, left with permanent scars

These dramatic images show three Muslim siblings attempting to kidnap and rob their sister's lesbian lover after they found out about the relationship.

Sarah Harrison, 35, was targeted as she left work in Blackburn, Lancashire. As she was attacked, one of the siblings shouted: 'you've messed with the wrong Muslims.'

The women's sister Nazma Ditta, 27, one of six sisters and three brothers, had been due to enter into an arranged marriage.

But Nazma had begun a secret relationship with Miss Harrison when both women worked at a clothes shop in the town.

Miss Harrison was confronted by sisters Atfah Ditta, 32, and Ghazala Ditta, 31, who got out of a parked silver Toyota Corolla car on June 20 last year.

They were joined by another sister Nighat Morris, 38, and brother Tahmoor Ditta, 26, who produced a metal tool which he brandished at a work colleague of Miss Harrison.

The three women then assaulted Miss Harrison who was dragged around by her hair and kicked as they tried to force her into the car.

The victim was repeatedly punched in the face and to her arms in an effort to remove her handbag and force her into the vehicle.

Her bag was taken from her but she managed to prevent herself being dragged into the car by holding on to its sides.

She was left standing at the side of the road as the group got back into their vehicle and drove away.

In the days leading up to the attack, members of the Ditta family had confronted the victim at her workplace and asked her about the whereabouts of their sister.

They also asked her work colleagues about where she parked her car and waited at various locations for her to leave work. Miss Harrison later told police: 'I c an't work comfortably now and I think about people throwing acid in my face. Anyone Asian I don't know could be associated with the people who attacked me. I have trouble sleeping.

'I feel uncomfortable sleeping on my back because of where I was kicked. My temple still hurts from where I was punched. I have a permanent reminder of the attack by the scar under my eye.

'I have to sell my house and move somewhere where Nazma's family won't find us. I have had to find a different job which is not easy because I loved my work.'

Today the siblings appeared at Preston Crown Court.

Ghazala Ditta, Atfah Ditta and Nighat Morris pleaded guilty at an earlier hearing to conspiracy to commit actual bodily harm, attempted kidnap and robbery. They were all jailed for five years and four months.

Tahmoor Ditta pleaded guilty to the above charges and also admitted assault and possession of an offensive weapon and was sentenced to six years.

Two other sisters, Tosif Ditta, 35, and Nayyar Mehmood, 37 had pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit actual bodily harm and were imprisoned for three-and-a-half years.

The children's mother, Rani Ditta, 55, had been charged with conspiracy to kidnap but in November the prosecution offered no evidence against her.