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General Videos[edit]

Lies and Propaganda sent to Media by Terrorists[edit]

Hezbollah/Lebanon Video Fraud[edit]

Ambulances for Jihad[edit]

CNN Admits that Hezbollywood Exists[edit]

CNN's Anderson Cooper reports on the propaganda blatant show that Hezbollah performed for CNN's cameras.

Green Helmet Guy[edit]

The "Green Helmet Guy" acting as a movie director in qana


Palestinians putting up fake shows for the Media:

Pallywood continued:

The Seeds of Hatred[edit]


Whitewashing Islam: 20 Errors on 20/20 (ABC News)[edit]

William Hay - What scientists really think of the Quran[edit]

Alfred Kröner - What scientists really think of the Quran[edit]

Propaganda against Indian film industry (Bollywood)[edit]

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