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WikiIslam is unique among websites critical of Islam. As an indispensable resource for all critics, we focus on presenting facts above opinions. See what people say about us.

A lot of hard work has been done by people who are strongly passionate about compiling factual criticism of Islam. And as a result, we have grown. Currently, an average of 120,000 people visit us every month to read 831 articles, generating approximately 300,000 page views.

As this is a wiki, anyone can edit and administer the site. We are looking for volunteers who want to join our team to help us maintain and further grow the site.

Ways To Help Us

Help can come in various forms, including:

  1. New ideas: We need ideas in the following two areas:
    • How to attract more editors, increase editing activity and create an active vibrant community.
    • Bold and creative ideas on how to improve this site. We have certain ways of doing things but we're always open to suggestions, improvements and changes.
  2. Content-writing: Help us complete our existing tasks which either involve writing new articles, or improving existing ones. We attempt to provide helpful hints on how to complete a certain task (the help page is under construction).
  3. Data scanning and collection: We have large collections of Hadiths, which need to be scanned and read so they can be added to our Qur'an, Hadith and Scholars collection.
  4. Translations: We need native speakers of languages to translate some important articles. We are interested in all popular languages, especially those spoken in large Muslim countries such as Indonesian, Urdu, Bengali and Arabic. We already host some French and Russian articles.
  5. Copy-editing: This would involve improving wiki-formatting, grammar, layout, merging or splitting topics and linking other relevant articles.
  6. Marketing: If you own a blog or website, linking to us is a quick and easy way to help. If you frequent forums then you could add our URL to your signature. If you see a place on the Internet where you think this site should be linked, you could contact the owner and ask if they would link to us.
  7. Donations: Donations will be used for hosting and domain fees. See the donation section below for details.

If you're interested in any of these tasks (especially #2 and 3) let us know.


In the case of content writing, you're a good candidate for being an editor if:

  • you are passionate about criticism of Islam
  • you are familiar with mainstream Islamic theology and its scriptures
  • you pay attention to detail
  • you are good at researching information through search engines and other information sources
  • you can differentiate between valid criticism (e.g. the concept of 72 virgins) and invalid ones (e.g. the claim that 666 is holy in Islam)

You will spend your time reading, gathering and verifying facts about Islam and writing them into the website. See this page for details on some projects: WikiIslam:Tasks/Article Notes.


Currently we do not need donations as much as we need people to volunteer and edit the site. Donations will be used for domain and hosting fees. Please email us if you are interested in sending a donation through Paypal.

In the past we have had some work done through paid editing such as Honor Killing Index and Accidents and Natural Disasters in the Muslim World. Testimonies of former Muslims were imported from various sources. Some examples include: Freedom To Choose (former Muslim), The Apostate (former Muslim). Other article imports include Islam: A Critical Analysis. Some existing content was restructured, e.g. Islamic Prophecies, Islam Undressed (work imported and updated from the now defunct website).

Donations Received

We are grateful to our donors. All donations will appear as "Anonymous". If you would like us to publish your name on this page, please mention that when you are donating. Thank you for your support.

Further Reading

To familiarize yourself with our mission and the kind of site we are, please see the following links:

Send us a Message

If you have any comments, questions or concerns for us, or if you're interested in joining our team, take a few seconds to register a username and leave a message at the forum page or email us at We look forward to hearing from you.