Harm No. 12: Heart Attack

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The 14 Harms Of Casting Evil Glances
By Hakeem Muhammad Akhtar
Harm No. 1: Disobedience of Allah
Harm No. 2: Breach of Trust
Harm No. 3: Curses From Nabi
Harm No. 4: An Action of Stupidity
Harm No. 5: Causes Pain to the Heart
Harm No. 6: Weakness of the Heart
Harm No. 7: Medical Harm
Harm No. 8: Premature Ejaculation
Harm No. 9: Ungratefulness
Harm No. 10: Weakness of Eyesight
Harm No. 11: Distance from Allah Ta’ala
Harm No. 12: Heart Attack
Harm No. 13: Sexual Desires are Aroused
Harm No. 14: Leads to Masturbation
The Cure to Casting Evil Glances

Casting evil glances could eventually lead to a heart attack. This is because the heart becomes occupied in a continuous struggle.

The beauty pulls the heart to him/her and Allah's fear pulls the heart in its direction.

Through this struggle and pain a person eventually gets a heart attack because this internal conflict causes the heart to increase in size. If he would have protected his gaze then he would not have been caught up in this internal struggle and he would not have had a heart attack.

ایک سلمٰی چاہئے سلمان کو

Salman wants for himself a Salma,

دل نہ دینا چاہئے انجان کو

One should not give his heart to any stranger.

By giving one's heart to just any stranger leads to having a heart attack. However, one should take note of the fact that there are many causes of a heart attack. Therefore, a person should not have the misunderstanding that anyone who has had a heart attack was involved in casting evil glances. One should take special care and be cautious of this in the case of pious people. One should have a good opinion of them. We have been commanded to have a good thought and opinion of every Muslim.

In short, one should not have an evil thought and opinion concerning anyone. Rather one should worry about oneself. Ponder over this harm that if I cast evil glances then it will eventually lead to a heart attack.

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