Harm No. 14: Leads to Masturbation

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The 14 Harms Of Casting Evil Glances
By Hakeem Muhammad Akhtar
Harm No. 1: Disobedience of Allah
Harm No. 2: Breach of Trust
Harm No. 3: Curses From Nabi
Harm No. 4: An Action of Stupidity
Harm No. 5: Causes Pain to the Heart
Harm No. 6: Weakness of the Heart
Harm No. 7: Medical Harm
Harm No. 8: Premature Ejaculation
Harm No. 9: Ungratefulness
Harm No. 10: Weakness of Eyesight
Harm No. 11: Distance from Allah Ta’ala
Harm No. 12: Heart Attack
Harm No. 13: Sexual Desires are Aroused
Harm No. 14: Leads to Masturbation
The Cure to Casting Evil Glances

Casting evil glancing causes the seminal fluid to come out of its place. And once the semen leaves its place then it cannot go back. The semen cannot reverse like a car. Just as in the case of a goat or cow's udder it cannot go back, because the udder is a place of discharge not intake. Similarly semen cannot go back into its place after being released. It has to be discharged one way or the other, whether it be lawful or forbidden.

The curse of casting evil glances is such that a person does not remain conscious of lawful or unlawful. He will either fulfill his lust by having illicit sexual intercourse with some women or degrade himself by committing sodomy with some man or young lad. If he does not get any man or woman then he will fulfill his lust by masturbating. Just as it is unlawful and forbidden to commit sexual intercourse with a strange man or woman, it is likewise forbidden to masturbate.

Unfortunately, this sin has become widespread in this day and age. In some narrations of Hadith there are severe warnings against this sin. It has been mentioned that the person who masturbates shall be resurrected on the Day of Judgment with a pregnant hand. It has also been mentioned that the ناکح الید (the one who masturbates) is under the curse of Allah. Fulfilling one's sexual desires in an unlawful manner is obviously impermissible. But one should also be cautious of excessive permissible sex. Too much sexual intercourse spoils the health and drains one's strength.

Spiritually, one does not get enjoyment in worship and Zikr. If also causes the child to be born weak and frail. It is for this very reason that the Buzurgs have advised to preserve the semen. After 15 to 30 days when there is a strong urge to have sex, only then should one fulfill one's desire. The lion copulates once a year and from that it breeds offspring.

Similarly, those people who have intercourse after long intervals of time produce strong and healthy children. Therefore, moderation is necessary in sexual relations with one's wife, otherwise excessive sex can even lead to death. My Shaikh, Hazrat Phoulpoori (رحمۃ اللہ علیہ) narrated to us the incident of an Alim who had a very beautiful wife. Whenever he would come home from running errands and would see his wife, then he would not be able to control himself. He used have so much sexual relations that after six months, instead of discharging semen, blood started to ejaculate from his penis. This eventually led to a severe fever after which he died. Beauty was the cause of his death. This is why I advise to have moderation in permissible things as well. As for the unlawful, then my advice is not to even go near Haraam. May Allah Ta'ala grant us the ability to practice upon what has been said. Amen

ہم ایسی لزتوں کو قابل لعنت سمجھتے ہیں

کہ جن سے رب مرا اے دستوں ناراض ہوتا ہے

We regard as cursed those joys, due to which O friends, my Sustainer is displeased.

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