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Internet jihad or cyber jihad is a term for the act of Muslim extremosts hacking websites and targeting information or data in a computer network.

For example, a hacker in Mauritania claims to promote correct Islam by striking at servers hosted by countries he sees as hostile to sharia law. Mauritania has become a hotbed of hacking activity in recent times.[1] In 2011, the website of French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo was hacked by Muslims from Turkey, who said they were doing it for Islam. This was in response to the magazine publishing cartoons of Muhammad.[2] An Algerian computer science graduate used a computer virus to steal millions of dollars from American banks, and transferred to money to Palestinians.[3] Most recently, a 20-year-old hacker from Kosovo gave details of more than 1,000 US government and military workers to ISIS, which was dubbed a hitlist.[4]

A Kuwaiti imam has called for open cyber jihad against Israel, saying that it will "reap great rewards."[5]


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