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'Islam in the News' contains worldwide news concerning Islam and its followers. Further news covering the persecution of minorities, free speech, and some other issues can be found via the hub page


Judge Gives Would-Be Riverdale Bombers Minimum Sentence

A federal judge who sentenced three men to the minimum 25 years in prison for plotting to blow up synagogues in New York City said the government provoked the crime, while calling the men "thugs."

Manhattan U.S. District Court Judge Colleen McMahon handed down the minimum term on Wednesday. The men could have faced life in prison following their convictions last October for planting bombs at the Riverdale Jewish Center and the Riverdale Temple, both in the Bronx, and of planning to shoot down U.S. military aircraft using surface-to-air missiles.

James Cromitie, Onta Williams and David Williams, all Muslim converts, were arrested in May 2009 after being caught in an FBI sting operation after an informant recruited them outside a mosque in upstate Newburgh.

"The essence of what occurred here is that a government understandably zealous to protect its citizens from terrorism came upon a man both bigoted and suggestible, one who was incapable of committing an act of terrorism on his own," McMahon said at the sentencing. "It created acts of terrorism out of his fantasies of bravado and bigotry, and then made those fantasies come true." McMahon, who had declined the defense lawyers' request to dismiss the charges, said the men were "thugs for hire, plain and simple."

The bombs and missiles provided by the FBI informant were disabled.

The sentencing of a fourth man convicted in the plot, Laguerre Payen, who is Haitian, was delayed while he undergoes psychiatric exams.

Shocking report reveals one in four accused of 'street grooming' is "Asian"

One in four men accused of ‘street grooming’ underage girls for sex is Asian, a shocking report reveals.

In total, 2,379 offenders are suspected of attempting to lure vulnerable victims, often using drugs and alcohol, over the past three years.

And a ‘disproportionate’ 28 per cent of them were found to be Asian, in those cases where ethnicity was recorded. The ethnic group makes up just six per cent of the UK population.

But although the figures are likely to provoke controversy, officials warn that they are incomplete and potentially misleading.

The report was ordered after the ringleaders of a Derby gang, which subjected a string of vulnerable girls to rapes and sexual assaults, were jailed earlier this year. Following the case, former home secretary Jack Straw accused some Pakistani men in Britain of seeing white girls as ‘easy meat’ for sexual abuse.

Several police forces have investigations currently going on into gangs suspected of systematically abusing young girls.
. . .
It found that of 1,217 offenders whose ethnicity had been recorded, 346 were Asian, 367 white, 38 black, 464 unknown and two Chinese.

Analysis revealed that 28 per cent of offenders are Asian.

The majority of offenders were men aged between 18 and 24, with many using flattery and gifts to make victims believe they had an ‘older boyfriend’.

Of the 2,083 victims, 61 per cent were white, and most aged 14 or 15. Many were in care, or had a history of running away from home.

And many victims were reluctant to speak to police and feared appearing in court because ‘they did not expect to be believed’.
. . .
Peter Davies, who leads the [Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre] agency, said local authorities charged with protecting children are failing to take ‘elementary steps’, including recording statistics.

He said: ‘This is a horrific crime, it involves the systematic, premeditated rape of young children.

‘There should be no hiding place anywhere for people who plan and take part in this type of crime.
. . .
Last week, Children’s Minister Tim Loughton provoked a row by suggesting that ‘closed’ Asian communities have turned a blind eye to child sex grooming by gangs of men.

He said criminals had escaped detection because of attitudes within their communities as well as ‘political correctness and racial sensitivities’ of the authorities.

Anne Marie Carrie, of Barnado’s said the report confirms not all victims come forward.

‘Still more children remain trapped under the control of their abusers because we are failing to spot the signs,’ she warned.

Home Office Minister James Brokenshire said: ‘This assessment is an important step in our understanding an extremely complex issue.’

Allegations: Saudi Ambassador to Germany Enslaved Indonesian Maid

A German human rights group has publicly accused a Saudi diplomat in Berlin of treating the Indonesian maid he employed as a slave.

Her struggle is now the focus of an attempt to challenge diplomatic immunity in Germany and could place further pressures on the already strained relationship between Saudi Arabia and Indonesia.

Dewi Ratnasari, the 30-year-old maid, began working for the Saudi diplomat and his family in April of 2009. For the next year and a half, she worked 18-hour days, seven days a week and never received her monthly wage of 750 euros, the German Institute for Human Rights reported.

She told police she was “humiliated like a serf,” and that she was punched and regularly beaten with a stick by everyone in the diplomat’s family, including the five-year-old son.

The diplomat had confiscated her passport and Dewi (a pseudonym) spoke no German, so she had few options but to remain and work. But in October of 2010 she escaped and sought help from Ban Ying, a Berlin-based human rights association assisting migrant women from Southeast Asia, and the GIHR.

“The worst part is they never called her by her name, but by the Arabic word for ‘shit,’” Ban Ying’s Nivedita Prasad told Deutsche Welle.

Because of diplomatic immunity, which shields embassy employees from criminal prosecution and most civil suits, Dewi had no way to hold her employer accountable.

According to a GIHR report released this week, that protection makes exploitation widespread. Ban Ying said they see 5 to 10 cases of diplomatic domestic staff abuse in Berlin each year.

Earlier this month, Berlin’s Labor Court rejected her lawsuit, a criminal complaint of human trafficking and a claim on 70,000 euros in back wages, overtime, and compensation for suffering.

The Saudi diplomat’s lawyer, Philipp von Berg, denied the allegations, which he said could only be tried in Saudi Arabia.

The GIHR and Hamburg lawyer Klaus Berlsmann are now filing an appeal that would give exploited employees like Dewi, who has since returned to Indonesia, legal recourse by overturning diplomatic immunity in cases of human rights violations.

“Human rights are, also from the perspective of international law, a higher good than diplomatic immunity,” Berlsmann told the Daily Mail.

UK: Failed asylum seeker who raped a teenager in a park as she had an epileptic fit is jailed for 10 years

A failed asylum seeker who raped a teenager in a park as she had an epileptic fit was jailed for ten years today.

Bangladeshi Sujon Uddin, 20, and an accomplice subjected their victim to a terrifying hour-long ordeal during which she was raped twice by both men.

At one point the 18-year-old was pinned down by the unidentified male - known only as 'Rex' - while Uddin forced himself on her.

The teenager was also forced to perform sex acts on Rex during the attack which took place in Mile End Park, in Bow, east London.

Snaresbrook Crown Court heard the woman, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, had met the two men in the park in the early hours of August 21, 2010.

She was heard to suffer from epilepsy and had she suffered several episodes during the incident.

Sending Uddin to a Young Offenders Institution Judge Timothy King said: 'Your companion perpetrated a number of sexual activities, including rape, against this woman while you stood nearby.

'There came a stage after the victim had been raped by Rex that he then called you over, inviting you to have sexual activity with his victim.

'You decided that you would and so it was that this young woman having been raped by Rex was then held down by him while you raped her.'

The court heard that after Uddin had raped the teenager once the second male attempted to rape her again before Uddin attacked her a second time.

Judge King continued: 'It was an ordeal that lasted for her for about one hour.

'She apparently made it clear that she was unwilling to have any physical or sexual contact with you or your companion.

'You had no regard whatsoever; it may be you were affected by alcohol at the time, to the wishes of this young woman.

'She was clearly traumatised by this offence.

'Moreover she was an epileptic and claims that she suffered several episodes during the attack upon her.

'This was a repeated rape of the same victim over a period of time involving multiple assailants.

'Those in themselves are serious aggravating features.

'Clearly she was held against her will.'

Uddin had arrived in the UK with his mother in 2006.

Prosecutor Julian Jones said: 'He was born in Bangladesh and came to this country about five years ago.

'He entered the UK on a visitors' visa and then unsuccessfully claimed for asylum.

'He is now liable for deportation.'

Uddin, of no fixed address, admitted two counts of rape on the first day of his trial in May.

Israel says flotilla carrying chemicals to harm soldiers

The Israeli security cabinet yesterday ordered the Israel Defense Forces to 'act resolutely' to enforce Israeli naval policy regarding Gaza, by stopping the flotilla which is set to sail from Greece in the coming days. The cabinet also, however, said that the IDF should 'avoid friction' with flotilla participants wherever possible. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced that Israeli and international journalists would be embedded on Israeli naval vessels, in order to allow free coverage of actions taken to prevent the flotilla from reaching Hamas-ruled Gaza. The authorities also reversed an earlier announcement according to which journalists boarding the flotilla vessels would be banned from working in Israel for ten years.

In a significant new development, Israeli officials, in a press briefing yesterday, said that information obtained by Israel indicated that some flotilla participants are planning to carry out violent attacks against Israeli troops. The officials said that a number of chemical substances, including sulfur, were being carried on some of the vessels participating in the flotilla, and that they are intended to be used against soldiers if they attempt to board the vessels. A spokesperson for the Flotilla denied the information obtained by IDF officials, stating that all the participants were made to sign a non-violence declaration.

However, it has emerged that members of the Turkish IHH organisation, the group that was behind the violence on the first flotilla, are on some of the ships participating in the present campaign. The Islamist IHH group had officially withdrawn from participation but it appears that individual members of the group are on board some of the ships.

The IDF has also said that there are activists on board the vessels who are connected to Hamas. Among them is Amin Abu Rashad, one of the Dutch organisers of the flotilla, who in the past headed the Hamas linked charity in Holland, which was closed after an investigation by the authorities because of its involvement in funding terrorism. Another is Mohammed Ahmed Hannoun, known to be a Hamas activist, who heads the ABSPP fund, an Italian organisation which Israel says has also been involved in the transfer of money to EU designated terrorist

Banned Islamic fanatic strolls through UK border controls

A banned Islamic extremist has been allowed to walk through Britain’s border controls unchallenged.

Raad Salah was excluded from the UK last week by Home Secretary Theresa May, on the grounds that he holds hard-line anti-semitic views.

But when the political firebrand travelled here at the weekend, border guards, who are supposed to check all passengers against watchlists of fanatics, failed to spot him or turn him away.

Officials face a race against time to stop him making a speech to MPs this week. Left-wing Labour MPs have invited him to give a talk on the Israel-Palestine conflict – an event the Government fears will be a major embarrassment.

Whitehall sources say the Home Secretary, who is determined to take a tough stand against extremists views, is furious at the blunder.

Earlier this month, she unveiled the Prevent strategy which said ministers would no longer tolerate those who hold forth on views likely to foster hatred or division.

One possibility is that the UK BorderAgency failed to serve papers on Salah informing him that he had been excluded – effectively a travel ban designed to keep him out of the UK.

This could mean he did not know he wasn’t meant to travel. Alternatively, he may have used another name which officials failed to spot.

Either way, it is another massive blow to the reputation of UKBA, long derided as a shambles by MPs. Keeping out terror suspects and extremists on Government watch lists is one of its most vital jobs.

One source said: ‘This is a total disaster. It’s probably the first test of the new Prevent strategy and UKBA has failed it spectacularly.’

Urgent legal advice is being sought by the Home Office to see on what grounds – if any – he can be prevented from speaking to MPs.

In 2008, Salah was charged with incitement to violence and racism by a Jerusalem court over a speech in which he invoked what is known as the ‘blood libel’ – a notorious anti-semitic slur.

In the speech, delivered in February 2007, he was said to have accused Jewish people of using children’s blood to bake bread. Afterwards, the 1,000 strong crowd began rioting.

Prosecutors said the speech amounted to ‘call to commit acts of violence and encouragement of acts of violence’ and anti-semitism.

Salah was released from prison in 2005, after serving two years for raising millions of pounds for Palestinian terror group Hamas and for having contact with an Iranian intelligence agent. He was again arrested in 2009 for incitement after calling on Palestinians to defend a holy site.
Banned Islamic fanatic strolls through border controls
James Slack and Jack Doyle, Mail Online, June 28, 2011

UK: Milly Dowler killer Levi Bellfield trying to save skin in prison by turning to Islam

CHILD murderer Levi Bellfield is trying to save his skin in prison by turning to Islam.

The serial killer has been reading religious material given to him by the fearsome Muslim Boys Gang, who protect anyone they convert. Bellfield, 43, had death threats and was put in the segregation unit in Belmarsh jail for his protection after he was convicted last week of killing Milly Dowler, 13.

A prison source said yesterday: “Previously he would hang around with notorious criminals but prisoners who have attacked children are hated in jail.

“Bellfield knows he is under threat and it is believed he is taking steps to protect himself. He has been seen chatting with key members of the Muslim Boys Gang. Before his latest trial he never associated with them.

“He’s been given Islamic material to read in his cell. But he will always be looking over his shoulder.”

Bellfield, also serving life for two other murders and one attempt, is to be transferred from the South-East London jail to HMP Wakefield, West Yorks, dubbed Monster Mansion.

Malaysia: Pornographic images Found in Mosque Qurans

The chief imam of the State Mosque has lodged a police report after pornographic pictures were found among the pages of 11 copies of the Surah Yassin here.

Yusuff Ahmad lodged the report at the Kampung Baru police station in Air Itam on Thursday.

The pornographic pictures were found by a security guard who had wanted to read the books after zohor prayers at around 4.30pm on the same day.

State deputy police chief Senior Asst Comm Datuk Abdul Rahim Jaafar said they were investigating the case under Section 295 of the Penal Code for defiling a place of worship.
Porn pictures found in mosque
The Star Online, June 25, 2011

Lebanon's highest Sunni Muslim authority rejects bill against domestic violence and marital rape

Lebanon's highest Sunni Muslim authority on Friday rejected a bill aimed at protecting women against domestic violence and marital rape, saying it would lead to the demise "of the family as in the West."

"Islam is very aware of and concerned with... resolving problems of poor treatment... but this should not happen by cloning Western laws that encourage the breakdown of the family and do not suit our society," said the influential Dar al-Fatwa in a statement on its website.

Dar al-Fatwa also slammed as "heresy" a clause in the bill that criminalises marital rape, accusing those behind the draft law of "inventing new types of crimes."

"This will have a negative impact on Muslim children... who will see their mother threatening their father with prison, in defiance of patriarchal authority, which will in turn undermine the moral authority" of fathers, it said.

"We must continue to follow sharia (Islamic law) as concerns the Muslim family," it added.

The bill, drafted by feminist organisations, lawyers and forensic experts, was approved by Lebanon's cabinet in 2010 and is currently under study in parliament.

Should it be passed, the law would come under the penal code -- under which cases are referred to a criminal court -- rather than personal status laws, which are ruled on by religious authorities in multi-confessional Lebanon.

The bill criminalises marital rape and calls for police intervention should a woman notify authorities of abuse by her husband or another family member.

If found guilty, defendants would have to undergo rehabilitation or face prison should they fail to do so.

Domestic abuse and harassment continue to be taboo in Lebanon, considered the most liberal country in the largely conservative Arab world, with very few women filing complaints as police generally turn a blind eye and send the victims home.

German interior minister urges Muslims to combat militancy

Germany's interior minister met with Muslim community leaders to discuss how they can prevent youth radicalization. Muslim leaders countered that the responsibility lies with the government.

German Interior Minister Hans-Peter Friedrich urged the country's Muslim community on Friday to do more to prevent the spread of radicalization among its youth. He told Muslim leaders at a meeting in Berlin that families must act early to prevent young boys from turning into jihadists.

"Neither the security authorities nor ordinary Muslim citizens can do much to help," when youths radicalize, he said. "It is up to the parents and the rest of the family to be observant about what their children are up to and how they are changing."

Friedrich, a member of Bavaria's Christian Social Union (CSU), had summoned the meeting to discuss the risks of homegrown terrorism.

"We want to stand up to the radicalization and misuse of religion together," he said. "All citizens of this country, no matter what our political tendency or religion, must take on the fight against radicalism and terror."

The opposition called Friedrich's 'prevention summit' into question

During the three-hour meeting, Friedrich referred to 21-year-old Arid Uka, a Kosovar man brought up in Germany, who killed two US airmen on March 2 when he attacked a bus of American military personnel at Frankfurt Airport.

Friedrich said Uka was radicalized "not in the classical environment of a mosque or Muslim society but on the Internet."

Germany's political opposition denounced the meeting, saying the government ran the risk of stigmatizing all Muslims.

Hamas refuses Red Cross request to prove Gilad Shalit is alive

Hamas yesterday rejected a request by the International Red Cross to prove that captured IDF soldier Gilad Shalit is still alive. Hamas member Salah Bardawi said that Israel requested this information from the Red Cross in order to find out where Shalit is located in order to carry out a rescue operation. Bardawi said the only way for Israel to receive information on Shalit was to release Palestinian prisoners from Israeli jails. The Red Cross expressed concern over Shalit's situation and said that under international law his family should be allowed to be in contact with him.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said yesterday that he would toughen the conditions on Palestinian security prisoners in Israel in order to apply pressure on Hamas to release captured IDF soldier Gilad Shalit. He did not specify the steps the government would take to alter confinement conditions but noted that he has cancelled the "absurd" protocol allowing terrorists to enroll in academic studies. "There will be no more doctorates of terror," he said.

The Prime Minister's Office has consulted several legal and security experts to ensure that any changes to the policy towards incarcerated terrorists is done in accordance to international standards and is within Israeli law, and will not stir up unrest.

This Saturday, June 25, marks the fifth anniversary of the kidnap of Gilad Shalit, who has since been held by Hamas in Gaza.

Australia: Court theatrics sees Islam rear its ugly head again

RADICAL Islam has shown its distasteful side. The Carnita Matthews case escalated from a simple traffic fine to a public show of needless aggression.

THE preposterous excuses and Pythonesque theatrics of Carnita Matthews and her very vocal supporters outside a Sydney court this week would be comic, if they weren't so threatening.

The 46-year-old mother of seven, wearing a full black niqab showing just her eyes, has successfully tied the justice system up in knots for the past year, simply to avoid paying a $197 traffic fine.

Described as being "deliberately malicious and ... ruthless" by the magistrate who convicted her last November of falsely claiming a "racist" police highway patrol officer tried to tear off her veil during a random breath test, Matthews escaped her six-month jail sentence on appeal before the NSW District Court on Monday.
. . .
It has grown from a simple traffic fine for a woman with a string of driving offences, to a core test of political Islam: whether a veiled Muslim woman has the right to refuse a police officer's lawful request that she identify herself.

The answer is no. That right does not exist under our law. But that doesn't stop some Islamist activists pushing for it, as if it is their due.

Regardless of who signed the false complaint against Sen-Constable Fogarty, it was the intimidating behaviour of some of Matthews' male supporters outside court this week that was most offensive.

The bearded men who chanted "Allah akbar" (Allah is great) as they marched roughshod on cameramen weren't behaving normally.

Their theatrics were a declaration of war - on Australia, on the media, on police.

Linking arms and striding down the street, chanting the phrase we have heard terrorists utter when they plough a plane into a building or commit some other appalling crime, was a show of power by people who only seem to want to obey their god.

It looked like a direct challenge to Australian law and order.

We increasingly see the same challenge whenever a hardline Islamist appears in court, as the call goes out for "brothers" to run "protection" for the accused.

Matthews' husband, Hamdi Abu Ibrahim, sent out the call on his Facebook page this week and later thanked: "All the hero's (sic) and lions of Allah whom (sic) had the chance to come to the court and fight for the sake of Allah . . . Allah has granted your oppressed sister victory over his enemies and he granted us a judge that from the word go he was defending your sister where everyone else was determined to see her jailed, but Allah had other plans. They plot, but Allah is the best of plotters."

His Facebook page, which had the profile picture of a bloodied fist replaced yesterday by a handcuffed figure in a burqa, contains messages from supporters such as: "Allah akbar, may all the pigs burn in hell inshallah".

It also features videos of Osama bin Laden, slurs against infidels and "Kufaars" (non-Muslims), "American pig savages" and "Zionist dogs".

For example, last weekend Ibrahim wrote: "Ya zionist dogs there will be a day very soon that youll find no sheltr nor a wall to hind behind and we will eat your flesh and spit it to our dogs to chew off."

And this: "How long are we going to stay weak, no more Mr Nice Guy, we will defend our Islam and our sisters with our blood, blood, blood."

A video also appears with the title "8 US soldiers killed in Iraq" and the message from Ibrahim: "Keep them Comming".

Another video, since removed, has the message: "Watch the American pigs the Aussie pigs the British pigs soldiers raping your Muslim sister."

There is also, ominously, talk on the page about disrupting a coming rally in Sydney by the Australian Defence League, an anti-Islamist group. A similar protest against shariah law in Melbourne last month had to be shut down by police after violent clashes.
Court theatrics sees Islam rear its ugly head again
Miranda Devine, Herald Sun, June 23, 2011

Geert Wilders cleared of hate charges by Dutch court

Dutch far-right politician Geert Wilders, who described Islam as "fascist", has been acquitted of inciting hatred against Muslims.

Amsterdam judge Marcel van Oosten accepted the Freedom Party leader's statements were directed at Islam and not at Muslim believers.

They were, the judge ruled, "acceptable within the context of public debate".

It is believed the plaintiffs may attempt to make their case before a European court or the UN.

Their lawyer, Ties Prakken, was quoted by Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf as saying they were "deeply disappointed" and believed the right of minorities to be protected against hate speech had been violated.

Mr Wilders has compared the Koran to Hitler's Mein Kampf.

Judge van Oosten said that although the bench found remarks by Mr Wilders "gross and denigrating", they had not given rise to hatred.

The verdict was greeted with applause from Mr Wilders' supporters in the public gallery.

Outside the courtroom, the 47-year-old politician said he was "incredibly happy" with the verdict.

"It's not only an acquittal for me, but a victory for freedom of expression in the Netherlands," he said.

"Now the good news is that it's also legal to be critical about Islam, to speak publicly in a critical way about Islam and this is something that we need because the Islamisation of our societies is a major problem and a threat to our freedom and I'm allowed to say so."
. . .
His trial began in January 2010, after judges of the court in Amsterdam ruled that the case should be heard - despite a decision by the public prosecutors' office not to pursue it.

Even during the trial, the prosecutors had called for Mr Wilders to be acquitted, saying that while his remarks were offensive they should be part of legitimate political debate.

Although not part of the coalition government, the support of Mr Wilders's Freedom Party (PVV) keeps it in power.

Qatari PhD student pockets more than £250,000 in benefits by pretending to be an asylum seeker

A PhD student from Qatar has been deported after pocketing more than £250,000 in benefits - by pretending to be an asylum seeker.

Mohammed Al-Sulaiti, a student who lives in Swansea, South Wales, bagged more than a quarter-of-a-million in benefits and funding after claiming his family had no cash, investments or property when he claimed asylum in 2005.

Al-Sulaiti, 35, was jailed for two years and sent back to Qatar after admitting receiving benefits that paid for his accommodation, utility bills, and £400 a week spending money for him and his family.

UK Border Agency investigators later discovered he had several thousand pounds in bank accounts, and numerous business interests and investments.

They also found that he was being sponsored to study at the University of Swansea by a medical firm and the government of his home country.

Al-Sulaiti came into the country on a student visa in 2005. When this visa expired, he applied for asylum, which was granted - despite him already living and working in the UK.

CAIR Loses IRS Status

Donations to the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) no longer are tax deductible after the organization was among 275,000 tax-exempt organizations purged earlier this month by the Internal Revenue Service.

The groups failed to file required annual reports, known as form 990s, detailing their revenues and expenses, for three consecutive years. CAIR had been a non-profit on its own, but in 2007, the IRS approved a separate tax-exempt CAIR Foundation. The foundation never filed any subsequent reports. Both the foundation and CAIR national are on the purge list.

CAIR has 30 state chapters throughout the country, many of which have their own non-profit designations which remain active.

While the IRS believes most of the organizations stripped of status have shut down, those still operating can apply for reinstatement. Meanwhile, CAIR's web site continues to solicit donations by touting them as tax deductible two weeks after the IRS issued the list and notifications were sent to all 275,000 purged groups.
. . .
The CAIR Foundation won exempt status in 2007 and then never filed any annual reports. That year, the Washington Times reported that CAIR's membership plummeted by 90 percent, from a high of 29,000 people in 2000 to less than 1,700 in 2006. CAIR vehemently denied the report when it was issued. But a year later, when the organization sought to have its name removed from a list of unindicted co-conspirators in a Hamas-financing prosecution, CAIR attorneys tied the diminishing support to the 2007 co-conspirator list.

"Furthermore, the amount of donations that they have been receiving has dwindled well below their monthly budget, and as their associational activity necessarily relies upon donations from the public, the government's labeling of them as an unindicted co-conspirator has chilled their associational activity."

Anecdotal information indicates the group increasingly has turned to foreign donors for operating revenue. In 2006, State Department records obtained by the Investigative Project on Terrorism show, CAIR sent delegations to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates seeking millions of dollars in support.
CAIR Loses IRS Status
IPT News, June 22, 2011

Pakistan: 13-year-old girl raped and paraded in streets

Four men named in a gang-rape case were arrested on Monday after the family of the 13-year-old victim blocked the National Highway to protest against the police for failing to arrest them.

Rusksana* was raped and paraded in streets on Saturday allegedly by two sons of a local landlord, their friend and an uncle.

SHO Aslam Ghumman said that the families stopped the agitation only after they were assured that the accused will not be released until the investigation of the case was complete. However, he said that nothing had been established so far. Vehari DPO Nasir Ali Rizvi told The Express Tribune that a detailed inquiry will be required before the matter was taken to the court.

Victims’ brother, Ahsan, has appealed to the Chief Justice of Pakistan Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry to take a suo motto notice of the case.

According to the complaint filed with the police, Rukhsana was kidnapped from Chak 88 on her way home from the canal where she had gone to wash clothes with her mother. She said she was gang-raped by Javed and Irfan, sons of an influential landlord; their uncle Ijaz; and their friend Imran. She was then paraded naked in the streets.

Rukhsana told police that she had tried to escape, but her kidnappers had pursued and caught her.

“They tore my clothes and tried to drag me back into the house,” she said. She said two women, mother and sister-in-law of the accused, had also joined the men and beaten her with iron rods.

“Some people came to my help and somebody called my mother, but they wouldn’t stop,” she said.

Surayya, the victim’s mother, said she was called by a neighbour. She said she thought her daughter had gone back to the canal.

“I rushed to the scene and begged them to let her go. I covered her with my shawl but they tore it away too. Some people in the neighbourhood then helped me bring her home.”

Police said that Ahsan had had a scuffle with Javed and Irfan a few days ago. They said the two bothers had threatened him of dire consequences. Some neighbours had had to intervene.

The police were reluctant to take any step against the accused, he said.

On Monday, the residents of the area and relatives of the victim gathered on the National Highway to protest against the police.

The accused have denied the charges and claimed that Ahsan had entered their house and tried to rape their sister. They said he had accused them to cover up the matter.
Brutalised and humiliated: 13-year-old raped and paraded
Owais Jafri, The Express Tribune, June 21, 2011

Bangladesh Will Keep Islam As Its State Religion

Government officials in Bangladesh say the nation will retain Islam as its state religion, despite other moves to secularize the government.

The Bangladeshi cabinet on Monday discussed a package of constitutional amendments. Officials said they decided not to change Islam's status as the state religion even though the constitution, drafted in 1972, declares the country a secular republic.

A military leader abandoned secularism and declared Islam the state religion in 1988.

Bangladesh won independence from Pakistan in 1971 after months of armed struggle. It had aid in the fight from Pakistan's rival, India.
Bangladesh Will Keep Islam State Religion
Journal of Turkish Weekly, June 21, 2011

Koran-burning pastor Terry Jones attacked in street on his way to Muslim festival

Koran-burning pastor Terry Jones was mobbed by protesters as he made his way to the Arab International Festival.

Scuffles broke out and six people were arrested as Jones walk down the street toward the festival with some of his supporters in Dearborn, Michigan.

The controversial Florida Pastor Jones had intended to hold an anti-Islam rally and counter-protest against the festival.
. . .
Jones said: 'I actually expected them to let us walk along the sidewalk and just continue to yell.

'I did not expect for them to actually get physical.

'We should not be intimidated. We should not react in fear, but at the same time, we do want to use a certain amount of wisdom and we feel like now pushing it now further after what we have seen and what has happened would just be uncalled for and it would be counter-productive.'

The rally happened on Friday, with Jones returning to Florida on Saturday.
. . .
[Dearborn Chief of Police] Mr Haddad said that five of the six arrests made were non-Dearborn residents.

'It's just another day in the big city,' he added.

According to an official release from the city, Jones and his supporters refused to press charges.

The individuals arrested were charged with the misdemeanor of breach of the peace.

Iranian Commander: ‘We Have Infiltrated America and the UK’

According to the Iranian Revolutionary Guard’s Fars News Agency, on Tuesday night — during a gathering of high-ranking members of the IRGC command and the Basij militia — Brigadier General Mohammad-Reza Naghdi announced:

"Today we are in a full-scale war with our enemies. During the last 32 years, the enemy has gone from pillar to post and from one angle to another in order to find a way to bring us down. But the enemy has been hit hard and the proof of that is in the collapse of the Western block, the humiliation of the banking and investment sector, the awakening of our various nations, the spread of the religion of God, and people distancing themselves from the devil-worshipping elitists. This is a sign of our populist progress."

Naghdi, the commander of the Basij militia, added:

"You all have managed to infiltrate into the heart of the enemy’s various nests to the point where even in the streets of New York, Ashura is known as Imam Hossein Day and it is observed by pious self-mortification and prayer; in London, the month of Muharram and the passing of Fatimah are observed. This is what it means to penetrate into the enemy camp. Today, our enemy is at the front line of a confrontation with us.
. . .

Today the enemy has put up all these fronts so that they can fight our people, but they have lost miserably as we have arrived at their doorstep. When they create figures, who are behind various conspiracies and the organization of all kinds of coups, that person ends up being directly linked to their vice president and secretary of state. Ultimately they have been discredited and shown for their incompetence. One can now clearly see who is really responsible for these plots and treachery. Our people, however, are aware and enlightened and at this point in time, the United States and the evil British, who are always looking to bluff us, will be outwitted until the point where they no longer have any cards to play."

Four Saudi men play handball 'with a baby'

Four Saudi men who apparently felt bored decided to kill time by playing handball at home. But instead of using a ball in the game, they used a real baby.

The four were seen hurling the helpless child between them on a video film posted on U-tube and BlackBerry handsets in the Gulf kingdom. The four appeared to be enjoying the game as they sat inside a room they turned into a playfield for their cruel and dangerous game.

Several Saudi newspapers, which carried the 32-second film, described it as cruel, savage and merciless. They did not identify those involved or mention the child’s age but he looked below two years.

“The four men appeared to be having fun as they kept hurling the poor little child like a ball…..they were doing so in a cruel, savage and merciless way,” the Arabic language daily 'Sharq' said. It was not clear how the game ended.
Four men play handball 'with a baby'
Emirates 24/7, June 18, 2011

RSPCA moves to ban Halal slaughter in Australia

With Australia's live cattle exports to Indonesia still in limbo the RSPCA is now turning the focus to the issue of ritual killing in Australia.

It's known as Halal or Kosher slaughter in the Muslim and Jewish communities and it's carried out according to religious laws.

In Australia, the national Halal standard requires abattoirs to stun animals before their throat is cut.

But a number of Australian abattoirs have been given government approval to kill animals without stunning.

The RSPCA says it's a brutal practice and should be banned.

Saturday AM's Jason Om visited one domestic abattoir in South Australia where killing without stunning has been going on legally for years.

And a warning, Jason's report contains some graphic descriptions...

Muslim Brotherhood Leader Caught Lying—While Swearing to God

Saleh [a top Muslim Brotherhood leader who was elected by Egypt’s Supreme Council to be on the constitution amendment committee] recently appeared on Dream TV, debating Muslim intellectual Dr. Khaled Montaser. At one point, because he was unable to refute Montaser, Saleh snidely remarked that he was unaware the show was going to be an “inquisition” and that he wasn’t even informed that Montaser would be debating him. The host Mona al-Shazly, protested, adding, “Yes, you did know who you would be facing.”

Saleh kept insisting otherwise, including by swearing to God—all with a very sincere look.

The host, visibly stunned, pointed out that she and the whole studio team were present when the coordinator called Saleh and told him who the other guest would be, adding in a very disappointed tone, “I have a great problem that you would swear to God on the air, when I know for a fact that you’re lying.”

Watching the video, it is clear that Saleh was mortified and speechless, to the point that, to break the awkward silence, the host said, “Okay, we’ve passed this, let’s move on now.”

This anecdote is ultimately for the benefit of those Western peoples uninitiated in Islamic lore, who—by projecting their own ethic onto Islam—may find it incongruent for a Muslim who piously seeks to order society around God’s laws, do so by taking false oaths in that same God’s name.

Yet, the fact is, Saleh’s lie accords well with Islam’s notorious doctrines of deception, which permit Muslims to deceive in order to empower Islam—which is precisely what the Muslim Brotherhood and all Islamist organizations, violent and nonviolent, are all about.

Why Saleh resorted to lying is further telling: his opponent was armed with facts, which always beat sophistry.
. . .

Incidentally, Saleh is the same Brotherhood leader who was portrayed affectionately in the New York Times
Muslim Brotherhood Leader Caught Lying—While Swearing to God
Raymond Ibrahim, FrontPageMagazine, June 17, 2011

UK: Baroness Cox’s Sharia Bill criticised by Islamic council

The Islamic Sharia Council has launched a scathing attack on a new Bill which aims to tackle the problems caused by Sharia courts operating in England and Wales.

The Arbitration and Mediation Services (Equality) Bill would make it clear in law that discrimination against women within arbitration tribunals is illegal.

The proposed legislation, which is being backed by Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali, would make it a criminal offence for Sharia courts to falsely claim legal jurisdiction over criminal or family law.


However, the Islamic Sharia Council has released a statement claiming that Lady Cox has “regurgitated common myths about the role of women in Islam”.

The statement, issued by the Islamic Sharia Council’s Secretary Dr Suhaib Hasan, says: “It is indeed a crime that Lady Cox has made no attempt to understand the workings of the shariah councils.”

The Council also suggested that Sharia courts already operate within the confines of current legislation.


But last week Dr Michael Nazir-Ali, the former Bishop of Rochester who grew up in Pakistan said: “The problem with Sharia is that it is inherently unequal for certain kinds of people.

“Muslims and non-Muslims are treated unequally. Similarly, men and women are treated unequally.

“So if Sharia is recognised in any way in terms of the public law in this country, that introduces a principle of contradiction in the body of the law which will cause problems for the country and for people who will suffer, particularly women.”


The Arbitration and Mediation Services (Equality) Bill was introduced to the House of Lords last week by Christian and humanitarian campaigner, Lady Cox.

Andrew Brown, writing on the Guardian website, called the Bill “a thoroughly good thing, and a skilled piece of politics.”

He said it was creditable that “Keith Porteous Wood of the National Secular Society appeared next to an American Christian missionary at the launch of the bill”.

The Bill does not interfere in the internal theological affairs of religious groups.

"We need to abduct a soldier..." Arabs want 'bride for Shalit'

For five years now, Hamas has been holding Gilad Shalit but failed to secure the release of Palestinian prisoners in exchange for the abducted IDF soldier. As it turns out, Gaza radicals are fed up with this failure, yet instead of making do with a more minor release of detainees they prefer to boost the "loot" in their possession.

Accordingly, a new Palestinian Facebook group has been launched in recent days titled "The people want a bride for Shalit."

The intention behind the slogan is clear: A call for the abduction of an Israeli female solider who will serve as yet another Hamas bargaining chip in a future prisoner swap with the Jewish state.

Yet beyond the disturbing message, group organizers resorted to particularly sickening "humor" to further their cause, posting a doctored photograph showing a chained Israeli soldier held by an armed Palestinian woman belonging to Hamas' military wing, Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades.

One group member wrote the following message on Facebook: "We need to abduct a soldier who will become a female Shalit, so they get married and bring us a bunch of Shalits."

Next week will mark the five-year anniversary of Gilad Shalit's abduction.
Arabs want 'bride for Shalit'
Elior Levy, YNet News, June 17, 2011

Kenya: Imam assaults 3 year old daughter. Alarming cases of sodomy and rapes in Mosques and Madrasa

Police in Mombasa are still looking for a man who allegedly sexually assaulted his 3 year old daughter. The man who is an Imam is said to have fled after committing the offense.

Doctors at the hospital have confirmed that the girl who is receiving treatment at the Coast general hospital has been sexually assaulted. Meanwhile muslim leaders are now demanding thorough vetting of all religious leaders.

Supreme Council of Kenya Muslims chairman Mudhar Kithamy says they are concerned about the alarming cases of sodomy and rapes taking place in Mosques and Madrasa.
Kenya: Man Defiles Child
Nairobi Star, June 16, 2011

Turkey’s Election Cements Its Pro-Islam Direction

urkey’s ruling Justice and Development Party (akp) won a resounding victory in parliamentary elections on June 12 with 50 percent of the vote. It won by a larger margin than it did in the previous elections in 2007.

Because of a quirky rule about how political parties are assigned parliamentary seats, however, the akp actually lost 15 seats. Now with 325 of the 550 seats, it failed to gain the supermajority it hoped for in order to change the constitution unilaterally. This means the status quo in Turkey remains much the same, with the Islamist-rooted akp remaining in power as the most powerful party in the country.

Economic growth in Turkey during the akp’s time in power has been largely credited for the party’s success. However, two other important factors contributed just as much to its win: the appeal of the akp’s Islamic orientation to Turkey’s Muslim population, and the anti-Western and anti-Israel direction the akp has taken Turkey’s foreign policy.

Since Islamist Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan first came to power in 2002 elections, he has slowly taken the secularist country in a more religious direction, seeking to bring Islamic culture into the public and political spheres. Barry Rubin, director of the Global Research in International Affairs Center, says the elections in fact mark an Islamist revolution by stealth. He says Turkey is at a turning point: “Of course, it will take time, but now Turkey is set on a path that is ending the republic established by Kemal Ataturk in the 1920s. The Turkey of secularism and Western orientation is finished. … In short, the akp is entrenched in power, and can now proceed with the fundamental transformation of Turkey” (Jerusalem Post, June 13).

In his victory speech, Erdogan underlined his anti-Israel and pro-Palestinian stance: “Sarajevo won today as much as Istanbul; Beirut won as much as Izmir; Damascus won as much as Ankara; Ramallah, Nablus, Jenin, the West Bank, Jerusalem won as much as Diyarbakir.” The Turkish prime minister was sending the message that he fully intends to support the Palestinian cause against Israel.

“[S]een from Jerusalem the strategic balance in the Middle East is looking increasingly dangerous, and Erodgan’s remarks have only heightened this feeling of insecurity,” writes Courcy’s Intelligence Brief. It continues:

"Israel sees Hamas spreading its influence from the Gaza Strip to the West Bank by way of a unity government with Fatah; it sees Egypt moving away from Camp David and facilitating the rapprochement between Hamas and Fatah; it sees Hezbollah consolidating its power in Lebanon; it sees chaos in Libya, Syria and Yemen (along with the possible return of the Taliban to power in Afghanistan) providing space for post-bin Laden al Qaeda to regroup; and it sees little prospect of the nuclear-weapon-seeking Iranian regime succumbing to the democratic waves sweeping the Middle East.

Now, on top of all that, Turkey has reelected the akp for a third term, in part because of the akp’s steering of Turkish foreign policy away from its pro-Western orientation towards a policy based on Muslim leadership. And such a policy, as Erdogan has made clear, has to include opposition to Israel."

Muslim soldier at Ky. post objecting to war charged with possession of child pornography

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — A Muslim soldier from Fort Campbell has been approved as a conscientious objector to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, but he has now been charged with possession of child pornography.

Pfc. Naser Abdo, a 21-year-old infantry soldier, applied for the status last year after he decided Islamic standards would prohibit his service in the U.S. Army in any war. The Army approved his status in May, but his discharge is on hold until the criminal charge is resolved.

He faces an Article 32 hearing, similar to a civilian grand jury, on Wednesday at the installation on the Tennessee-Kentucky state line. Abdo says he intends to fight the charge, which he believes is part of ongoing discrimination within the Army.

NY congressman to examine violent Islam in prison

Congress is holding the second in a sequence of hearings about violent Islamic radicalization in the U.S., a subject so controversial that the first event drew days of protests from religious and civil rights groups and tears from a Muslim congressman who testified about his religion.

The latest House Homeland Security Committee hearing, led by New York Republican Peter King, examines Islamic radicalization in prisons. That focus is narrower than the March inquiry, which looked at Islamic radicalization and what the Muslim community is doing to combat it.

Though it's not drawing the level of attention and outcry of the first hearing, protesters gathered Tuesday on New York's Long Island to decry what they said is the stereotyping of both Muslims and prisoners.

The majority of the recent terror plots against the U.S. have involved people espousing a radical and violent view of Islam, making it difficult to ignore the role religion plays in this particular threat. But critics say focusing too closely on Islam and the religious motives of those attempted terror attacks threatens to alienate an entire community.

To King, the purpose of these hearings is clear: "It's to show and remind people that the threat is here." Law enforcement officials from New York and California who have handled cases of prison radicalization are slated to testify Wednesday.

King said he can't blame people in the Muslim community for a person adopting a violent interpretation of their religion. But, he said, he can place blame if someone in the community knows of such a radical — for example, a prison chaplain who preaches a violent brand of Islam to impressionable inmates — and fails to point that person out to law enforcement or community leaders.
NY congressman to examine violent Islam in prison
Eileen Sullivan, Associated Press, June 15, 2011

Nine Muslims go on trial for grooming and abusing young girls

A group of Asian men “trafficked, raped or sexually abused” young girls after bombarding them with gifts and attention, a court has heard.

The nine men, who were mostly married, joined forces with some acting as pimps, others using their homes as brothels and some using them as prostitutes, driving them to meet others for sex.

The men, all from Telford, Shrops, were charged with a total of 56 counts relating to eight girls aged between 13 and 17, who naively believed themselves to be “loved and in love”.

Deborah Gould, prosecuting, warned the jury that as the trial unfolded they would be introduced to a world “that I expect few of you were aware of”.
. . .
Stafford Crown Court heard three of the men, Ahdel Ali, 23, Mubarek Ali, 28, who are brothers, and Tanveer Ahmed, 39, acted as the “pimps” and persuaded two of the girls to “engage in sexual activity with others for their benefit.”

The court heard how the girls were “slowly but surely” groomed through a combination of attention, gifts, encouragement, pressure and guilt.

Abdul Rouf, 34, and the oldest defendant Mohammed Younis, 59 used their homes as brothels to allow men to engage in sexual activities with girls, it is alleged.

"Having established that their victims were prepared to accommodate that to please them, the next logical step was to encourage them to do this for payment," Mrs Gould told the jury.

The brothers used one girl as a child prostitute and transported her to different locations to meet men, assisted by Noshad Hussain, 20.

The court heard they would ply the 15-year-old with drink, drugs, cannabis and cigarettes and encourage her to have sex with others as a '”favour' to them.

On one occasion, she was driven to a park in Stoke-on-Trent to meet a man, whilst two of the girls were groomed in a churchyard in Telford where young Asian males congregated to drink and smoke.

Ahdel Ali, 23, Mubarek Ali, 28, Tanveer Ahmed, 39, Mohammed Ali Sultan, 24, Noshad Hussain, 21, Mohammed Islam Choudrey, 52, Marhoof Khan, 33, Mohammed Younis, 59 and Abdul Rouf, 34, deny all the charges, which range from controlling, facilitating, causing or inciting child prostitution, conspiracy to incite child prostitution rape, sexually activity with a child and trafficking in the UK for sexual exploitation as well as meeting child following sexual grooming.
Nine go on trial for grooming and abusing young girls
Nick Britten, The Telegraph, June 15, 2011

Georgetown U. Received $325,000 Funneled Through Terror Front Group

Georgetown University has some explaining to do based on documents obtained exclusively by PJM from a confidential law enforcement source. The documents reveal a scheme to pass $325,000 through the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), which has been identified by the FBI as a front for the Hamas terrorist organization. The money was paid to Georgetown by the 57-nation Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) to promote its “Islamophobia” agenda, which includes its stated international objective of criminalizing any criticism of Islam.

Even more troubling: evidence that Georgetown is not the only American university to cooperate with CAIR and the OIC in their joint plan to subvert the First Amendment right to free speech.

The plot was apparently initiated in 2006 by discussions between the OIC, CAIR, and Georgetown’s Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding (CMCU). An email dated November 20, 2006, sent from OIC permanent observer to the UN Abdul Wahab to Nihad Awad and Hadia Mubarak — a CAIR board member and Georgetown CMCU “senior researcher” — urged them to expedite arrangements. The email also promised that funds would be transferred to Georgetown as soon as the OIC received a letter from John Esposito, director of Georgetown’s CMCU.

Abdul Wahab’s email was followed up with a January 11, 2007, joint letter from CAIR Executive Director Nihad Awad and John Esposito, which is referenced in a January 15, 2007, letter of reply from OIC Secretary General Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu (the letter is misdated as 2006). The letter offered $325,000 in cash from the OIC to finance an “Islamophobia” symposium to be convened at Georgetown University.
. . .
Notwithstanding that dispute and the delay in organizing the proposed “Islamophobia” symposium, the three organizations continue to jointly push their shared agenda. Both John Esposito and CAIR-Chicago Executive Director Ahmed Rehab were scheduled to speak at an OIC conference held at the American Islamic College in Chicago last September.

And other American universities have lined up to promote the OIC “Islamophobia” agenda, most recently the University of California, Berkeley, which hosted the “Islamophobia Production and Redefining the Global ‘Security’ Agenda for the 21st Century” just this past April. That UC Berkeley conference was co-sponsored by the OIC’s Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (IESCO) and CAIR, and featured IESCO representative Papa Toumane Ndiaey and CAIR Executive Director Nihad Awad as speakers.

The documents we are presenting here for the first time put the lie to CAIR’s repeated claims that they have never received foreign funding, and their denials that they promote the extremist agenda of hostile foreign nations. This, however, is hardly breaking news.

That some of America’s top universities are actively colluding with the Islamic foreign governments — most of whom have refused to sign the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights — is troubling enough. But signing onto and openly promoting the OIC’s stated agenda of criminalizing “Islamophobia” puts them in direct opposition to the U.S. Constitution’s First Amendment protections, and raises serious questions about their eligibility for public funding.

This is clearly an issue for Congress to investigate immediately.

Canadian woman allegedly forced to remain in Saudi Arabia for the last 6 years with her 3 young children

The mother of a Canadian woman allegedly forced to remain in Saudi Arabia for the last six years with her three young children has sought urgent support from Saudi and Canadian governments to end her daughter’s ordeal and send her back to Canada as soon as possible.

Johanne Durocher said the plight of 27-year-old Nathalie Morin had become more urgent when police in Dammam arrested her on June 6 after she stepped out of her house to buy some food and provisions.

"The Canadian embassy is in touch with Morin and the embassy is providing consular advice to the woman," said Sidney Fisher, a spokeswoman of the Canadian mission, here Monday.

Fisher could not divulge more details of the case, citing restrictions on information sharing about individuals as per Canadian privacy laws. It was not clear whether Morin is currently under police custody or has been released. According to a report, Morin was told after detention in Dammam that she would face a charge in the court for trying to kidnap the three children of Saeed Al-Shahrani, who is her husband.

"This is an attempt to terrify and further harass my daughter, who has already broken down" said Durocher in an e-mail sent to Arab News on Monday night.

"I have been told that two representatives of the Canadian Embassy will visit Morin in Dammam shortly and they will also meet with the police officers to know about the charges being faced by my daughter," said Durocher. Morin married Al-Shahrani, a citizen from Bisha, after they became intimate friends several years ago in Canada.

According to reports, Morin, who was grilled by the police for two-hours, was told that she would be charged with kidnapping her three children, aged two, four and eight, because she was trying to leave the apartment while her husband was away.

The charges are being vehemently denied by Morin's mother, who is waging a public battle to repatriate her daughter and grandchildren back to Canada. Durocher said that it was urgent for Morin to leave Saudi Arabia.

Referring to the case of Morin, her mother said she was arrested as she left the apartment to get water and food for her children after her husband left them locked up for two days with very few supplies.

Arab News tried to reach Al-Shahrani on a cell number given by a source, but the phone was switched off. According to reports, Al-Shahrani has admitted to the police that the apartment where Morin was living in was tapped and under surveillance.

"This is how he (Al-Shahrani) discovered that Morin was going to leave the apartment," said a press statement posted on the website of Nathalie Morin's Support Group (

Durocher, who has briefly spoken to her daughter via telephone, sought urgent support from Saudi officials to rescue her daughter. Canada's Quebec National Assembly will also hear a motion on Friday to press the Harper government into helping Morin and possibly secure her release.

Morin, meanwhile, told a local newspaper, that she tried to visit the Canadian Embassy in Riyadh but was unable to. Morin added that her mother also stopped three weeks ago the weekly $200 she provided as allowance.

Morin said her mother had also asked her to get in touch with activist Wajeeha Al-Huwaider to take up her case. She said her mother had met Al-Huwaider in the US and had developed contacts through e-mails.

Morin said she got acquainted with Fowziya Al-Ouyuni, another activist, following a meeting at a commercial center in Dammam. “She gave me a cell phone and SR300,” she said, adding that the two activists used her issue to serve their vested interests. She said she got in touch with the two activists after they promised they would solve her problem.
Canadian woman seeks help
Ghazanfar Ali Khan, Arab News, June 13, 2011

100 jailed fanatics will be out on the streets of Britain in time for the Olympics

THESE ten Islamic terrorists - shown below - are among 100 jailed fanatics who will be out on the streets of Britain in time for the Olympics.

They include extremists with convictions for bomb plots and conspiracy to murder.

Two evil recruits from one of the most dangerous al-Qaeda gangs uncovered in the UK will walk free before the London Games start next July 27.

Government security chiefs have warned that terrorism remains the greatest threat to events expected to attract 500,000 spectators.

There are fears of attacks by chemical and biological devices - with public transport a likely target.

Most of the men due for release are in their 20s and 30s. MI5 chief Jonathan Evans said: "We know some of them are still committed extremists likely to return to their terrorist activities."

Harry Fletcher, of probation officers' union NAPO said: "Many are still seen as a high risk. Budget cuts mean fewer trained staff are available for supervision."

The ten pictured terrorists are: Qaisar Shaffi, henchman of al-Qaeda commander Dhiren Barot, suspected of a "dirty bomb" plot.

His group also plotted to blow up a Tube train and hotel. Shaffi, 32, was jailed in 2007 for conspiracy to murder. Fellow recruit Omar Abdur Rehman, 27, admitted conspiracy to cause explosions. He researched how to disable crucial security systems. Both men got 15 years but will be released because of parole and time on remand.

Ruthless Kazi Nurur Rahman, 32, jailed for nine years in 2006, has been freed. He was caught by MI5 as he tried to buy Sam-7 missiles to blast a passenger jet.

Al-Qaeda weapons expert Andrew Rowe, 40 - described as a "global jihad warrior" - has been freed. The Muslim convert got 15 years in 2005 after he was found with notes on firing a mortar.

British Pakistani Abu Bakr Mansha was sentenced to six years in 2005 over links to a plot to kill a British soldier.

Mansha, 27, was freed but later recalled to prison over an alleged firearms offence.

Shoe bomber Saajid Badat plotted to blow up a jet but lost his nerve. He got 13 years in 2005. Badat, 31, was trained in al-Qaeda camps.

Britain's youngest terrorist Hammad Munshi was 15 when he was found collating data on explosives and weapons. He was sentenced to two years youth custody in 2008.

Muslim convert Kibley da Costa, 29, was jailed in 2007 for helping run terror training camps in the New Forest and Berkshire.

Mohamed Kabashi, 27, got nine years in 2008 for playing a crucial role in trying to help failed 21/7 suicide bomber Hussain Osman.

Zahoor Iqbal, 33, was involved in shipping military and electronic kit to al-Qaeda. He got seven years in 2008.

The Ministry of Justice said "Agencies including the police, probation and security service continually assess and manage their risk."

FUGITIVE Fazul Abdullah Mohammed, 37, al-Qaeda mastermind of the 1998 US embassies bombings in Africa, has been shot dead by Somali soldiers in Mogadishu.

PA: Arab States Cut Off Our Cash

The General Accountant of the Palestinian Authority, Yusef Al-Zumar, said Monday that the PA is having difficulty paying its employees because Arab states are not giving it the financial aid that they promised it.

In 2010, he said, the PA only received $280 million of the $960 million promised by the Arabs. In 2011, which is almost half over, it has received no money at all.

Al-Zumar spelled out his woes in a meeting Monday that included Ali Al-Jarbawi, the PA’s Minister for Administrative Planning and Development, and Mariam Sherman, the World Bank Director in the PA.

Al-Zumar singled out the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, which he said transferred very small sums in 2010, compared to previous years. Qatar, he said, gave no aid at all in 2008 and 2009, and only a little aid in 2010.

According to PA news agency WAFA, the World Bank promised to grant $20 million to the PA for rebuilding infrastructures in Gaza. In addition, it will hand over the annual $55 million in aid.

Al-Jarbawi told Sherman that the PA would continue to build institutions of government with the Bank’s help.

PA Prime Minister Salam Fayyad said last year that the PA received $1.2 billion in foreign aid in 2010 and that this aid is expected to drop further in 2011 to $1 billion. The financial aid comes from United States, Japan, Canada, Norway, Germany, Sweden, Spain and France. The European Union also contributes aid to the PA, with a budget in 2010 equivalent to about $370 million.

The EU bailed out the PA last year after it spent 50% of the cash that was allotted for the entire year, in just three months.

Since the signing of the Oslo Accords, the PA has been the entity receiving the highest foreign aid per capita in the world.
PA: Arab States Cut Off Our Cash
IsraelNationalNews, Gil Ronen, June 13, 2011

Islamophobic crime fell in London last year – MCB spins the opposite

Yesterday’s Independent on Sunday had an alarming story claiming that “Islamophobic attacks have been on the rise.” It previewed a speech in which Farooq Murad, head of the Muslim Council of Britain, was due to say: “Islamophobic attacks, on persons and properties, are committed by a tiny minority, but the number of incidents is increasing. Robust action is necessary.”

However, the same article quoted some interesting figures from the Metropolitan Police – the first I’ve seen on specifically Islamophobic incidents – which diametrically contradict both Mr Murad’s claim and the Sindy’s own. The paper said there had been “762 Islamophobic offences in London since April 2009, including 333 in 2010/11 and 57 since this April.” It said there were only a few forces which collect this data; figures from the other forces weren’t given.

If a total of 762 offences have been committed since April 2009, 57 of them since this April and 333 of them in 2010/11, that means the number committed in 2009/10 was 372. Between 09/10 and 10/11 there was therefore a drop of 39 offences – or more than 10 per cent.

I have to suspect, from the unusual way the paper presented the figures, that either it or the MCB was trying to conceal this inconvenient truth. Though the Sindy described the MCB as “Britain’s largest mainstream Muslim organisation,” it is in fact heavily influenced by a creed which is very far from mainstream in the British Muslim community – Islamism, the doctrine that Islam is a form of government not just a religion.

Farooq Murad himself is or has been a trustee of the Islamist Markfield Institute and of Muslim Aid, a charity closely linked to the radical Islamic Forum of Europe and East London Mosque, who have long dominated the key positions of the MCB.

One of British Islamists’ key articles of faith – extremely useful for recruitment and in furtherance of their separatist agenda – is that Muslims are under growing attack by the rest of British society. Its disciples do their level best to propagate this claim despite a complete lack of evidence – in conferences and meetings and in the deplorable work of the Exeter University academic and Islamist client, Robert Lambert, whose dishonesty and shoddiness on the subject is exposed here. (Since then, things have got even worse for Bob Lambert – Exeter has been forced to remove an entire chapter of his opus and apologise to people he libelled.) Inevitably, Lambert pops up in the Sindy piece, described as a “leading academic.” Not so leading that he knows how to use a calculator, it seems.

There is, of course, plenty of anti-Muslim hatred in Britain, and it’s disgraceful. But these police figures are the only the latest in a great deal of evidence to suggest that it is, thankfully, diminishing. Britain’s main anti-Muslim political party, the BNP, has lost the vast majority of its councillors, and effectively collapsed. Racial attacks in many Muslim areas, such as Tower Hamlets, are sharply down. The Tory chairmanship, once home of Norman “Cricket Test” Tebbit, is held by a Muslim woman.

The number of Muslim MPs doubled at the last election, several of them elected for entirely non-Muslim, Middle English seats (such as Bromsgrove and Stratford-on-Avon) without any backlash whatever. Continental moves to ban minarets and the niqab have gained no political traction whatever in Britain.

Muslims are making their way successfully into the mainstream of British life. Shame on the MCB for stereotyping them as victims, and shame on the Sindy for falling for the Islamists’ grievance-mongering agenda.

MI6 have stopped SIXTY terror plots involving Black Widow bombers

BRIT spooks have stopped SIXTY terror plots involving Black Widow bombers.

Many of the Muslim women who were pulled in were carrying explosives, we can reveal.

Other radicals as young as 17 had bomb materials stashed in their homes across the country.

The operation started when a dozen women in the London and Greater Manchester areas were picked up in security sweeps but allowed to go free.

They were put under surveillance and led the spooks to more than 30 terror group leaders.

But it is feared there are at least 20 of the Black Widow bombers still at large and ready to carry out their deadly missions.

A senior security source said: “The terrorists rely on a woman in a black flowing dress not being stopped. They can’t be searched easily because of their strict rules and it’s hard to see what they are hiding under their robes.

“A lot of people would think twice about searching them for fear of offending religious rules or being accused of sexual harassment or indecency.

“We have broken up a number of attacks with women involved. This is not anti-Muslim, it is a fact that women are being used as bombers and so they have to be stopped.

“By following them and seeing who they met and who these people associated with, we were led to people higher up the chain, the explosives handlers and Mr Bigs.”

But spy chiefs believe there are even more women being recruited by male relatives to take their places.

A senior security source has revealed that in the past year between 50 and 60 attacks have been averted after spies infiltrated Muslim terror cells.

It is estimated there are 2,200 people under surveillance in this country, including girls and women.

They are usually recruited by fathers or brothers as many are restricted from talking to men outside the family.

It’s not the first time terrorists have used the cover of burkas.

One of the male leaders of the failed 21/7 suicide bombings wore one to escape the capital after the 2005 bid.

Yassin Omar, 30, was one of the team who tried to massacre passengers by detonating rucksacks filled with explosives. He was jailed for life in 2007.

Female suicide bombers have been used by the Taliban and rebels in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, and by groups including the Tamil Tigers and Hamas to target civilians and soldiers.

Last year, two women bombed two Moscow subway stations killing at least 38 people and injuring over 60.

Chechen “shahidkas” or Black Widows attacked Russian troops in Chechnya and were among a group that took 850 hostages in the Moscow theatre siege in 2002.

The stand-off lasted two-and-a-half days. Russian forces killed 38 attackers and at least 129 hostages.

A Greater Manchester Police spokesman said: “If we get any intelligence about suspicious activity related to terrorism we will investigate that and use whatever means at our disposal to do so.

“Both men and women are involved.”

A Metropolitan Police spokeswoman said: “We don’t know whether women are involved or not. If women are being recruited as terrorists they might be and we might not know.

“If we have operations running where they are being recruited as teams we would not disclose that.

“Women in the past have been arrested and charged on terrorism offences.”
World Exclusive: Spooks unmask burka death squads
Deborah Sherwood, Daily Star, June 12, 2011

Maniac slash attack in supermarket meat aisle

A crazed man made a Pathmark meat aisle extra bloody this morning when he plunged a knife into an elderly shopper’s neck, allegedly after the perpetrator stepped on the victim's foot, police and store employees said.

Abdullah Mohammed, 51, of 125th Street, was at the Harlem supermarket yesterday morning when he started arguing loudly at the customer service desk with William Perry, 70, a former truck driver. Perry was at the desk buying Lotto tickets when Mohammed stepped on his foot, irking the older man, according to his older brother, Charles Perry.

Mohammed, who was clad in a peach linen suit, was booted out of the store, but stormed back in minutes later and cornered Perry in the meat aisle, two employees said. He then allegedly whipped out a razor and slashed Perry across the neck.

"People ran out of the store. One guy was screaming, ‘Oh my God, I’ve never seen anything like this,’" said Rafael Feliciano, a repairman who witnessed the melee.

A heroic store employee tackled Mohammed and subdued him until the police responded to the meat aisle melee, cops said. Mohammed was dragged out of the supermarket screaming "at everyone around him," Feliciano said.

Mohammed was arrested and charged with assault in the first degree. Perry was taken to Harlem Hospital and was likely to survive his injuries, police said.

"He’s a coward and ... didn’t fight fair," Charles Perry said from his brother's hospital bed.

Iran’s missile systems are for the defense of Muslim nations: Larijani

JAKARTA - Iran will use its domestically manufactured missile systems to defend itself and other Muslim nations if they are threatened, Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani has said.

“We do not hide our defensive advancement and (we) have designed advanced missile systems… Israel and the U.S. should know that if they want to act violently toward Muslims, we will stand in their way,” Larijani told students at Syarif Hidayatullah State Islamic University in Jakarta on Thursday.

According to the school of the late Imam Khomeini, the Founder of the Islamic Republic, Muslims should possess enough defensive strength to use against other countries in case they attack, he noted.

Commenting on the popular uprisings in Middle Eastern and North African nations, he said the people of these countries can no longer tolerate their dictatorial governments, which are subservient to the West.

The United States and other Western countries cannot manipulate these uprisings, he said, adding that they should know that the more they pressure these regional nations, the more determined their people will become, he opined.

Iran and Indonesia have issued a joint statement calling on every country to respect every other country’s rights and to avoid interfering in other countries’ internal affairs.

The statement was issued during a meeting between Larijani and Indonesian Parliament Speaker Marzuki Alie in Jakarta on Thursday.

The statement also condemned all interference, including military intervention, in other countries.

The two parliament speakers underscored the importance of respecting the legitimate right of the people of the Middle East and North Africa to determine their political destiny.

Larijani and Alie also expressed their support for an agreement between the Palestinian factions Hamas and Fatah to form an interim unity government.

They also called on all countries to recognize Palestine as an independent state.

In addition, part of the statement reads that the Iranian and Indonesian parliament speakers believe that cooperation on economic, trade, energy, tourism, and infrastructure projects can be increased through the expansion of interactions between the two countries’ parliaments.

BB murder case: Arrest warrant for Musharraf issued

An anti-terrorism court (ATC) in Rawalpindi has issued arrest warrant against former president General (rtd) Pervaiz Musharraf in Benazir Bhutto’s (BB) murder case, Geo News reported Saturday.

The court was hearing the case involving the murder of former prime minister and PPP leader Benazir Bhutto today.

The petitioner told the court that even after being summoned and proclaimed as offender, Musharraf did not appear in the court, therefore, the court should give orders to confiscate his property.

While taking notice, the ATC issued permanent non-bailable arrest warrant against former president and ordered to submit details of his movable and immovable property in the court.

The court adjourned the hearing for two weeks.
BB murder case: Arrest warrant for Musharraf issued
The News International, June 11, 2011

Muslim living in France who refuses to let his French wife out without permission has bid for citizenship rejected

A Muslim living in France has had his bid for citizenship rejected - because he refuses to let his French wife out of the house without permission.

French interior minister Claude Gueant personally intervened to have the man's nationality application blocked, branding his behaviour 'un-French and degrading to women'.

The couple in their 30s live in Alsace, eastern France, where the wife only ever steps outdoors chaperoned by her husband, family or trusted female friends, reports said.

A ministry spokesman agreed the Algerian husband had not broken any laws, adding: 'He does beat her or force her to wear a burka.

'But he does not allow his wife to make any decisions, she is only allowed outside with his permission and then never alone and does not let her go to work.

'This is about the principle of equality between the sexes and behaviour that is incompatible with French values.

'You don't get to become French simply by marrying a French person.

'The minister believes this man's attitude to women is degrading and as such he is not welcome as a citzen of France.'

The ruling comes as the government is debating new laws to curb the flow of jobless immigrants into France.

Mr Gueant said: 'The assimilation of immigrants in France is about embracing our culture and participating in French social and communal life.'

Lawyers for the Algerian man told French daily le Figaro that he would appeal the minister's decision on the grounds that it had not basis in law.

British tourist fined for insulting Islam in Dubai shop

A 40-year-old tourist who insulted Islam and called the Prophet Mohammed a terrorist was fined Dh3,000 yesterday.

AG, a Briton, was charged on May 18 in the Dubai Court of Misdemeanours.

In his court appearance last month he was sent away after appearing in shorts. He was ordered to be suitably dressed before being allowed to enter a plea and deny the charges.

The tourist visited the Emax store in Mall of the Emirates on March 3 and uttered insulting remarks to the salesman HH, 21, from Pakistan.

"I spoke with him about the problems between the Pakistani government and Taliban, and when I understood from his responses that he was a supporter of the Taliban, I told him he was crazy because they were terrorists and they kill people and carry out bombings," AG told police. "I didn't say anything bad about Muslims and the Prophet."

HH also told investigators that he told AG he was a Muslim and that the greeting he received in response was "namaste", which is Hindi.

HH said he saw AG back in the mall again on March 11 and called security as well as police.
British tourist fined for insulting Islam in shop
Awad Mustafa, The National, June 10, 2011

Kosovo: PM Haradinaj charged with crimes against Serb civilians and non-loyal Albanians

The United Nations war crimes tribunal for the former Yugoslavia said on Thursday a retrial of former Kosovo prime minister Ramus Haradinaj will start on 18 August.

Haradinaj, a wartime military commander of the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) that started a rebellion against Serbian rule in 1988, has been charged with crimes against Serb civilians and non-loyal Albanians.

He was acquitted by the tribunal in April 2008 owing to a lack of evidence, but seven potential witnesses in his trial have been killed or died mysterious deaths. After Serbian forces were driven out of Kosovo by NATO air strikes in 1999, Haradinaj was briefly prime minister of Kosovo, until he was indicted and surrendered to the tribunal for trial.

The UN tribunal’s appeals panel ordered a retrial on six of 37 original counts and Haradinaj was arrested in Pristina in July last year and transferred to the Hague detention unit awaiting a retrial.

Kosovo majority Albanians declared independence from Serbia in February 2008, which has been recognised buy 76 countries.

Serbia continues to wage a diplomatic battle to try and retain control over its former province.

Prominent Muslim “American” Businesses Celebrate “Legacy” of Khomeini

On Monday, I told you about the large group of “moderate,” “American” Muslims who celebrated, honored, and memorialized the late Grand Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, the founder of Hezbollah and the man who sent his Iranian henchmen to take over the U.S. Embassy in Tehran and hold Americans hostage for 444 days. I showed you the video on which these Muslims praised Khomeini for, among other things, “bringing America to its knees.” Yup, as I’ve been saying repeatedly for more than a decade, this is how the so-called “moderate,” “loyal,” “American” Muslims really feel, and now they are feeling brave enough to say it openly–that they hate this country and praise those who would destroy it. But this isn’t just in Washington, DC, at the Iranian Interests Section of the Pakistani Embassy, where the ceremony took place over the weekend.
. . .

In Dearbornistan, thousands of Shi’ite Muslims also celebrated Khomeini–the man bent on America’s destruction. They had a huge banquet, prayer service, and even made their kids learn about the guy’s life and compete in a Khomeini quiz competition. The event was called, “Khomeini: A Legacy of Revolution, 22nd Anniversary of Demise.” (By the way, part of that “Legacy of Revolution” was taking Americans hostage for more than a year. Over the weekend, the team in Dearbornistan found the posters for this event, above, posted prominently in a number of large, successful, Shi’ite Muslim-owned businesses in Dearbornistan. Again, celebrating this founder of an Islamic terrorist group who took Americans hostage for more than a year–that’s the true ethos of “American” Muslims, who are really just Muslims who happen to be in America. It’s a place on a map for them, not a place they love or with which they identify. Note that this took place at a large, prominent mosque, the Islamic Institute of Knowledge.
. . .

BTW, think the FBI was anywhere near this event to see who was there, giving money to this pro-Khomeini cause? Think again. They couldn’t care less. Sadly, only we do at These pro-Khomeini Muslims all over America are laughing at us. And who can blame ‘em?

Somali immigrants facing terror charges in Minnesota now number 20

A former Eden Prairie resident became the 20th person of Somali descent charged in Minnesota with supporting terrorism.

Ahmed Hussein Mahamud, 26, was arrested in Columbus, Ohio, on Thursday morning and made his first appearance in federal court for the Southern District of Ohio. By Thursday afternoon, he was on his way back to Minnesota to face charges that he provided money and personnel to Al-Shabab, a group defined as a terrorist organization by the U.S. State Department.

A grand jury indictment, filed Tuesday but sealed until Mahamud's arrest, offers little detail. It alleges that he "unlawfully and knowingly" conspired with others to provide support to Al-Shabab and its efforts to "murder, kidnap, maim or injure persons in a foreign country."
. . .
Last week, Farah Mohamed Beledi was killed in a suicide bombing attempt at a government checkpoint in Mogadishu. On Thursday, the FBI confirmed that Beledi, 27, was one of two suicide bombers in the attack. The FBI identified Beledi, who has a long criminal record in Minnesota, through fingerprints.

Beledi was one of several Somali men who were indicted in July 2010 for providing support to Al-Shabab. It is believed he left the United States for Somalia in October 2009.

Until Thursday, a total of 19 people from Minnesota had been indicted for allegedly fighting for Al-Shabab, recruiting for Al-Shabab or raising money for Al-Shabab. Now, with Mahamud, the number is 20.

An estimated 20 young men from Minnesota are believed to have returned to Somalia since late 2007, sparking what has been considered one of the largest U.S. counterterrorism investigations since the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. Investigators acknowledge the actual number of Somalis who have slipped away to fight in their homeland could be higher.

Federal officials say eight of the 20 charged have been arrested, in the United States or overseas. Five of them have pleaded guilty in connection to the case. One is in a jail in the Netherlands, fighting extradition. Three others are awaiting trial here -- Omer Abdi Mohamed and two women from Rochester, Amina Farah Ali and Hawo Mohamed Hassan. All are accused of raising money for Al-Shabab or to send others to Somalia to fight. Omer Mohamed is scheduled to go on trial July 13.

Six men from Minnesota are believed to have been killed while fighting in Somalia. The investigation in Minnesota gathered international attention in late 2008 when Minneapolis resident Shirwa Ahmed became the first-known American citizen suicide bomber in Somalia. Since then, dozens of Somali-born residents of Europe, Canada, Australia and elsewhere in the United States also have allegedly lent their support to Al-Shabab as fighters or financiers.
Somalis facing terror charges now number 20
James Walsh , Star Tribune, June 9, 2011

Christian Minister forbidden to present annual budget of Punjab province of Pakistan

“The Muslim dominated society of Pakistan forbids Christian to eat in any restaurant in Pakistan, a Christian student is forbidden to drink water in a glass in schools in which Muslim student drinks water, a roadside Vendor will beat you and charge you for cup in which you drink tea when he recognize you as Christian, it is Pakistan where Muslim members of National Assembly of Pakistan can block a move to offer prayers for slain Christian member of parliament, so, its not surprising if Muslim members of ruling party in Punjab Assembly are resisting on presentation of annual budget by a Christian Minister Michael Kamran on June 10, 2011” said Dr. Nazir S Bhatti, President of Pakistan Christian Congress PCC, here today.

Dr. Nazir Bhatti said that hate among religious communities in Islamic Republic of Pakistan is created by Sharia legislation and Pakistan Assembly and Muslim parliamentarians are responsible for it weather they are moderate, liberal or Islamic.

“If blasphemy laws and other discriminatory laws legislated in 8th amendment to legalize Presidential Orders of General Zia-ul-Haq were abolished as present government abolished other laws in 18th amendment in constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan, the Pakistani society might have communal harmony in state but PPP, MQM, ANP and JUI(F) coalition government legislated to remove Photo of General Zia-Ul-Haq from parliament building in 18th amendment but not dared to touch blasphemy law and other Islamic laws imposed by former dictator General Haq” added Nazir bhatti

The Sharia laws imposed by General Zia-Ul- Haq turned religious minorities in Pakistan to be infidel citizens who must pay Islamic Tax to live in Islamic Republic of Pakistan and present regime kept status- quo to prevail hate among religious communities.

“The Islamic Republic of Pakistan constitutionally empowers Muslims to abduct a Christian woman, her enforced conversion and marriage to a Muslim and protects violence against Christians” said Nazir Bhatti

Nazir Bhatti said “I am not surprised on move by Muslim legislators of Punjab Assembly to block Michael Kamran on presenting annual budget of Punjab because he is not elected representative but selected by Pakistan Muslim League PML(N) ruling party, if he was elected by Christian votes he might have power to present budget or any move in assembly”

President General Parvez Mushrraf abolished Election of Christian parliamentarians on reserved seats for minorities through President Order and imposed Joint Electorate which empowered Muslim political parties to nominate and Select minority representatives on reserved seats in parliament.

Eight men charged in Muslim child 'prostitution ring'

Eight men have been remanded in custody over allegations of grooming and committing sexual activity with teenage girls in Rochdale, Greater Manchester.

The charges against them include rape, paying for sexual services of a child, trafficking a child and controlling child prostitution.

Those charged are among 26 arrested in relation to the sexual exploitation of teenage girls since 2008.
. . .
The charged men are:

  • Abdul Rauf, 42, of Darley Road, Rochdale, charged with conspiracy to commit sexual activity with girls under 16, sexual activity and paying for the sexual services of a child and trafficking a child within the UK
  • Mohammed Ikhlaq, 41 of Cloverhall Crescent, Rochdale, charged with conspiracy to commit sexual activity with girls under 16
  • Adil Khan, 41, of Oswald Street, Rochdale, charged with conspiracy to commit sexual activity with girls under 16, two offences of sexual activity, and trafficking a child within the UK
  • Liaquat Shah, 41, of Kensington Street, Rochdale, charged with conspiracy to commit sexual activity with girls under 16 and two counts of rape
  • Mohammed Sajid, 34, of Jepheys Street, Rochdale, charged with conspiracy to commit sexual activity with a girl under 16, three offences of sexual activity and attempting to pay for the sexual services of a child
  • Qamar Shahzad, 29, of Tweedale Street, Freehold, Rochdale, charged with conspiracy to commit sexual activity with girls under 16 and rape
  • Mohammed Amin, 44, of Falinge Road, Falinge, Rochdale, charged with conspiracy to commit sexual activity with girls under 16, sexual assault and sexual activity
  • Abdul Aziz, 40, of Armstrong Hurst Close, Rochdale, charged with conspiracy to commit sexual activity with girls under 16, trafficking girls, rape and controlling child prostitution
    . . .

Meanwhile, three men aged between 34 and 43 answered bail on Tuesday and were re-bailed to later dates.

A further five men are due to answer bail on 21 June 2011.

Five other men have been released without charge while three more are not on bail.

Police said one man had been handed over to the UK Border Agency.

Hamid Safi, 21, of Kensington Street, Rochdale, failed to answer bail and is now wanted by police.

Failed UK anti-terror campaigns 'waste of money', Prevent strategy admits

Millions of pounds have been “wasted” on overseas anti-extremism projects that have failed to help stem terrorism activity in Britain, the Government will admit.

The “flawed” efforts by the previous government to focus on international projects “diverted valuable resources” away from preventing home-grown terrorism, the new Prevent strategy will concede.

The strategy, being launched on Tuesday by Theresa May, the Home Secretary, will also say that such efforts also undermined attempts to “convince Muslim Communities” that “terrorism is unacceptable and wrong”.

Mrs May will also admit that some of the annual £63 million funding to tackle extremism, which is split between the Home Office, Foreign office and Department for Communities, has been handed to groups with hard-line beliefs.

Around 20 groups will have funding withdrawn.

The strategy will say that previous messages about terrorism were put out by the government without a clear idea of the audience for whom they were intended.

Men should be allowed sex slaves and female prisoners could do the job - and all this from a female politician

A Kuwaiti woman who once ran for parliament has called for sex slavery to be legalised - and suggested that non-Muslim prisoners from war-torn countries would make suitable concubines.

Salwa al Mutairi argued buying a sex-slave would protect decent, devout and 'virile' Kuwaiti men from adultery because buying an imported sex partner would be tantamount to marriage.

And she even had an idea of where to 'purchase' these sex-salves - browsing through female prisoners of war in other countries.

The political activist and TV host even suggested that it would be a better life for women in warring countries as the might die of starvation.

Mutairi claimed: 'There was no shame in it and it is not haram' (forbidden) under Islamic Sharia law.'

She gave the example of Haroun al-Rashid, an 8th century Muslim leader who ruled over an area covered by modern-day Iran, Iraq and Syria and was rumoured to have 2,000 concubines.

Mutairi recommended that offices could be opened to run the sex trade in the same way that recruitment agencies provide housemaids.

She suggested shopping for prisoners of war so as to protect Kuwaiti men from being tempted to commit adultery or being seduced by other women's beauty.

'For example, in the Chechnyan war, surely there are female Russian captives,' she said.

'So go and buy those and sell them here in Kuwait. Better than to have our men engage in forbidden sexual relations.'
. . .
Mutairi said that during a recent visit to Mecca, she asked Saudi muftis – Muslim religious scholars – what the Islamic ruling was on owning sex slaves. They are said to have told her that it is not haram.

The ruling was confirmed by 'specialized people of the faith' in Kuwait, she claimed.

'They said, that’s right, the only solution for a decent man who has the means, who is overpowered by desire and who does not want to commit fornication, is to acquire jawari.' Jawari is the plural of the Arabic term jariya, meaning 'concubine' or 'sex slave'.

One Saudi mufti supposedly told Mutairi: 'The context must be that of a Muslim nation conquering a non-Muslim nation, so these jawari have to be prisoners of war.'

Concubines, she argued, would suit Muslim men who fear being 'seduced or tempted into immoral behaviour by the beauty of their female servants'.

Swedish Paper Fakes Diversity Photo With Photoshopped Swedish Flag Atop A Minaret

"An editorial article attacking the far-right and calling on Swedes to celebrate “diversity not stupidity” on national day, has provoked a heated debate in the Swedish media on Monday.
. . .

This opinion piece has sparked a great deal of controversy on the newspaper’s website, and just hours after publication the site has been flooded with hundreds of comments from readers who accuse Lindblad and Aftonbladet of trying to rob Sweden of its own identity.

The photograph accompanying the article – a photo montage of a mosque with a Swedish flag waving from the minaret – has been a particular source of aggravation."

The article above [from The Local] fails to expand on why the montage has aroused such controversy, however. It is because it is not only a fake – but it would never happen.

lslam neither recognises nor encourages loyalty to a sovereign state, but only to the Ummah – the worldwide body of Muslims. The fact that Aftonbladet has tried to imply that this could happen is a clear signal of not only the intellectual and moral bankruptcy of the Multicultural ideal – but of the fact that in order to imply mutuality of this non-existent interfaith love-in – it has had to place a faked photograph at the head of the article.

The truth is that there is no reciprocation of Swedish multiculturalism by its ‘guests’. The truth is that the deliberate Islamisation of a country once held up as the exemplar of an advanced society has produced little other than a level of self-segregation, criminality and violence to Sweden that is unprecedented.

That the multikulti-crazed media has to resort to Adobe Photoshop to claim otherwise serves only to underline that fact.

Man who ran down cop in Greektown charged with raft of felonies

A Buffalo resident in Detroit on vacation who ran down a DPD officer in Greektown early Sunday morning may not be going home for awhile, because prosecutor Kym Worthy threw the book at him Monday. Saddam Hussein Mohsin, 30. has been hit with charges ranging from misdemeanor marijuana possession to assault with intent to murder, which is punishable by up to life in prison.

Mohsin was driving his gray Ford Focus the wrong way on St Aubin near the Greektown Casino at about 12:30 AM Sunday morning. A veteran DPD officer on foot drew his baton and approached the car, intending to warn him that he was driving against the flow of traffic. Mohsin drove over him. The tourist then turned the wrong way onto Monroe.

The name of the stricken officer has not yet been released, but his condition has been upgraded to temporary serious and he is expected to recover. One of the reasons for the amped-up charges against Mohsin was that he was apparently intent on driving away from the scene. According to DPD spokeswoman Sgt Eren Stephens, the suspect stopped on Monroe only because he collided with a car going the right way down the street.

Sandwiched between the charges noted above are several other counts, all felonies. They are: assault with intent to do great bodily harm, failing to stop at the scene of an accident, reckless driving causing serious impairment, and felonious assault.

Protestors for hire? Syrian opposition: Anti-Israel rioters paid $1,000

Demonstrators along the Syria-Israel border were paid thousands of dollars by President Bashar Assad's regime to take part in Sunday's riots, Syrian opposition activists charge.

Israeli officials later reinforced the claims, accusing the Syrian regime of encouraging protests along the northern border.

Sunday’s riots were an attempt "to divert attention away from the massacre in Syria,” one official charged. "The Syrians will be held accountable for these events.”

Late Sunday, Syrian officials claimed that 23 people were killed and 350 were wounded after the IDF fired at protestors aiming to rush the border fence earlier in the day. However, the army dismissed the figures, claiming that they were inflated.

Washington-based members of the Reform Party of Syria said intelligence sources close to the Syrian government in Lebanon informed them that the protesters on the Syrian side of the Druze community of Majdal Shams were in fact poverty-stricken farmers paid by the Assad regime.
. . .
The Syrian opposition group claimed that each farmer was promised $1,000 for showing up at the rally and $10,000 to their families if they are killed by IDF fire.

According to the report, the average salary of a Syrian citizen is about $200 per month, meaning that participation in Sunday's demonstration could provide a protester and his family with five months worth of financial relief.

Opposition activists noted that such tactics were previously used by Iraqi tyrant Saddam Hussein when the Ba'ath Party leader offered a $25,000 reward to the families of Palestinians who died while hurling stones at Israelis during the Intifada.

Liquor in APML female leader’s luggage causes embarrassment to Musharraf’s party

Former military ruler Pervez Musharraf’s political party had to face embarrassment over the brief detention of one of its central office-bearers at the Islamabad airport for carrying liquor.

Atiqa Odho, one of the central office-bearers of the All Pakistan Muslim League, was briefly detained on Saturday by Airport Security Force at the Benazir Bhutto International Islamabad Airport for keeping two bottles of liquor.

Atiqa, who is also a renowned TV artiste, was scheduled to travel to Karachi by PK-319 flight.

The ASF searched her luggage and found the intoxicant, which is forbidden under the law.

The artiste-politician was, however, set free after a couple of hours when some ‘unknown strings’ were pulled, The Nation reports.

The liquor bottles were seized, but no action was taken against her.hile the APML leader was contacting the ‘right’ people to get her out of this mess, the Karachi-bound flight left the airport, therefore, she had to return to the federal capital.

[Note: Police were later sent to Karachi to arrest Attiqa Odho, but she had fled Pakistan to avoid arrest]

Female activist calls for legalizing sex slavery to curb adultery, suggesting they could be brought as POW and sold to Muslims

A female political activist and former parliamentary candidate has recommended the introduction of legislation to legalize the provision of enslaved female concubines for Muslim men in Kuwait in a bid, she says, to protect those men from committing adultery or corruption.

The activist, Salwa Al-Mutairi, suggested apparently seriously in a video broadcast online that she had been informed by some clerics that affluent Muslim men who fear being seduced or tempted into immoral behavior by the beauty of their female servants, or even of those servants 'casting spells' on them, would be better to purchase women from an 'enslaved maid' agency for sexual purposes.

She suggested that special offices could be set up to provide concubines in the same way as domestic staff recruitment agencies currently provide housemaids.

We want our youth to be protected from adultery," said Al-Mutairi, suggesting that these maids could be brought as prisoners of war in war-stricken nations like Chechnya to be sold on later to devout merchants.

This is not religiously forbidden," she added, indicating that Caliph Haroun Al-Rashid (766-809 AD) was married to one woman but possessed 200 concubines.
Female activist calls for legalizing sex slavery
A Saleh, Kuwait Times, June 4, 2011

Malaysia police slammed for cattle-branding women

Malaysian lawyers, politicians and activists lambasted the police Saturday, accusing them of abusing their power in chaining up and marking the bodies of 30 foreign women detained for alleged prostitution.

Police raided a high-end nightclub in northern Penang state late Thursday and arrested 29 women from China and one from Vietnam, along with eight Malaysian men. Local media reported police officers went undercover at the club for a week before the raid.

It triggered an outcry after local newspapers carried photos of the women bound up with a long chain and marked with either a tick or an X on their chest and forehead.

"The police branded the detained women as though they are cattle," opposition lawmaker Teresa Kok said in a statement. "It is sickening that the police would employ such dehumanizing tactics as a show of power and moral superiority over their detainees."

Women's rights group Tenaganita said the detainees had been victimized and called for an investigation into the police conduct.

Another rights group, Lawyers for Liberty, said the police action was "very unusual and inhumane" as the women were merely suspects and not convicted of any crime.

Malaysian women urge wives to be 'whores in bed'

A group of Malaysian women launched an "Obedient Wife Club" on Saturday, urging members to be "whores in bed" and obey their husbands to curb social ills like divorce and domestic violence.

Islamic group Global Ikhwan held the club's inaugural meeting in Kuala Lumpur, giving women tips on how to keep their men satisfied and prevent them straying.

"A good wife is perceived to be prim and proper -- you just take care of the children -- but not much is emphasised on fulfilling sexual needs of the husband. If he needs sex, obey him," Rohaya Mohamad, the club's vice-president told AFP.

Rohaya said 30 percent of the club members were in polygamous marriages while the rest were in monogamous relationships and that the club was open to non-Muslims.

"You must satisfy your husband. A good wife should be a whore in bed," said 46-year-old doctor, whose husband has three other wives.

She said the club boasted 800 Malaysian members so far with another 200 from across the Middle East.

Over 1,000 guests and supporters turned up for the launch in a leafy suburb, held in conjunction with a mass wedding of ten couples, with the brides all members of the new club.
. . .
Polygamy is legal for Muslims, who make up more than 60 percent of Malaysia's population, allowing Muslim men to take up to four wives.

In 2010, a study by a Muslim activist group found men in polygamous relationships find it difficult to meet the needs of all their wives and children, and that the result is often unhappy and cash-strapped families.

Bangladesh to swing away from secularism back to Islam

Bangladesh, in a dramatic U-turn from secularism, will adopt Islam as the state religion and allow religion-based political parties to function.

Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Tuesday came out in favour of retaining Islam as the state religion, moving away from/flouting the secular provisions in the constitution that were incorporated when the country gained independence in 1971.

Bangladesh is a Sunni Muslim majority country. With a population of 150 million, it is the poorest nation in the world and the world’s third largest Muslim country. Hindus account for 9 percent of the population, with the rest being Buddhists and Christians.

For centuries the minority religious communities faced persecution. The worst political-genocide bled the nation when India and Pakistan partitioned in 1947, triggering mass migration of Hindus to neighbouring India and Muslims into Pakistan.

Pro-secularist advocates argue that the rural population and urban middle-class are largely moderate Muslim and practices a tolerant Sufi Islamic philosophy. Opponents of the change say moderate Muslims will be tormented by Islamist political groups, which have an upper hand in state polity.

The ruling Awami League, which Hasina leads, has been a champion of secular politics for decades. Hasina’s father, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, the country’s founding prime minister, enshrined secularism in the constitution adopted in 1972.

Critics argue that Hasina’s decision is tantamount to defiance of the highest court’s landmark judgment in July last year. The court asked the government to restore the principles of secularism in the constitution.

Taking a departure from the 1972 constitution, Hasina said that the Arabic phrase “Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim” (“In the name of Allah, the Most Merciful, the Most Compassionate”) will remain above the preamble of the constitution
Bangladesh to swing away from secularism back to Islam
National Secular Society, June 3, 2011

Woman with a reputation for handing out the Koran stabs 2 outside Bloomington Library

Two people were stabbed in a seemingly random attack at a Twin Cities library.

After the incident Wednesday night at the Oxboro Library in Bloomington, 35-year-old Samira Abdalla Salim was arrested.

Salim was no stranger to the Oxboro Library. She had a reputation for handing out the Koran and talking religion outside the building.

“They had some issues with her harassing other patrons,” said Bloomington Police Commander Mark Stehlik.
. . .
Salim is accused of stabbing two people. The first victim was a woman who was walking into the library.
. . .
The second was a security guard who heard the victim’s cry for help. He went to talk to Salim in the parking lot.
. . .
“Nobody was worried about her committing a violent act,” said Stehlik.
. . .
“She’d greet us every morning … and she’d get to know us,” said Ahmed.

Now the question everyone wants answered is why a woman who was not seen as a threat suddenly became violent.

“It’s unusual. Somebody minding their own business, walking into library, it doesn’t happen too often where they become victim of assault like this,” said Stehlik.

Muslim accused of attempted rape of 11-year-old Hindu girl

Dimapur police informed today that the police have registered a criminal complaint against a Muslim person residing in Chumukedima for attempting to rape an 11-year-old Naga girl. Dimapur police said in a note today that one Abdul Rehaman, 31 years old, sexually assaulted a minor girl, unnamed on May 28. The accused is from Karimkanj in Assam and currently residing in Chumukedima, a note from the SP’s office informed today. Police said the accused came to the victim’s place and took her to his house where she was assaulted sexually, police said. The accused has admitted to sexually assaulting the victim with the intention to commit rape, police said. However, Abdul Rehaman denied raping the victim, the note added. Medical examination of the victim and the accused was conducted at the Dimapur Civil Hospital and results are being awaited, the police said.
One accused of attempted rape
Morung Express, June 2, 2011

MI6 attacks al-Qaeda in 'Operation Cupcake'

The cyber-warfare operation was launched by MI6 and GCHQ in an attempt to disrupt efforts by al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsular to recruit “lone-wolf” terrorists with a new English-language magazine, the Daily Telegraph understands.

When followers tried to download the 67-page colour magazine, instead of instructions about how to “Make a bomb in the Kitchen of your Mom” by “The AQ Chef” they were greeted with garbled computer code.

The code, which had been inserted into the original magazine by the British intelligence hackers, was actually a web page of recipes for “The Best Cupcakes in America” published by the Ellen DeGeneres chat show.

Written by Dulcy Israel and produced by Main Street Cupcakes in Hudson, Ohio, it said “the little cupcake is big again” adding: “Self-contained and satisfying, it summons memories of childhood even as it's updated for today’s sweet-toothed hipsters.”

It included a recipe for the Mojito Cupcake – “made of white rum cake and draped in vanilla buttercream”- and the Rocky Road Cupcake – “warning: sugar rush ahead!”

By contrast, the original magazine featured a recipe showing how to make a lethal pipe bomb using sugar, match heads and a miniature lightbulb, attached to a timer.
MI6 attacks al-Qaeda in 'Operation Cupcake'
Duncan Gardham, The Telegraph, June 2, 2011

Luxury hotels compete for the Muslim market

In the West, in many hotels, it is common to find the King James Bible next to the bed. In Muslim-majority countries, of course, it is common to find the Quran.

But some hotel owners across the Middle East are taking it a step further, designing entire hotels that cater specifically to Muslim guests by adhering to Shariah — or Islamic — law.

It is a market, they say, that is both huge and largely untapped.
. . .
Such hotels serve only non-alcoholic beverages and halal food and ban movies and TV channels that are considered lewd. Even some hotels that don’t follow Shariah principles strictly are adjusting to meet the demands of a more religiously conservative clientele.

“At the Rotana Arjaan, we simply don’t offer alcohol on our property. The food and beverages served are also 100 percent halal and alcohol-free. We respect the different beliefs and cultures and try to be as sensitive and understanding as possible to our guests’ needs,” said Mark Deere, general manager of Arjaan by Rotana in Dubai.

True Islamic hotels, however, attempt to comply with Shariah in every way possible.

“Segregation between men and women is practiced in Shariah-compliant hotels, with certain floors [serviced by female staff] reserved exclusively for female guests,” Morcos said.

This restriction is also applied to other “sensitive areas,” such as the ballroom, gym and pool.

Shariah compliant hotels also tend to rely on Islamic financing for their investments and allocate a portion of their profits to charities in order to fulfill Zakat, which is one of the central tenets of Islam and stipulates that individuals should earmark at least 2.5 percent of their net worth to charity every year.
Luxury hotels compete for the Muslim market
Mona Alami, Global Post, June 2, 2011

Wilders: 'I have Spoken, I Speak, I Will Continue to Speak'

Geert Wilders spoke yesterday at the last session of his trial. On 23 June, the Amsterdam district court will rule on whether the MP is guilty of incitement to hatred, insulting groups and inciting discrimination.

"Silence is betrayal. Therefore I have spoken, I speak and I will continue to speak. I pay the price for this every day. Every day and night I have to be protected from people who want to kill me. I do not complain about this. I do complain about being on trial today," said Wilders.

"Many have witnessed and kept silent. But not Pim Fortuyn, not Theo van Gogh and not I. Because the Netherlands is threatened by Islam. An ideology of hatred and destruction. Islam threatens Western standards and values. We must live in reality."

Wilders remarked that nothing he has ever said is aimed at Muslims. "I made my statements as a politician. They were not aimed at persons, but at Islam. I walk in a long tradition. I put my life in the balance in the defence of freedom."

"With you (the court) lies the responsibility to determine whether freedom still has a place. Let the light not go out in the Netherlands. Acquit me. Political freedom simply demands that citizens are allowed to proclaim prevailing views in society. (...) My voice is the voice of many."

Following Wilders' speech, applause rang out in the courtroom. The Public Prosecutor's Office (OM) declined to comment substantively, saying only it too was requesting acquittal, as it already announced earlier.

The investigation will be closed on 9 June, but nothing of substance will then occur. Two weeks later, on 23 June, the court will issue its verdict.

Islamic studies funding on the hot seat

LONDON, Ont. - A UWO-affiliated college is caught in the crossfire of a decision to accept money from two Muslim groups -- one local, one international -- to help fund a new chair in Islamic studies. Critics contend there's a link there to violent jihadism and that the $2 million in funding could influence the school's courses and selection of its chair. Huron College insists neither is true.

What Critics Say

"The main crux of our concern is not that they are establishing a chair in Muslim studies -- in fact, we think it is urgent for the students at Western and the general public to have a better understanding of Islam. Our concern is for the particular funding of this chair," said Rory Leishman, a freelance journalist acting as a spokesperson for the UWO alumni and friends who signed a letter written by UWO professor John Palmer, urging Huron to turn down the funding.

According to 26 people who signed the letter, the problem is the Muslim Association of Canada (MAC) supports a vision of Islam first outlined by a man named Hassan Al-Banna, who founded the Muslim Brotherhood in 1928 and advocated jihad against those who don't follow Islam. This is based on a statement posted on MAC's website, which says "MAC adopts and strives to implement Islam, as embodied in the Qur'an, and the teachings of the Prophet (peace be upon him) and as understood in its contemporary context by the late Imam, Hassan Al-banna, the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Al-banna has also been quoted as saying Islam will "obliterate" Israel. Opponents are also concerned about the association between MAC and London's Islamic Centre of Southwest Ontario, whose president Assem Fadel, was also the head of a former charity that had its licence revoked over reports it had funneled money to "known terrorist associations."

Based on the assumption those who provide funding for the chair will have influence over the type of courses offered, the group has even more urgent concerns about the $1 million that will be provided by the International Institute for Islamic Thought (IIIT). Those concerns are rooted in investigations, including a 2003 U.S. probe when a U.S. Customs Service agent said he believed the IIIT president and vice president were ardent supporters of Palestinian Islamic Jihad and Hamas. The organization has never been convicted of any terrorist links and still supports and provide funding for Islamic courses at universities and seminaries across North America. In 2008, Temple University University in Philidelphia declined a $1.5 million offer to fund a chair in Islamic studies after concerns were raised, similar to those raised by Palmer in London.

"We urge Huron University College to follow the example of Temple University and refuse funding from both the IIIT and MAC," said Palmer in his letter, adding if Huron accepts the money it could jeopardize future endowments from "individuals and organizations that would not want to provide financial backing to a university that is affiliated with Islamist groups that provide moral and/or material support to violent jihadists."

While Huron maintains neither MAC nor IIIT will have power over a chair or courses, critics say that's unlikely. They cite an article published by a Catholic graduate of Hartford Seminary, who wrote he suffered greatly at school for being critical of Islam during Muslim studies.
Islamic studies funding on the hot seat
Jennifer O'Brian, QMI, June 2, 2011

Two Iraqi refugees charged with plotting to supply sniper rifles and anti-aircraft missiles to Al Qaeda from U.S.

Two Iraqi refugees have been charged with plotting to supply sniper rifles and stinger anti-aircraft missiles to Al Qaeda from the U.S.

Waad Ramadan Alwan and Mohanad Shareef Hammadi were arrested in Kentucky this week after an FBI sting operation.

Alwan, 30, is thought to have been a sniper and bomb maker for insurgents in Iraq after the 2003 invasion before he fled to the U.S six years later.

His fingerprints were found on an unexploded roadside bomb in Iraq, but he was still allowed into the U.S. because a Homeland Security screening procedure did not check Department of Defence records.

The two men entered the United States in 2009 after receiving refugee status. They were arrested last week in their current hometown of Bowling Green, Kentucky, and if convicted, could face life in prison, U.S. prosecutors said.

Quebec lawmaker bristles at cost of welcoming 'parasites' Will and Kate

Not everyone in Canada is looking forward to hosting royal newlyweds Prince William and Princess Katherine.

Canadian Muslim lawmaker Amir Khadir has described it as a huge waste of public funds.

The Globe and Mail quoted the Qu‚bec Solidaire National Assembly member, as saying in an interview with the Journal de Qu‚bec: " All this to welcome these parasites!"

Khadir, an outspoken politician whose remarks have put him in the spotlight before, deplored the expenditure of public funds on the couple's visit - their first international foray since their wedding last month.

"If we were welcoming someone because he had extraordinary ideas or had done remarkable things, I'd like that. But to do this with someone who has blue blood, whose sole merit is his ancestry, that bothers me," he said.

William and Kate plan to visit Montreal and Quebec City July 2 and 3, after spending Canada Day in Ottawa.

Quebec's Minister of Foreign Relations and Minister of La Francophonie, Monique Gagnon-Tremblay, has welcomed their visit.

Nigeria/Islam-sect: Sect kills Islamic leader’s brother

Police say that suspected members of a radical sect have killed the brother of the second highest figure in Nigeria’s Muslim community.

Borno State police spokesman Lawal Abdullahi said that gunmen shot dead Abba Anas Umar in front of his house in the northeast city of Maiduguri.

Umar, a 30-year-old security officer, was the brother of the Shehu of Borno, who is second only to the Sultan of Sokoto, Nigerian Muslims’ spiritual head.

The police blame a radical Muslim sect locally known as Boko Haram for Umar’s killing.

Boko Haram members have targeted security officers, political leaders and clerics in a string of killings in the area over the last year.

They also have attacked churches and engineered a massive prison break.

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