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The List of tasks said:

  1. Islam - Rewrite existing article in a similar vein to Wikipedia's article. The existing content can be moved, deleted or merged with other pages. Article should be optimized for translation (include partial quotes) as it will be the first article to be used for translations. It will give an overview of Islam, cover important information from all Core articles and also contain other information like Muslim Statistics. Use less quote boxes if possible and include quotes in the references. Check Site map for possible additions and redirect WikiIslam:Sandbox/All about Islam to Islam after including any useful information from that article. Split topics into multiple pages (core topics) using a menu on the right.
    Importance: (a) This will be the first series of article to be translated into any language. (b) This is an important article because it is linked on almost every page.

My notes:

  • The wikipedia article is too long, nobody would read it and it would make Islam look too complicated. And also we don't need to repeat what was already said on wikipedia. I think a shorter critical overview is better for readability.
  • I don't think we should discuss any details here. The whole website is about Islam, should we place the contents of all articles into this one? I think that link to the core article "Islam and apostasy" is enough. Do I have to tell before he clicks, that there is death penalty? I think it's better if the ignorant is curious, clicks and then gets schocked.
  • There is link to statistics, if someone is interested in statistics, I don't know which ones I would chose. I personally don't care about statistics and don't find them important. It doesn't matter how many % of Muslims support suicide bombing, the main question is what Islam says.
  • "All about Islam" is a chaotic set of different topics. I'd rather put contents from that page into the right places, not here.

Prekladator (talk) 10:33, 14 July 2018 (EDT)