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Answers to Objections When Discussing Islam
By Citizen Warrior
1. But it is Just a Small Minority of Extremists
2. My Friend is a Muslim and He's Really Nice
3. What You're Saying Is Racist
4. Aren't You Being Religiously Intolerant?
5. Christianity Is Just As Bad
6. Not All Muslims Are Terrorists
7. We Can't Go to War With 1.3 Billion Muslims!
8. Are You An Islamophobe?
9. Isn't This Bigotry?
10. Are You a Hatemonger?
11. You Should Really Talk to a Muslim
12. But There Are Peaceful Passages in the Quran
13. You Can Justify Anything Quoting Out of Context
14. Millions of Muslims in This Country and They're Not Blowing Things Up
15. My Family and My Community is Muslim, and None of Us Are Terrorists
16. Fundamentalism is Fundamentalism
17. Mosques, Synagogues and Churches Stood Side-By-Side in Peace
18. You're Taking Quran Verses Out of Context
19. But Jihad is an Internal Struggle
20. Criticism Will Turn Moderates into Extremists
21. You're Cherry-Picking Verses
22. You Are a Xenophobe
23. Majority of Muslims are Peaceful
24. Better to Support the Peaceful Muslims?
25. What Can We Do About It?

This article is the final part in a series, where we explore the responses you get when you start talking to people about Islamic supremacism and the third jihad.


"What can we do about it?" Not only are some people killing non-Muslims in the name of Islam (in impressive numbers) but some are doing something less newsworthy but potentially more disconcerting: Demanding and gaining concessions from non-Muslims, and slowly encroaching on democratic freedoms with the end-goal of establishing Shari'a law in Western democracies (and already succeeding). This must be stopped and your help is needed.


Even if you're not a soldier and if you don't work for a counterterrorist organization, there are a surprising number of practical, effective actions you can take right where you are, and we will keep adding to the list below as we discover more. Each of the actions is linked to an article explaining more about it:

  1. Read the Qur'an. You will be understand the situation more clearly and you will be able to speak with authority to others.

  2. Join ACT! for America and participate. It is a large and fast-growing organization aimed at stopping the Islamization of America. In this fight, whoever is most organized will win. ACT is opening up in other countries too. Check it out.

  3. Share DVDs with your friends.

  4. Share online articles, but skillfully.

  5. Help and support the Mapping Sharia Project.

  6. Participate in the Girl Effect.

  7. Educate and motivate the public using FaceBook.

  8. Talk to your friends about jihad. (It will help to study the art of influence.)

  9. Support an open fuel standard. This can take away massive financing for Jihadis.

  10. "Advertise" the URL, haltterrorism.com.

  11. Learn how to recognize suspicious activities and report them to authorities.

  12. Contribute news items to Concessions to Islam. Send them to: Concessions.

  13. Contribute stories of citizen warrior heroes to Citizen Warriors. Send them to: Heroes.

  14. Use Yahoo Answers to educate your fellow non-Muslims about Islam.

  15. Participate in the "Stop the Jihad on Campus" annual events.

  16. Support the development of energy sources other than oil.

  17. Promote peace...one school at a time by supporting Greg Mortenson's work creating good schools to compete with madrassas.

  18. Get Jihadi videos removed from YouTube.

  19. Sign a petition right now that urges our politicians to take some action to prevent free countries from Islam's relentless push for Sharia.

  20. Share the site Reverse Jihad with others.

  21. Tell others about this list. Share the domain name, WhatYouCanDoAboutIslam.com.

  22. Share online videos. This page has an updated list of recommended videos. If you know of one not on the list, please add it.

  23. Try some glamourbombing.

  24. Submit story ideas to reporters and news outlets.

  25. Set your watch alarm for 10:03 AM.

  26. Help support Citizen Warrior.

  27. Support the Honor Killing Awareness Campaign.

  28. Join groups on Facebook that raise awareness of Islam-related issues.

  29. Educate your family and friends about Islam on Facebook.

  30. Create an official counterjihad page on Facebook. Here's how to do it and why.

  31. Flag a terrorist video on YouTube to help shut it down.

  32. the resources on this list by making comments on blogs, web sites, Facebook pages, Yahoo Answers, etc.

Don't try to do all of these. You've got to be smart about this, and that includes keeping your motivation level high, getting enough sleep, and having a life. Feeling overwhelmed by things that must be done is not good for your motivation and it can impair your ability to persist.

So choose one or two of these things that most interest you, and get to work on it. You can always come back to this list later if you want to do more. Also, I urge you to share this list with people who want to do something but don't know what. Let's defeat Islam's relentless encroachment with our effective actions.

When you find new things that are not on this list, would you please take a moment and share it with us? Or email them to us and we'll post them for you (anonymously if you like).

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