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Ayatollah Ali Meshkini is an Iranian cleric and politician and the chairman of the Assembly of Experts. The Assembly of Experts decides who succeeds the Supreme Leader of Muslims in Iran. Hashemi Rafsanjani is Meshkini's 1st deputy in the Assembly of Experts, and Ebrahim Amini is his 2nd deputy.


Bush, Blair and Sharon

I recommend that the pilgrims [to Mecca and Al-Medina] pray there, that they be persistent in their prayer. Prayer is a very good way of worshiping God. They should not forget to pray. But for every prayer there should also be a curse. Your prayers should also include curses. Pray for the good and curse the evil. Say: "My Lord, end the lives of three people shortly – Bush, Sharon, and Blair. End their lives and the lives of their followers. Ask the Lord.[1]

George W. Bush, 2004

Bush has said something new. He said, "If I will be president again, I will be a man of peace and serenity." May the Lord curse the liars, wherever they may be.[2]

Holocaust denial

Following World War II, the Jews... The Zionists tried to present themselves as oppressed, and to have opportunities in the world. They invented a false claim. They said that Hitler, the Germans, and the Austrians burned six million Jews in crematoria - six million Jews. They tried very hard to convince the world that this issue, this lie, was true, and they succeeded.[3]

Islamic Republic of Iran

The only legitimate government in the world, is the Iranian government.[4]

Islamic rule

Islam is a religion that wants to run the world. It has done so before and eventually, will run it (again)....Islam came and abrogated all (other religions)....Its high time Iraq established a Just Islamic regime under the supervision of the Grand Ayatollah Sistani and God willing, they will get somewhere.[5]


*You should make the world understand that Israel is the oppressor and that Israel must be destroyed.[6]

Message to Afghans, 2002

The people of Afghanistan should know that America is not their friend and that America's war and peace with all other countries are based on its own interests.[7]

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