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This is a temporary Sandbox page. It serves as a testing spot and page development space and is not a WikiIslam article. It is therefore not intended to be viewed by the public and does not need to comply with our guidelines. If you want to help out, you can view the page history to see who has been working on this page and contact them using their talk page for further information.
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Everyone is welcome to copy this list or any parts of it that they may find interesting to their own websites. The Toolbox is a work in progress, and everybody is encouraged to add more useful links of their own.


Websites by Ex-Muslims

About Treatment of Ex-Muslims, Apostates from Islam

Non-Muslim Websites Critical Of Islam

Internet Forums for Critique of Islam

mostly in German, but you can also write in English, French, Spanish or Netherlands)

Videos on the Internet

See main article: Videos on Islam


Books About Islam

See main article: Literature on Islam

Free, Online Books About Islam

Critical Texts, by Non-Muslims and Ex-Muslims
Texts by Islamists
Many Books by Influential Muslims, Traditional and Recent
Many Texts about Classical Islamic Philosophy, from Ibn Sina, Ibn Rushd and Others


Meccan and Medinan surahs (chapters) of the Qur'an:

Suggested chronological order of Qur'anic surahs:

Translations in English:

More Koran in English

Online Koran translations in some languages other than English (French, German, Dutch, Bosnian, Albanian, Russian, Spanish, Italian, Indonesian, Turkish, Urdu, Bangla, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Malay, Thai etc):

Transliteration (Arabic words written in Roman letters) of the Koran

Many different recorded audio recitations (The art of “Qiraa’aat”) of the Qur'an

A non-Muslim, critical view of the Qur'an and Islam

Audiobooks of the Quran in different languages (including English)


The renowned tafsir (Qur'an exegesis, commentary and explanation) of Ibn Kathir (Note that some of the original Arabic quotations have been omitted from this English summary)

More tafsir

About principles of tafsir

Answers to "Sura like it" Challenge

Answers to "Sura like it" - challenge (Challenge in the Qur'an, 2:23, to produce something of equal quality as the Qur'an, "And if you are in doubt as to which We have revealed to Our servant, then produce a sura (chapter) like it")


More about Jihad

Ahadith, the Sunnah

Ahadith, the Sunna (The personal example, or custom and practice, of Muhammad and his companions)

About ahadith (Traditions of the sayings or practice of Muhammad and his companions. One of the main sources of Islamic law)

The ahadith of al-Bukhari and others

About hadith collections, Islamic perspective

"Sirat Rasul Allah", The earliest biography of Muhammad, an abridged version

Tha Pact of Umar (The Status of Non-Muslims, Dhimmis, Under Muslim Rule)


About Shari'ah (Lit. path or road),"Islamic law", the law system based on the Qur'an and the Sunnah of Muhammad which is incorporated in the recognized traditions, as well as the work and consensus of Muslim scholars over the two first centuries of Islam:

The four Sunni schools of Islamic shari'ah law (Madhhab)

About the Sunnah and jurisprudence

Other Sects of Islam

"Qur'anists", "Qur'an only" - People who Reject the Ahadith Completely


About Sufism ("Islamic mysticism" or "Islamic spirituality", the esoteric aspect of Islam)

Shi'ite Muslim Resources

Sunni Websites Critical of Shi'ites

Shi'ite Hadiths and Qur'an perspective

Other Shi'ite Websites

Definitions of Arabic-Islamic Terms and Historical Information

Ancient Accounts of Pre-Islamic Arabia

Interpretations of selected tales by Andrew Lang and Sir Richard Burton

Maps and Atlas

Other Historical Maps

Islamic Calender

Definitions of Islamic Terms

Thomas P. Hughes' "Dictionary of Islam"

Islamic Definitions

Arabic Language and Alphabet

Online Automatic Translators

Note that these automatic translators are far from flawless, but they can still be useful in certain situations:

Arabic-English lexicon

How to Write and Pronounce Arabic

Write with Arabic Keyboard

The History of the Arabic Alphabet and Script

Difference Between Classical, Modern and Colloquial Arabic

The differences between Classical (Koran) Arabic, written Modern Standard Arabic and Colloquial Arabic (spoken dialects)

Muslim Websites

Islamic Software Products

  • Alim - contains translations of Quran (Abdullah Yusuf Ali, M. Maududi, Muhammed Asad, Farukh Malik, M. Pickthall and Shakir), Sahih Al-Bukhari, Sahih Muslim, Al-Thirmidhi, Abu Dawood, and Hadith Qudsi, Fiqh-us-Sunnah and Al-Muwatta. See full feature list.

Wikipedia Links

Websites for Internet Privacy and Security

Basic introduction, with some hints and tips as a start:

Viruses, Trojans, Worms, spyware

Online Tests for Your Computer

Websites about Privacy

Security Related Software Downloads

Note that some freeware is free because it contains spyware, so be careful with what you download. Visit PC Hell for more about this.

Finding News About Islam

The following is not an exhaustive list of places to find news about Islam, just a suggestion of where to start. The list includes both mainstream news outlets and smaller websites, both anti-Islamic ones and hardcore Islamist ones. It goes without saying that the fact that a website is listed here does not mean we endorse all views expressed there.

General News (Just type "Muslim" and 0 days (today), and it will search out news) (Look for news after region or country)

Other Resources


West Africa:

East Africa:

Southern Africa:



Latin America:

United States:



The Caucasus


Iran and Afghanistan, with focus on women


Central Asia

Indian Subcontinent




Sri Lanka:


Southeast Asia




The Philippines:



Burma (Myanmar):


East Asia


PRC government and HK media:

About the Internet and censorship in China:



Korea, North and South:


Belgium, France, Spain, Germany, The Netherlands:






The Netherlands:


Scandinavian and Nordic countries:





The Balkans and Southeast Europe:


Central and Eastern Europe:

Middle East


UK, Ireland, Australia & New Zealand

United Kingdom:



New Zealand:

Miscellaneous: Links Not Related to Islam

Basic introduction, with some hints and tips about Internet privacy and security: (Large, free online Encyclopedia, made by volunteers) (Multiple dictionary search) (Online automatic translator, multiple languages) (Over 21,000 quotations online from over 2,500 authors) (Search millions of articles from leading publications) (The world's largest online library) (The Internet Archive. Browse through 30 billion web pages archived from 1996) (Project Gutenberg, free electronic books on the Internet, mostly older literary works) (Listing over 20,000 free books on the Web) (An Index to great online books in English translation) (History through the eyes of those who lived it) (The Internet History Sourcebooks Project) (Award-winning portal, contains annotated links to over 1000 history web sites) (The Encyclopedia Mythica is an online encyclopedia on mythology, folklore, and legends from all over the world) (About maps and mapping) (Atlas, including maps of individual countries) (All kinds of information and news, especially the weird and unusual) (HowStuffWorks explains hundreds of subjects) (Guidance from real people searching the Internet for the information, goods, and services) (Searchable collection of user-submitted favourite links)

Movies, Music, Food, Travel, Entertainment

Space and Science News

Some Background Information and Free Software

Internet, Software and Technology News

Internet Censorship

Internet Under Surveillance, report 2004:

Humor Section

"Mohammed's Believe It or Else!", a comic book about Islamic teachings:

Index of forum member "the Farside":

See Also