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To Do

  • Add information about riots and killings of Christians in Nigeria and Iraq:
Killing of innocents:

The Iraqi jihadis were angry over the cartoons, which they saw as insulting their religion. So they bombed random Christians at church, slaughtering innocents to show their anger. Hypocritical, evil savages.

Nigerian Muslims were angry at the cartoons' depiction of their religion as violent, so in response they attacked Christians and burned Christian churches, burning a man alive, and beating children to death in the street.

6 Christian children were burnt alive by the Muslim protesters in Maiduguri, northern Nigeria. They burned 30 Christian churches. They burned a Catholic priest alive in his church.

It should be noted that Nigerian Christians killed innocents and burned mosques in revenge. I'm not defending Nigerian Christians here. I'm attacking all religious killers of innocents.

In Germany, Muslims angry at the depiction of their religion as violent attempted to slaughter random innocent train passengers.

In Turkey in Feb 2006, an Islamofascist angry about the cartoons killed an innocent Catholic priest who was kneeling in prayer in his church.