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The Martyrs of Córdoba were at least forty-eight Christian martyrs living in Muslim-ruled Al-Andalus (now southern Spain). Their executions took place between 850 and 859; with a few exceptions, they invited execution by making public statements to invite martyrdom: some martyrs appeared before the Muslim authorities to denounce Muhammad; some were children of Muslim-Christian marriages and publicly proclaimed their Christianity as apostates (Coope 1995). Of them, only Eulogius left a manuscript detailing the killings.


Perfectus, who was a preist at the basilica of St. Aciscius just outside the city walls, was stopped one day on his way to market by a group of Muslims. They asked him for an interfaith discussion and to share with them his opinions about Jesus and Muhammad Perfectus declined. But when the Muslims swore to protect him, he criticised Muhammad as one of the false prophets foretold by Jesus and an immoral man who seduced the wife of his adopted son. Though angered, the Muslims respected their oath and let him off. But a few days later they saw him again. Seizing Perfectus, they took him before the magistrate and testified that he had disparaged Muhammad. As they led Perfectus to prison to wait out the holy month of Ramadan, he repeatedly denied his guilt. Only when he realized that his fate was sealed did he repent his denunciation of Islam. On April 18, 850 AD after the end of Ramadan, Perfectus was decapitated before the crowds that had gathered to celebrate Iftar.[1]


Abundius, a priest from Ananellos in the Sierra Morena, was killed on July 11, 854 as the result of what Eulogius referred to as a betrayal unlike others who willingly chose to die.[2]



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